The 7 Free Infrared Camera Apps for Android | 2023

In case you were looking for the best infrared camera apps which have already revolutionized 2023, you’ve landed at the right place! Thermal imaging helps to experience and visualize heat energy by clicking pictures in night mode. But what’s more interesting to know is that with the advent of technology and digitalization? There is no need to buy an extra equipment. Also, it is free of cost. In this article, we will discuss about some of the best infrared camera apps that will enhance your the photographer image in your group.

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7 Best Infrared Camera Apps to Use in 2023

We have brought for you under one roof, the best infrared camera apps for Android, which have already revolutionized 2023.

Thermal Camera FX

If you’ve always wanted to see what objects around you would look like in the dark, this application is getting that wish fulfilled. Claimed to be the best infrared camera apps out in the market for thermal effects, this app not just allows you to edit saved photos and videos from the gallery itself and view them as after applying effects.

Thermal Camera FX

The user can even change the results during recording as well! The app DOES NOT detect heat energy. It provides thermal effects. The most striking feature is the real-time effects like a flash with a front camera, hardware camera button, autofocus, on-screen zoom effect, and many more.

Download : Thermal Camera FX

Seek Thermal

After being awarded as the Product of the Year by Popular Science and This Old House, the developers of Seek Thermal are ecstatic to bring to you the best way to experience and visualize thermal energy on the go. Using your smartphone/tablet, you can accurately inspect, detect, measure, and see heat energy right before your eyes.

Seek Thermal

Not only does it enable infrared vision, but it also allows capturing and storing those images. With multiple viewing modes and color palettes, it makes sure to capture the best and desirable thermal image even in absolute darkness, total daylight, or special conditions like fog, smoke, etc. Thereby, it is one of the most used infrared camera apps.

Download : Seek Thermal

Thermal Scanner Camera VR 

While listing the top infrared camera apps, how can we miss out on this one! With the introduction of Virtual Reality mode, this application has surely modified to stand out. Now, you can see everything in thermal effect, irrespective of the brightness of colors or absence of light. That’s not it; it also gives the user a wide range of effects and multiple color palettes to choose from.

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Thermal Scanner Camera VR 

This color palette includes Thermal, Mono, Heat Map, Fire & Ice, Iron Man, Rainbow, Predator, and neon. Not satisfied with the option? Don’t worry. The app allows you to create a color palette of your own! With Thermal Scanner Camera VR, add effects to photos from your gallery, thermo-scan images from your gallery with additional features like zoom, front camera, flash, and fast capture.

Download : Thermal Scanner Camera VR 

Thermal Camera Illusion & Flashlight 

This All in One tool is one of the best infrared camera apps. It guarantees perfect night vision along with the option of an in-built flashlight. To enable thermal vision and experience the thermal energy around, the user needs to turn on the flashlight using the flashlight button and enable Thermal Vision to see in dim light or even in complete darkness.

Thermal Camera Illusion & Flashlight 

Talking about the add on filters, it uses High Contrast and Blue Orange Filters with a bright flashlight. As known for it’s “all-in-one” facility, this app features in the top applications for infrared cameras.

Download : Thermal Camera Illusion & Flashlight 

Thermal Camera Simulated 

Being the most recently launched and one of the few amazing infrared camera apps, it comes with the most new-age and technologically relevant features. Being a real-time thermal camera effect provider, it can also simulate an infrared camera. It can mainly be used as a simulation of the thermal camera as it DOES NOT detect real temperature changes.

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Thermal Camera Simulated infrared camera apps

The image quality depends on the device it is being used on; lens, resolution, ISO sensibility, etc. The download size is tiny as compared to the resulting images it produces.

Download : Thermal Camera Simulated 

VR Thermal & Night Vision Camera FX 

With a newly introduced feature of virtual reality, experience thermal vision like never before! This one of the best infrared camera apps is available in VR mode, gives you the feel of using a real thermal vision device. Not just this, it is loaded with features like the ‘Ultraviolet Vision Effect’ and ‘Honey Bee Vision Effect.’

VR Thermal & Night Vision Camera FX infrared camera apps

With realistic and real-time effects, the app also provides the option of multiple effects for editing existing photos and videos, along with numerous night vision effects, which are a huge plus point. Your visuals become more active.

Download : VR Thermal & Night Vision Camera FX 

Thermal Camera VR Simulated

A must-have for your device if you want to experience virtual reality. This application allows you to turn into whatever you want; a spy, a soldier in a war, or whatever you may like. Additionally, it uses virtual reality effects with thermal effects in a hassle freeway.

Thermal Camera VR Simulated infrared camera apps

Apart from using a unique technique of tonal mapping, which simulates for an infrared spectrum, it also possesses features like adding real-time effects to photos and videos with ease. In addition to these, it also comes with features like autofocus, front camera flash, and multiple thermal palettes and effects to choose from.

Download : Thermal Camera VR Simulated


In conclusion, This brings us to the end of the list of seven best infrared camera apps to use for Android. Thus, getting access to the free services of any app still gives the cloud nine feeling. So, as you have read all about the infrared camera apps, it is time to choose the right one for you for clicking and editing pictures.

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