7 Best Hidden Camera Detector App You Can Use in 2022

The camera, it is one of the fantastic inventions by Man. We all know that it has the power of freezing the Lovable, Happy, Wonderful even the not-s0-happy  moments and nowadays it is also majorly used for security purposes. But we have to use it wisely. It should be productive for our society not to be vain.Hidden camera, this word is mostly heard all over the world. It is a rising threat to our world. To keep ourselves safe, we can not only block websites on Google Chrome that invade our privacy but detect hidden cameras too. In this article, we will talk about tools that can help you to detect concealed cameras. Go through each one of them and choose the best hidden camera detector app that best suits you.

These hidden cameras are smaller in size, and one can hide them anywhere they want, as the name itself says it all. Mostly these cameras are in use for illegal purposes like spying on someone’s privacy in hotel rooms, trial rooms, washrooms, and others. Moreover, these cameras can also take videos, photos like standard cameras.

We should be aware of these hidden cameras. I know you will doubt that “How are we able to detect these Hidden Cameras? Please don’t be worried. 

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Top 7 Hidden Camera Detector Apps in 2022

Select the best hidden camera detector app from this list that best suits you. You can download it in your mobile phone for Free using Google play store, or if you are an iOS user, you can get it using the App Store, and you can easily install this in any of your mobile phones. Let’s dive in!


Detectify is a decent hidden camera detector app that you can download for free in Google Play, and it is only available for Android users. It has the best algorithm to detect the hidden cameras and other electronic devices like microphones near you. 


This app is easy to use and is a lightweight application. Also, it identifies the listening devices and spy bugs. This application received excellent reviews from the users.

Visit: Detectify

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden camera Detector is also one of the best detecting applications available on both Google Play and in Apple app store. This hidden camera detector app detects secret cameras using a feature called Magnetometer, so your phone should have a magnetic sensor. 

hidden camera detector

This app also has a premium version Hidden Camera Detector Gold. If this app found any cameras, it will produce a beep sound, and you can investigate that place to find the camera.

Visit: Hidden Camera Detector

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Radarbot is one of the best apps which use GPS to detect all types of cameras. This hidden camera detector app also has features like speed camera warning device, real-time traffic alerts, and advanced speedometer. It was created by Iteration Mobiles & Vialsoft Apps. 


This app also has a paid Pro version which has standard functions and free from advertisements. It is available in the Google play store and the App Store. 

Visit: Radarbot

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Hidden IR Camera Detector

This hidden camera detector app is a perfect tool that allows you to find hidden cameras, microphones near you. This is an android user interface. This app also emits infrared light for the detection of hidden cameras and other electronic devices. 

hidden ir camera detector

You cannot see these infrared lights in your naked eyes. It is an easy interface to use, has a special camera filter, lightweight application, spy camera detector, and IR camera detector. You can download this application in Google play store free of cost.

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Visit: Hidden IR Camera Detector

Don’t spy

Don’t spy is another popular application for the iPhone users.

don't spy

It detects hidden cameras, hidden microphones, smartphones, other electronic instruments, and it can also find spy bugs. You can use it easily in your hotel rooms, washrooms, workplaces, and even in other places. This hidden camera detector app is available only in the App store.

Visit: Don’t spy

Glint Finder

This is a great hidden camera detector app that can certainly help you find spies. However, this app only works in the android phones.

glint finder

It uses a feature called retro-reflection, which uses camera flash to allow the user to identify better shiny objects in the camera’s point of view. You can get this app in Google play store for free.

Visit: Glint Finder

Hidden Camera Founder: Detective Camera Simulator

This hidden camera detector app helps you to stay safe wherever you go. If you have any doubt that any secret camera is present in your room, I recommend you to download this app. This application helps you to find concealed cameras, microphone bugs, and glints. 

hidden camera founder detective camera simulator

It emits infrared rays, and at once, if it finds any devices, it starts to produce beep sounds. You can find this app in the Google play store, and you can download it for free.

Visit: Hidden Camera Founder: Detective Camera Simulator

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How can I detect a spy camera?

Turn off the bulbs, shut the curtains (the room must be dark), and activate the flashlight and phone camera. Then position them in the direction you suspect a hidden device is hiding. You will notice a glare on the smartphone screen if your assumptions are right.

How can you detect if there are hidden cameras in your room?

To detect hidden night vision cameras, turn off the lights in your room. The night You can use the vision security camera functioning principle to locate hidden cameras in your room. The majority of covert security cameras use red or green LEDs. In low-light settings, the LEDs will blink or shine.

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

Smartphones are capable of detecting hidden cameras. This app detects electromagnetic field detection and Magnetic fields. You must, however, have a concept of where the camera might be positioned. If a strong field is detected, a camera is most likely hidden within the wall or object.


To conclude, with today’s technological advances, there is no reason to become a victim. So, make the most of the evolution of technology and be safe wherever you go. Additionally, don’t let anyone spy on your activities as a good hidden camera detector app can detect a concealed camera anywhere no matter wherever the spies hide it. Do tell us bout your experiences below in the comment section!