How to See Deleted Reddit Comments | Top 4 Tools [2024]

Reddit is a treasure trove of information, and I browse it daily to get content, pass the time, and contribute to the Subreddits I follow. If you also love Reddit and browse it daily, you must have encountered deleted or removed comments and posts and wondered how to see deleted Reddit comments. Look no further; the answer to this question lies in this article.

See deleted comments using ReSavr:

  1. Visit the ReSavr website at using your web browser.
  2. Enter the URL of the Reddit post or thread that contains the deleted comments you want to view into the search bar on the ReSavr homepage.
  3. Click on the search or go button to initiate the search process.
  4. ReSavr will scan the provided Reddit URL and display a list of recovered deleted comments. Scroll through the list to read the content initially removed from the Reddit post.

Utilizing these third-party tools can enhance your ability to uncover and explore deleted Reddit comments, gaining valuable insights and information from the discussions that may have been removed.

4 Tools That Can  Help to View Deleted Reddit Comments

The four tools that can help you see the deleted Reddit comments and settle your curiosity on how to see deleted Reddit comments are, one way or another, which are not illegal and entirely cost-free. 

The easiest way to access deleted posts is with Removeddit. The only need to replace “Reddit” in the original URL with “removed it,” and the website will load a cached version.


Ceddit is, however, considered to be the quickest way to read all the deleted Reddit comments. It has the best solution for quickly viewing all the deleted comments in a particular post on Reddit. Moreover, it is a third-party website that lets you browse Reddit posts through its interface.


It highlights most of the deleted comments in a thread. It highlights them in red color. This makes us easy to identify the deleted comments respectively. However, if you want to read deleted comments in a specific post, it is easier to look for them manually. Open that post on Reddit, and in the URL, remove the “r” from and replace it with “c” to make it, respectively. 

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If you are interested in  reading and knowing how to see deleted Reddit comments just for the sake of knowledge, ReSavr can be a great resource. ReSavr automatically saves all the deleted comments above 1000  characters in length.


It can also help you find some valuable, informative real gems that you may not see otherwise, which was studied in a theory that said it has higher chances of hiding practical knowledge and information. It shows the post title and the total number of words the deleted comment contains.

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Un-Delete Reddit Comments

This is a Chrome extension that lets you cache Reddit posts to view them later. It lets you save all Reddit comments , even if someone deletes them later. However, it won’t let you recover already deleted comments. However, it can be a powerful tool. That is if you manually cache every critical comment that has been put there in the particular post.un deleted reddit comments The good thing about it is that it can preserve all comments. Unlike Ceddit, that may not recover some types of deleted comments. 

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a web archiving service. It takes screenshots of websites and caches them to make them available to the world. It also takes screenshots of Reddit posts, so you can take your time to see deleted Reddit comments and read them leisurely. 

wayback machine

However, we do not recommend it as your primary solution for reading deleted comments on Reddit. It’ll require some hard work to reveal the exact comment you are looking for. This includes searching through dozens of screenshots of the same post, which seems time-consuming and hectic.  

Pinpoint Deleted Reddit Comments 

  1. Go to Reddit and see the date of the deleted comment.


2. Now use a calculator and a calendar to move back that many days from the current day when you are viewing, and When you have the date of the deleted comment,  move to the precise date in the Wayback Machine.
wayback machine

  1. Now, hover your mouse cursor over that date. You should see some screenshots with the exact time. You now need to look for the screenshot before the deleted comment. An easier way to pinpoint the right screenshot is to open the last screenshot of the day. Look for the deleted comment. Please note the exact time of deletion written next to it in hours.
    deleted threads

Afterward, move to the screenshot before that specific time, and you should see the content of the deleted comment. 

Although Ceddit cannot reveal the content we edit, Wayback Machine is a better solution for reading Reddit comments you delete, as shown in the screenshots; additionally, if we want to dig deeper to read the missing comments.


How do I see removed comments on Reddit 2024?

To see removed comments on Reddit, try pasting the deleted comment's URL on the Reddit Search bar. The original comment will appear in front of you. This tool works very well with presenting the exact information.

Are Reddit comments permanently deleted?

When deleted, The comments on Reddit will be removed but can still be visible by pasting their URL on the search engine.

How do you see hidden comments on Reddit?

To see hidden comments on Reddit, open the post whose comments you want to see, and in its URL, remove the letter 'r' and type 'c' in its place. It will be Now, you can see the marked hidden comments on the interface.

Can people still see deleted comments on Reddit?

No, once a comment is deleted on Reddit, it is generally no longer visible to other users. However, remember that some cached versions or third-party tools might still show deleted comments temporarily.


However, as an Important note, Wayback Machine takes screenshots based on activity on a web link; the more popular the post is, the more screenshots will be taken, which is more likely to reach the exact comment. On the other hand, if you’re using Tinder, you might find it hard to start with a good opener.

We hope we can answer your question on how to view deleted Reddit comments or read deleted Reddit comments.

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