The Top 5 Best Video Calling Apps You Can Use in 2022

After the first declaration of lockdown, we were unable to leave our houses due to restrictions, limiting the movement of the whole population worldwide. We were bored and lazy as we could not meet our friends, family members, and others. Video calling apps helped us to cover these physical distances. Now that the second covid wave hit us, we are again trapped in our houses.


As the world gets stagnant, the need for video calling apps has increased. Some provide excellent video quality, while some have an easy user interface, but which is the best? Don’t worry! We will help you. We have researched the market and found out five best video calling apps that are easy to use and are supported by almost every Windows version.

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Best Video Calling Apps

These are the list of the best video calling apps that you can use:


Skype was the first video calling app that Microsoft now owns. It is free software that allows video as well as voice calls. Skype – Skype calls are absolutely free and hence used by millions of people worldwide! Along with calling, you can send messages and files and share your screen with the participant. You can record the video calls to save your special moments, one of the great features.


Apart from that, if the person you wish to call isn’t on skype, you can make standard phone calls or send standard SMS at low rates. They have subscription plans for the same. This video calling app works on tablets, mobiles, desktops, and the web, enabling the user to handle it easily. This app is best for both office as well as personal use.

Visit: Skype

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Webex Cisco

This video calling app has widespread use in this period of lockdown, primarily for conducting e-learning sessions for students. It has an easy interface and can be used on any device as well as on the web. Webex Cisco provides us with video calling facilities wherein you can record your calls, share your screen, schedule meetings, chat live with the group, and much more.


It is free to use and can be downloaded easily from the official website. What makes it better is that the host can control who can attend the meetings and allow or remove the participants. It also provides a waiting room for the participants until the host takes action towards them.

Visit: Webex Cisco


Zoom is a video conferencing tool in widespread use, mainly for business-related meetings. It can have up to 1000 participants at a time. This app is best for conducting webinars and training sessions. It is easy to use and has no limitations on its trial period – so it’s free!


Zoom allows us to record video calls as well. Apart from that, we can also reschedule the recurring video conferences, collect data from participants, present your screen and see who attended the meeting. Using the zoom video calling app is easy as it is available on any device and platform. The best feature is that you can apply noise cancellation to your session.

Visit: Zoom

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HD video and audio

Zoom video conferencing app can stream high-quality video and audio and provide excellent picture quality. Participants struggling to connect to the internet or face network issues can lower the picture quality and attend the meeting smoothly. This is one of the reasons it is the best video calling app for PC.

Participant camera feed

Though it is a video conferencing app, it also requires permission from a user or administrator to allow screen sharing, i.e., make it visible to other participants. This depicts a good sign in privacy and security aspects.

zoom participants camera feed

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Audio only conferencing

Zoom is a video conferencing app, but it also gives freedom to the users in a meeting as per their requirements. For some reason, if a user is not willing to start a video camera, they have an option to turn off their cameras and even mics.

audio only

This, in turn, provides freedom to the users to make the application work accordingly, making it the the best video calling app for PC.

Cross-platform communication

All versions of this application support cross-platform communication. From video to audio and instant messaging, it provides various communication options. Video conferencing through zoom can also be done with the help of the mobile app, desktop client, and even the Browser.

Password protection

Security and privacy are significant factors in demand in today’s world. The ZOOM application is password-protected, and Facebook, email can access it, and Google but requires sign-in from a user to access their account.

zoom video call app

Apart from this, private meeting rooms are also protected by a password. Individual meetings can also have a password if the user wants it and provide them with another level of security.

End-to-end encryption

ZOOM is currently working to provide end-to-end encryption as a part of their security upgrade, which comes with an enable and disable option at any time as per the user’s requirement.

end to end encryption video call app

Some communication systems work better without this feature, but ZOOM will have this feature as default in upcoming versions. This makes it the best video calling app for PC.


WhatsApp has been the most significant turnover in the field of social media. It provides us with features like video and voice calls which don’t require much data. We can also send instant texts to our dear ones using our mobile data. Whatsapp on the desktop is the boon wherein you can sync your chats and easily access your WhatsApp while working on your computer or mobile.


This video calling app allows you to make HD video as well as voice calls with just one click! You can record your voice and say what’s on your mind. Apart from that, you can easily share your pictures and videos, personally or in a group. It is free software and that you can download from the official site.

Visit: Whatsapp

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Google Duo

It is one of the best video calling apps, and hence it always has high ratings on the play store. As the name suggests, it is a google product whose design is solely for video and audio calling purposes. That you can use on any device and supports all platforms. There is no compulsion to save your phone number, as you can make calls easily using your Gmail account.

best video calling apps

You can make one-to-one and group calls as well. It allows you to send notes to let the other person know what you were thinking. It also supports doodling, which gives us a chance you interact in a fun way. You can capture special moments with just one click! This app has new AR effects that let you make funny faces and make your experience a memorable one! This video calling app can only be used on the web and mobiles and cannot be downloaded on your computer.

Visit: Google Duo


So, here are some of the best video calling apps in 2021. Which one do you like the most? Comment below and let us know.

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