How To Add White Borders For Videos [Clear Tutorial]

On Instagram, it’s common to see images surrounded by a thin, white border. The border distinguishes the movie and makes it simple for others to notice. You can add a border to a film with the aid of many photo editors. We’ve identified a few trustworthy approaches that are quite easy to apply. Check out the article to see the white borders for videos and how to add them to videos.

white borders for videos

You can add a border to the video to improve its appearance. When making videos, this can also improve the visual effect. You can add white borders for videos by Online Video Border Adding. On Windows, add a frame to videos; on Mac, video frame addition; and Frame a Video on a Mobile Device. 

If you prefer a white border, we can accommodate you. Continue reading this guide if you want to learn how to add borders to videos. 

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Add White Borders For Videos

In just 4 simple Ways, you can add white borders for videos for nothing to any videos. 

Online Video Border Adding

The best way to add a frame to a video is online because you don’t need to download anything and because most online video editors are far simpler to use than software or apps.

FlexClip is the ideal online video editor for adding a frame to a video. You can add a border to your video without modifying its aspect ratio if you upload it to the timeline and utilize the Picture in Picture option. You are free to change the border’s color! Do you dislike the standard black border?

Additionally, you can use a variety of royalty-free components to transform your border into a sophisticated frame. Many expert video templates with frames are also available for customization. Start immediately by clicking the Create a Video button!

  1. Set a blank background.
  2. When you first access the video editing page, a 3-second-long black background movie will be visible. 
  3. To make the backdrop video longer so that it is the same length as your video, drag the slider. video
  4. Make a Video Addition to the Timeline. add to timeline
  5. You should drop your video into the Media area. Select the Add as Layer button. The backdrop video will include your video. To get the ideal border width, zoom in or out.
  6. Change the border for videos color. change video color
  7. You can alter the border’s color by clicking on it. FlexClip offers gradient colors as well as solid or border decoration.
  8. Add Color to Your Border (optional).
  9. Obtain and Disseminate. save your film
  10. Save your film to your desktop or send a quick link to others. The choice to immediately share to YouTube is also available.

Visit: FlexClip

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On Windows, Add A Frame To Videos

Premiere Pro is the best program for adding white borders for videos on Windows. As one of the top video editors in the movie-making sector, Adobe Premiere Pro enables you to apply borders to video in the most natural method. The video will always look good with a border. However, the procedure could be challenging for a novice movie editor.

It’s important to note that Adobe Premiere Pro does not include pre-made frames. You will require additional materials and add them manually to your video to add white border to video into a frame.

  1. Drag your video clip to the timeline after uploading it to Premiere Pro. drag your video
  2. Enter the Grid in the Effects panel. On the timeline, drag the Grid effect. grid effect
  3. Select Effect Control from the Grid effect and go back. Set the values for both anchors to 0.
  4. You should select width & Height Sliders instead of Size. frame size
  5. Enter the video’s width and height, for instance, 1920 * 1080. Next, input a number to specify the border’s thickness.

Visit: Premiere Pro

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Mac Video Frame Addition

Powerful and available on every Mac and iOS device is iMovie. On iMovie, adding a frame to a video would be simple. Please be aware, though, that iMovie only accepts films in 16:9 at the moment. If you add borders to videos for Instagram or watch TikTok, it might not work.

  1. Create a new project in iMovie, then add your video to the My Media section. add media
  2. Select whatever color you desire from the Backgrounds and drag it on the timeline. background
  3. To the sub-track, drag your video. Set your background’s length to match that of your video.
  4. To get a flawless video border, go to Picture in Picture effects and either zoom in or out on your movie.

Visit: iMovie

Frame A Video On A Mobile Device

How can you add a border to the video? An excellent video border app for smartphones is called VideoFrame – Video Collage. It enables you to create stunning collages out of numerous photographs and videos. You will undoubtedly frame the collage. Your work will have a distinctive appearance thanks to the more than 100 changeable frames, rounded edges, shadows, numerous patterns, and a simple color selector.

  1. Launch the Video Frame – Video Collage app after installation. video frame
  2. Select any frame by tapping the Plus Monitor icon. Choosing the video from THE Gallary requires you to go to Edited Videos.

Download VideoFrame – Video Collage: Android |iOS

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How do I add a square Instagram border to a video?

Launch the program, then select the required video aspect ratio from the list of possibilities. It includes an Instagram square format option. Select the desired video by clicking Import > Import file under Media. Drag the movie into the timeline, then select your favorite border style under Overlays by clicking.

How can a vlogger add a border filter to a video?

Open Media Library in the left-top corner of your computer's screen when VideoProc Vlogger is running. To add your videos to the media library, click the Add Video icon. To preview it, drag it to the Video Track. Select the Border filter under Effects. Drag the Border effect to the Effects Track.

How can I alter the YouTube border's Size?

You can maintain your Media in the middle and make your border as wide or small as you desire. To maintain the aspect ratio of your video, select the Lock Aspect Rati option on the toolbar.

How can I make a video border?

Put your video online in step one. Click the purple Get started button after—no need to add any as it is online. Step two is to add a border. All things should have borders! Download and distribute.

Should you enclose your Instagram pictures on a white border?

Priorities come first. Users of Instagram already have the option to make white borders for videos. Instagram's white border option is fine if you don't mind giving up that consistent appearance and want the white space. The original image's orientation does, however, matter.


You now have Four useful ways to add white borders for videos on a computer, online, on an Android device, and on an iOS device. If you follow the above instructions, adding a border to a video couldn’t be simpler. No expertise or experience is required.

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