Are Instagram Chats Not Loading? Steps To Fix It Permanently

Hey reader, are you facing the problem of Instagram chats not loading? If yes, you have reached the right place, as this article will guide you through the process of resolving the issue. 

In this article, you’ll find various solutions to this problem of Instagram messages not loading, such as checking your internet connection, checking if you’re blocked, and checking if the User has deactivated their account. You can also try updating your Instagram app and clearing the cache on Instagram. Also, try force-stopping your Instagram and using Instagram Web. Also, check the Instagram Server Status.

instagram chats not loading

Read this article to learn how to follow this method step by step and resolve your problem. Also, you must remember to read the FAQ section that follows the article because it will clear any doubt that arises in your mind.

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Process To Resolve “Instagram Chats Not Loading” Issue

Here are some solutions to resolve this issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

Nobody disputes the existence of bugs and problems on Instagram; general messages not showing. There are occasions when the platform is innocent, though. As previously said, when you have a bad Internet connection, the entire software stops functioning, and Instagram messages are not showing.

So before you blame Instagram, you’d better ensure you’re connected. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  1. Swipe down on your phone until the settings menu displays. setting in phone
  2. Check that your WiFi and mobile data are both active right now. wifi
  3. Turn it on if it isn’t already connected.

Also, check the speed, though, if you’re already connected and need clarification on why your Instagram direct messages are not showing up.

Check If You Are Blocked If Instagram Chats Not Loading

Are Instagram chats not loading? The person you’re attempting to reach has banned your messages, which is one of the factors that contribute to Instagram DM glitches.

check if you are blocked instagram

When someone on Instagram blocks you, you cannot message them again. Additionally, every communication you have will vanish. Therefore, if you see that all your Instagram chats with a certain user have vanished, see whether they have banned you.

To find out if you can access their posts or not, search for their username on Instagram. If you are blocked and unable to view the posts or followers, there is no issue with the program. Additionally, there is no way to repair it.

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Check If The User Deactivated His Account

You are attempting to get in touch with a suspended Instagram user, which might be another issue you cannot resolve. You and your buddy may still access each other’s messages even after deactivating your Instagram accounts, but only if you use the user ID of another Instagrammer. Also, you can read the entire chat in this instance, write messages, and access anything, but you cannot check whether your messages are being read.

check if the user deactivated his account

As a result, if you notice that someone has stopped sending you messages, you may search for their username to see if they are still active on Instagram. When an account is canceled, the error message “user not found” appears when you search for the username. Want to learn how to upload video to Instagram Post? Read This.

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Update Your Instagram App If Instagram Chats Not Loading

You sometimes utilize an outdated version of Instagram results in an Instagram DM bug. It’s important to make sure you are using the most recent version of Instagram if you experience this issue.

update your instagram app

Browse the app store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device to see whether a new program version is available to install and solve the Instagram chats not loading issue.

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Clear Instagram Cache

Try to clean your Instagram cache if you notice that your direct messages need to be fixed. You kept the Instagram DM problems on your cache if your DMs worked correctly on other devices but not on your phone. You can try sending a DM first using another device or the Instagram website, for example. Follow these instructions on your device to remove the Instagram cache:

  1. iPhone Instagram Cache Clear
    1. Go to your iPhone’s settings 
    2. Afterward, tap the Instagram logo. offload app
    3. Click the “offload app” button to finish. Instagram may also be uninstalled and installed again.
  2. On Android devices, clear the Instagram cache
    1. Open the applications tab under settings 
    2. and choose Instagram. clear cache of instagram
    3. And tap the ‘clear cache button.

Force Stop Instagram

Only Android users of Instagram may utilize this method. You may forcibly stop the Instagram Android app and retry sending the direct message if it’s acting strangely.

  1. Open the App Drawer or the Android home screen and search for Instagram. Tap the Instagram icon repeatedly.
  2. Select Force stop from the App Info menu. force stop for instagram
  3. Try sending a direct message again by reopening the Instagram app. Also, read this article on how to download all photos from facebook.

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Use Instagram Web If Instagram Chats Not Loading

To view the most recent feed on a large screen, Instagram also provides Instagram online.

use instagram web

Users can also send direct messages via the Instagram website. You may utilize direct messaging on Instagram’s website if the mobile applications are still giving you trouble.

Report The Problem To Instagram

You should notify Instagram of the issue if you have updated Instagram yet still experience the Instagram chats not loading issue. Note that every detail counts when reporting a problem to Instagram.

reporting a problem to Instagram

Try sending a DM on Instagram’s website, for instance, to check whether the chat feature is still having issues. Include crucial details like these while reporting this issue. Click here for top 7 free Facebook Proxy Sites.

Check The Instagram Server Status

Recently, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram servers were all down (Source). At this point, all you can do is wait for a bug to be corrected when it shows up in the Instagram platform’s backend.

instagram server status

You may check DownDetector to discover if the Instagram DMs issue is related to the IG servers. Doing this determines whether the issue is widespread and related to the servers.

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Can others view your Instagram chats?

Using the platform, you may interact openly and privately with followers, mutual users, and other Instagram users. That includes communicating privately with anyone. To utilize the app's private messaging function, you don't have to follow or be followed by that person, and only the recipients may view these messages.

Can you determine if a DM has been deleted?

On Instagram, it isn’t easy to know whether someone erased your direct message. You may determine if it was delivered or seen based on the notice you receive; beyond informing you that you delivered the message and if the receiver viewed it, Instagram does not provide any other information.

What does Instagram chat's disappear mode entail?

In the vanish mode, chat participants may send others stuff such as photographs, movies, and disappearing messages. When someone switches off vanish mode or quits the conversation, the content they sent in that manner also vanishes. It's possible that both Japan and European nations can't use this capability.

Is someone's Instagram activity visible?

There are a few techniques to determine someone's Instagram activity level: If you follow someone or engage in direct communication with them, you'll see a timestamp next to their profile image. You may view their most recent Activity status in your direct email (example: Active 25m ago, Active yesterday, Seen, Typing.).


In a nutshell, There are several reasons for Instagram Chats not loading. Bugs still present in your program’s cache are one of the most important and likely reasons for the Instagram inbox not working. If you observe that no one has blocked you or that you are not attempting to contact a deactivated Instagram account, you should consider emptying your Instagram cache to fix the problem. Also, click here on how to change name of Facebook Group.

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