Mouse Mover Software for Windows | 8 Apps to Download in 2023

Mouse mover software is generally comes in handy to move the cursor on the screen. It does the work at specific time intervals automatically without the help of the user. These operate so that the computer does not switch off its display and go into sleep mode. which can force the user to use the password again and again.

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Top 8 Mouse Mover Software to Use in 2023

Here are eight such mouse mover applications for windows:

Mouse Mover

This application is a software that moves the cursor at regular intervals in a PC. It is a simple program with an interface that pops up with a single button to start or stop the program.

mouse mover

This  software is a comparatively simple program that functions only to keep the computer awake from the moment the application launches, until the computer is shut down.

Download: mouse mover

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Move Mouse 

There are a lot of customizations present in this open source program. It keeps the computer awake without needing the user to move the cursor on the screen to prevent it from going to sleep due to inactivity.

move mouse

There are settings in this mouse mover software which allows you to set the seconds interim according to your choice. It even has a stealth mode which, when activated, moves the cursor undetectable on the screen. When the software runs, it keeps the cursor moving regularly at the set period keeping a record on the screen just like screen and audio recording software.

Download: Move mouse

Auto Mouse Mover

This application keeps the computer from logging off due to inactivity on the screen. It saves the users from having to login repeatedly into the system.

Auto mouse mover

This mouse mover  software also moves the cursor left or right according to the number of pixels and the preset values for time. It also has options to run the program at the Windows startup.

Download: Auto mouse mover

Mouse Jiggler

As the name suggests, the program wiggles the cursor on the screen to prevent the computer from logging off. It moves the cursor so that the CPU is awake and stays alert till the machine is switches off by the user. 

mouse jiggler

It is a free and open-source mouse mover software for windows. In its active state, this software has two options to choose from which are: Zen Jiggle and Enable Jiggle. This mouse moving software works by rocking the cursor between two spots. You can place the cursor at the edge of the screen to reduce obstruction due to the cursor on the screen.

Download: Mouse jiggler

Key Control

This  software has the option to record and move the cursor in 5 different ways. The options provided include open, safe settings, record, play, and stop.

key control

This software also offers opportunities for loops, changing mouse travel speed, transparency, and record keyboard.

Download: Key control

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Mouse Machine

The application has has excellent customizability and is simple enough to use. It keeps the computer awake and can do tasks like snap and double-tap. This mouse mover software is also known as a mouse machine, probably due to the mechanization of the mouse activities. 

mouse machine

The mouse moving software simulates the actions of a user to prevent the computer from logging off. You can also set the coordinates for moving the mouse and also choose between single click and double click.

Download: Mouse machine

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Wiggle Mouse

This  software based on the cross-stage Java program which accepts commands from the user through the graphical user interface. It is an open-source software. The user sets the period interval  for moving the mouse. 


The software has an interface that consists of a clock that displays the seconds, minutes, and hours which the user is required to set for running the software.

Download: Wiggle mouse

Auto Clicker Typer

This could be one of the very few mouse mover software that are simple to use. It has the option for the record, play hotkeys, and other features along with the ability to keep the system awake.

autoclicker typer

Not only does this  software perform these functions but also supports for console activities. It also can run loops by entering the desired values.

Download: Auto clicker typer


In conclusion, These are the top 8 mouse mover software that are easy to use and have great efficiency. Above all, Do give a try and tell us in the comment section, which one would you prefer.