How To See Who Saved Your Post On Instagram? Find Out!

When we upload our pictures or videos on social media, we all want to know who saved our post, but do you want to know the right way or how to see who saved your post? Look no further; this blog can help you with the proper steps.

Here’s how to know who saved your Instagram post:
  1. Tap your profile icon at the bottom right side to view your posts.
  2. Tap on the post you want to see statistics of.
  3. Tap on View Insights. The list of people will be displayed who saved your post.

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about the Instagram algorithm and how to use it to your advantage; how to see who saved your post? Read on to learn more about the Instagram algorithm and how it can help you get the most out of your social media experience.

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The Social Media: Instagram

Keeping track of Instagram posts that you have saved can help you store content for later viewing. If you have a Business or Creator account, you can use Insights to determine how frequently users have saved your posts. However, it is not possible to determine the precise identity of the person who saved your post. Even without knowing the specific people, knowing how often people save your posts can be helpful information. This article offers a thorough tutorial on using Instagram’s Insights to view the number of saves for your posts. This feature will not be accessible if you have a regular account, so please be aware.

instagram logoA Business or Creator account offers you access to Insights that display the number of saves for each article. Seeing a list of the users who saved your posts is impossible. With this, you can see who saved your Instagram pictures. In this article, we’ll explore other approaches to finding out who might have saved your posts. And how to use Instagram’s Insights feature to track saves.

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How To See Who Saved Your Post On Instagram?

This blog can benefit you if you’re trying to figure out who has saved your Instagram post. The functionality of viewing who has saved your posts is not available with the default account. The number of people who have saved and shared your content would be visible if you upgraded to a Business or Creator account.

You can post a tale, make a reel, or poll through a new post to ask your followers if they have saved your content.

This lets your followers contact you and let you know if they have saved your posts. But if you don’t have that kind of account, don’t worry; you can still get an idea of who has saved your post. It can help you see who saves your post on Instagram!

So, if you’re dying to know who’s been saving your posts, don’t hesitate to ask.

Discovering who has saved your Instagram posts is a delightful journey. It can be achieved through a few simple steps. 

  1. Tap the post in question to take a screenshot of its page first.long pressed instagram photo
  2. Then, press the Home icon to return to your main Instagram feed.home icon
  3. Tap the Stories icon, symbolized by a camera in the top left corner, to continue your adventure. Let your imagination run wild by writing a brand-new story.story icon on instagram
  4. To ask your followers a question, move your finger up the screen smoothly and check for the screenshot of your post.asking questions With these effortless steps, you’ll be on a quest to uncover who has been saving your post on Instagram.

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How can I find my liked posts on Instagram?

To relive the memories and revisit posts that have captured your heart, navigate to your profile, tap the three-line menu icon, and select 'Posts You’ve Liked.' Remember, the most recent 300 posts you've favored will be displayed.

How do I access my archived posts on Instagram?

To stroll down memory lane and view your archived Instagram posts, head to your profile, tap the three-line menu icon and select 'Archive.'

Can you see who saved your posts on Instagram?

Only by asking your followers in an Instagram Story can you determine who has saved your post.

How can I stop Instagram post notifications?

To turn off post notifications from a specific user on Instagram, go to their profile, tap the three-dot menu icon, and select 'Turn off Post Notifications.' You can also manage post notifications from your profile settings by selecting 'Push Notifications' and adjusting your preferences.

How do I submit a photo from Instagram to my Facebook page?

To share an Instagram post to your Facebook page, tap the three-dot menu icon on the post, select 'Share,' and choose 'Facebook.' You can then select your Facebook page as the destination for the share.

How do I save Instagram posts?

To save an Instagram post, tap the bookmark icon below the post. The saved post will be added to a private collection within your profile, which you can access by tapping the menu icon (☰) and selecting 'Saved.'

How do I delete an Instagram post?

To delete an Instagram post, go to your profile, find the post you want to delete, tap the three-dot menu icon, and select 'Delete.'


In conclusion, Instagram does not provide a way to see who has saved your posts. You can ask your followers if they have saved it by creating a new Instagram story or post. Include a message asking who saved it. You can also view your liked and archived posts by accessing the respective sections in the settings. We hope this guide solves your issue of seeing who saved your post!

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