Top 9 Best Sandboxie Alternative Tools & Apps Of 2023

You’ll need a tool to check the overall status of your software if you’re a programmer or developer. Preferably one that guarantees to secure your data from viruses. And other rootkits after you’ve used the tool. Sandboxie is an example of such a resource. It allows you to keep your browsing experience malware-free. One of the most intriguing advantages of using the Sandboxie alternative is searching in a remote environment.

As a result, you can try out new applications without having to install them on your hard drive. So, we can use the Sandboxie alternative.

What are some Good Sandboxie Alternative Apps?

 The article will introduce you to the nine best alternatives you can cause if you do not have access or find it challenging to use the Sandboxie alternative.

Buffer Zone

 The buffer zone is a free Sandboxie alternative ideal for keeping your device and browsing experience safe

BUFFER ZONE isolates email attachments, web servers, virtual containers, and other vulnerabilities from your device. 

Your endpoint and web surfing isolation can’t be any better with this approach.

buffer zone

When downloading new software, assure yourself that your machine shields from danger. And unauthorized conditions. Cover your removable media by BUFFER ZONE. We find it highly intriguing because of this unique approach to protectionism.

The approach dwells on containing rather than blocking. When you launch your browser or another endpoint program. It will be put in a protected container and spun automatically.

Visit: Buffer Zone

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Cuckoo Sandbox

It is a well-known open-source framework that allows you to run untrustworthy websites on your computer.

cuckoo sandbox

The advanced security tool can analyze various security holes and websites. And you can also configure your research environment to get network traffic insights. Unlike the majority of the applications in this article, this one is simple to use.

Visit: Cuckoo Sandbox

Firejail Security Sandbox

Linux guys give three cheers to Fire jail. It is like their area of expertise. It’s their comfort zone and should be yours, too, if you are a Linux user. SUID software decreases the likelihood of a hack on your device. And can be used at home or at work to reduce security risks.

Firejail prevents any untrusted app from running on your Linus.  And does not require any complicated configuration until it can protect your device. It works right out of the box, so you can start using it right away.

firejail security sandbox

This powerful tool is close to the Sandboxie alternative in terms of functionality. It prevents untrusted apps from running and can track all aspects of these apps, such as bandwidth use, CPU usage, memory usage, and so on.

Visit: Firejail Security Sandbox

VMware ThinApp

You can use this method to speed up the software deployment and data migration process safely. Desktop stability, software mobility, and OS migration are all included. When it comes to alienating an app or establishing a virtual assistant inside your device, there are no other options.

vmware thinapp

 VMware enables installing software applications without requiring any changes to the host machine and no dependencies on the host machine. As a result, you can deploy apps to a test environment without thinking about the OS or other applications on the computer’s integrity.

Visit: VMware ThinApp

 Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a common Sandboxie alternative with significantly more features than any Sandboxie alternative. It seems to be the perfect security suite since it includes antivirus. And firewall software and a VPN and cloud backup service.

comodo internet security

However, although we are aware, the VPN and cloud backup do not work as intended, which is frustrating for such a high-priced tool. This free kit also comes with antivirus software and a firewall, but you won’t get cloud backup or VPN access.

Visit: Comodo Internet Security


Cameyo is one of the best options for running any program that you think might hurt your machine. It allows you to test apps without having to install them on your computer. This virtual machine is an open architectural simulation platform that will enable you to combine a wide range of applications easily. It’s the best because it’s easy to use.

cameyo sandboxie alternative

Cameyo is not only simple to use but also lightweight and adaptable to a wide range of applications. It improves the sequence of events. Installing the application in Cameyo, capturing the application before and after installation, configuring the application. And making it available for loading or holding on a flash drive is all part of the sequence.

Visit: Cameyo


Any.Run, like any Sandboxie alternative, uses similar technologies to take data protection to the next level. It includes an interactive Sandbox that allows you to investigate suspicious and malicious activity in a secure environment. sandboxie alternative

It’s effortless to enter Any.Run. Enter an email address and a password, then confirm the password, and you’re ready to go.

Visit: Any.Run

Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox is a Sandboxie alternative that does not rely on hardware virtualization. This tool will safeguard your computer against both known and unknown threats. As a result, you can search the web without fear of malware infecting your essential data or your computer.

Visit: Shade Sandbox

Microsoft Application Virtualization 

Softricity and Microsoft acquired this streaming and virtualization program. Install it removes the need for the applications to locally.

microsoft application virtualization sandboxie alternative

To access the applications, you will only need to install the application virtualization software on your machine. Finally, this tool sets up security mechanisms to ensure that applications streaming on it cannot alter your device.

Visit: Microsoft Application Virtualization

Cameyo (Our Recommendation)


Safest to run on the computer. Let’s test apps without installation.

It’s easy to use: Lightweight, compatible, and can be used by a non-IT professional as well. The instructions given are clear and compelling.

Best sequencing process. Its free basic version is also apt to handle the minimum running developments and needs of a programmer.


Is there another program like Sandboxie?

SHADE Sandbox is the finest alternative. It isn't free, so if you're searching for something free, consider Firejail or Shelter. Shadow Defender, Cuckoo Sandbox, Windows Sandbox, and Island are all excellent alternatives to Sandboxie Plus.

Is Sandboxie still free?

To activate and offer access to premium features only available to paid clients, Sandboxie currently employs a license key (instead of those using a free version). We've upgraded the code and produced a new free version that doesn't have any limitations.

Is Sandboxie still supported?

The Sandboxie Forum has closed down. We're happy to see that the community has welcomed the open-source project on GitHub. A new Sandboxie post has been launched on Wilders Security Forums.


In conclusion, This is the list of Sandboxie alternative apps you can undoubtedly go for.