List of Best Call Waiting App for Android and iOS | 2023

The basic functionality that the mobile was invented for is that you can talk to a person sitting far away from you or even in a different country. The calling service has been improved over the years with more network connectivity. And that our whole world lives in this small device we have the liberty to call anyone and whenever we want to. This leads to calls waiting while you are conversing with someone else over the phone. The inbuilt call waiting feature might not provide many services other than creating a beeping sound. Here you will learn about the call waiting app for android and iOS. These apps can help you manage the waiting calls.

call waiting

We don’t like to wait when we contact any customer service. That’s annoying and time-consuming, especially for the people who don’t have time to wait that long. The call waiting apps can save that effort. 

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Top Call Waiting App for Android and iOS

Here comes the solution to the waiting calls that you receive and don’t know how to manage. Let us take a look at the call waiting apps for android and iOSKeep reading the article to learn more about these apps and what they offer.

Call Waiting App For Android

In this section, you will find the call waiting apps suitable for your android phones.

Call Waiting Enabler

Call Waiting Enabler is a one-tap solution to receive notifications of the waiting calls. So if your android phone doesn’t have an in-built call waiting service that notifies you about the call, this app will. It is easy to use and tells you how to enable call waiting.

call incoming

Now, while you are doing that, it will ask for certain permissions that you need to allow. After going through the process, you will successfully enable the call waiting service on your phone. Whenever you will receive a call while talking to someone else, Call Waiting Enabler will notify you about it.

Download: Call Waiting Enabler

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Call Waiting Ringer

This is a great app for android phone users for call waiting purposes. This app is free to use. It will ring and let you know when you receive a call on waiting. You need to talk close to the mic to stop ringing the tone.

With calling, it also lets you know if you have received any messages. So that you can check if it is important and need urgent attention. This app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to operate. You will get to know about the waiting call even if there is a loud noise around you.

Download: Call Waiting Ringer

Call Waiting Ringtones

This is the application that will also alert you when there is a waiting call. With its simple and interactive interface, it also lets you know if you have received any messages during your call. 

call ringer

Other than these features, there is something else that adds value to this application. You can set a different ringtone for every contact. This way, when someone will call you while you are over another call, you will know who is on waiting. This is a nice feature as now you need not detach your phone to look for the waiting call number.

Download: Call Waiting Ringtones

Call Waiting Announcer

This app provides you the feature of notifying you about the waiting with some more cool features. The call announcer for android informs you about the waiting call through a voice message. That means it will notify you not with a ringtone but by speaking to you.

call waiting announcer

The same goes for the text message; it will inform you about the text through a voice message. Another cool feature this app is equipped with, you can send a text message to the waiting caller through a whistle or by snapping your fingers. In the end, it fulfills the purpose with some additional add-ons to help you with calls.

Download: Call Waiting Announcer

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Call Wait Vibrate

Call Wait Vibrate is a simple, easy-to-use tool for android phones. It serves the purpose of notifying you when you receive a waiting call. You will receive a vibration ping that will inform you about the incoming call while you are on another call.

The interface and setting are simple and straightforward to use. If you only need to fulfill the only purpose of getting notified of an incoming waiting call, this is the go-to app for you. It is a lightweight app to download for call waiting alerts.

Download: Call Wait Vibrate

Call Waiting apps for iOS

In this section, you will find out the call waiting apps suitable for your iOS phones.

World Phone

World Phone is the full package that resolves the call waiting on iPhone problem. It is not only a call announcer for iPhone but also many other utilities as well. This app can manage your whole list of contacts making it easy for you to call people.

world phone

It enhances the quality of your phone networks, and with that, you can make calls more conveniently. It becomes easy to manage your voice mails with World Phone. You can navigate, search, and save yourself from cluttering call data. More you can do with this app is listen, read, and direct call back to the person whose call you have missed.

Download:  World Phone

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FastCustomer, as the name suggests, can connect you directly to the representative. That means you need not listen to the bot, press different numbers, and wait to listen to the annoying melody. Simply you need to select the operator from the app and dial it. The app will connect you to the live person.

Listening to all the instructions of the bot makes us more frustrated. And that is why you need this wonderful app to take away the stress and connect you directly to the person. With this app, you can make calls to the operators that it supports and you need help with.

Download: FastCustomer

Call Waiting App Supported on Both Android and iOS

In this section, you will find out the call waiting apps for android and iOS phones.


It is often annoying when you call on a customer care number and you have to wait to listen to that melody. It is frustrating and adds on to it due to which you had to call customer care. Now you are presented with a solution that will take care of this scenario in a much better way. This LucyPhone review will help you to decide whether to opt for this application or not. 

LucyPhone is the app that hangs your line and lets you know when the customer care representative joins in. With just a few clicks, you can save yourself with that horrible melody that none of you likes to listen to. So if you often have to dial those numbers, this app can be helpful. And the best part is that it is the call waiting app for Android and iOS.

Download: Android|iOS

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Vonage Business Communications

Business calls are the calls that you cannot miss and shouldn’t. Vonage Business Communications is the application that lets you connect with your staff member. You can do voice calls, video calls, and text from anywhere with your office colleagues. 

vonage business

A new feature that this wonderful app provides is that it notifies you about the waiting call with a beep sound. This call waiting feature allows you to forward that waiting call to someone else from your team. You can also send it to the voice mail and converse later accordingly.

Download: Android|iOS


Keeping someone’s call on waiting doesn’t feel good. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that another person is calling you while you are on a call. And therefore, the need for a call waiting app arises. 

Choose the app that suits your requirements and helps you manage what’s missing. In this article, we have discussed about the call waiting app for Android and iOS. These apps come with various features that will fulfill your needs for calling purposes. The division has made it simpler to understand and choose the best app for yourself.

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