iPhone Text Generator Tools For You to Use in 2023

Most of us desire about the iPhone text layout on our android phones. Technically, it is not possible, but now with the advancement in technology, you can create fake text messages through iPhone text generator tools. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best tools which fulfill your desire.

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Top 5 iPhone Text Generator Tools to Use

These iPhone Text Generator Tools can be aptly used to prank friends and create chats that look real and believable. Give the following a try and let us know what you think about them!

iOS Foxsash

iOS Foxsash is another popular iPhone Text Generator tool, used to create curated iPhone conversation threads. It offers a lot of features for users to explore and experiment with. The only drawback of this web tool is its ads popping up and blocking the features. Nevertheless, with its great attention to detail when compared to the other iPhone fake text generator tools available, this is probably the best in its detailing and customization. 

It allows you to change the phone type, for example, iOS 7 or iOS 8, signal connection details, battery, settings like a clock, expand phone screen for more extended screenshots, etc. Also, it allows you to customize the color of the messages in the threads, add emojis of your choice, and a lot more.

iOS Foxsash

It offers some fantastic features. For example, if you had created a conversation thread and you want to delete any message in the middle of the thread, then you can hover the message. How? You can do so by clicking the delete icon without redoing the whole conversation thread again.

The pictures on this iPhone text generator can be downloaded in PNG format with quite a high quality, making it one of the most useful text generators for iPhone available. People interested in getting the script and creating their text generator for iPhone can do so by a ‘Purchase Script’ option available at $98 only, which is a cool feature for developers. 

Visit : iOS Foxsash

iMessage Fake Chat 

This is another seamless iPhone Text Generator web tool that provides a very smooth and efficient experience to users. You can customize your chat with various phone settings – clock, name, send/receive, and battery settings along with signal settings, even having a Wi-Fi option that many online text generators tend to miss out on. 

iMessage Fake Chat 

You can customize the message bubbles as grey, green and blue and also include a timestamp for each message, change the background of the message with pictures, and even set whether the user is online or offline. Users can also upload photos they wish to add to create fun conversations and threads. You can download the final image of the conversation and use it as required. 

Visit: iMessage Fake Chat

We also suggest checking out transcription apps that convert your voice to text in Mac.

iFake SMS

This is probably one of the best among iPhone Text Generator apps downloadable from the Android app stores to create iPhone text messages. The best part is – you do not require an internet connection to create fake conversations!

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The user interface of this iPhone text generator is easy to understand and smooth, providing a great experience to users. Advertisements also do not disturb you while taking screenshots of the created conversations. The app offers various settings to customize your conversations and save them to a curated folder in your phone’s gallery.

iFake SMS

You can share the photos on any social platform via the app, and it also auto-saves the generated screenshots in a folder called screenshots in your gallery. 

Download : iOS | Android 

iFake Text Message

iFake Text Message is a great tool to generate conversations that look like real iPhone texts. At this iPhone Text Generator, you can customize names, battery, signal connection strength, airplane mode, and even connection type. The ‘Settings’ option has various other add ons like time, show lock, show alarm, show do not disturb, blackout the name, and the send button, making it quite a lot of features for users to customize their message with. 

iFake Text Message

The website doesn’t have many pop up. Precisely, nothing can interrupt you while creating your conversation thread. This feature makes it a tremendous and seamless experience for users. 

Visit : iFake Text Message

iPhone Fake Text

This is another simple iPhone text generator that lets you create relaxed conversations and include images for your thread. It enables you to change the theme color, signal operator, GPS, battery, signal level, and the signal operator. It also allows you to change the contact name and display. Also, you can add more detail to the conversation thread.

iPhone Fake Text

All in all, this is another excellent text generator tool for users. Visit the website and start creating your desired conversations right away!

Visit : iPhone Fake Text

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All the picks mentioned above are among the top and most popular ones for 2023. Let us know below in the comments what you think about these iPhone Text Generator and which one was the best according to you!

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