How to Watch Hulu in India – A Comprehensive Guide

Hulu is a notable web-based feature with an immense assortment of films, Programs, and unique substance. While Hulu’s substance has gathered a massive following in the U.S., its worldwide allure is restricted contrasted with other streaming goliaths like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which is why learning how to watch Hulu in India is essential. To learn more about Hulu, click here.

The question arises: is Hulu in India? Hulu isn’t accessible in India. In this way, watchers need to utilize a VPN to watch Hulu. To begin with, you need to pick a VPN administration, as indicated by your inclinations and financial plan. After that, you must sign up for the VPN service and pay for it. Then, download and introduce the VPN and associate it with the U.S. server.

It is hard to give a similar substance overall because many of Hulu’s shows and motion pictures are authorized for explicit locales or regions. This article will explain the means you want to take to watch Hulu in India.

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Why Hulu is Not Available in India

Here is a clarification of why Hulu isn’t open in India:


Web-based features carry out geo-limitations to control admittance to their substance in light of the client’s geographic area. Hulu is geo-hindered in India, implying that the help is purposefully made distant to clients in India’s nation. Geo-restrictions are used for several reasons, including.

geo restriction

  • Content Authorizing Arrangements: Hulu has authorizing concurrences with content suppliers that determine what areas or regions the substance can be made accessible in. These arrangements are many times haggled on a country-by-country premise. To stick to these agreements, Hulu should limit admittance to its substance to the locales where it holds vital privileges.
  • Legitimate Consistence: Web-based features like Hulu are expected to consent to the copyright and circulation laws of the nations where they work. Hulu limits its administration to countries with suitable licenses to avoid legitimate issues and can work within the bounds of nearby regulations.

Availability of Rights: availability of rights

Acquiring content rights for a specific region can be complex and costly, and not all streaming services choose to expand globally immediately. Hulu might prioritize markets with a more robust demand or a better chance of securing content rights.

Competition: competition

The streaming business sector in India is profoundly aggressive, with a few nearby and global administrations previously settled. Hulu would confront extreme competition if it somehow happened to enter the Indian market, making it try to acquire a considerable portion of the streaming crowd.

Content Restriction:

Streaming services frequently need to invest in content that caters to local tastes and languages to succeed in India. Adapting Hulu’s content catalog to the Indian market would require substantial effort and resources.

content restriction

To install Hulu from the Google Play store, check this out.

The Need for a VPN to Access Hulu in India

Hulu is a notable web-based feature with an immense assortment of films, Programs, and unique substance. Utilizing a VPN (Virtual Confidential Organization) to get to Hulu from India is one method for bypassing geo-limitations and partaking in Hulu’s sense.

The Need for a VPN to Access Hulu in India:

Here’s the reason you could require a VPN for this reason and a few ways to pick the right VPN:

  • Bypassing Geo-Limitations: When you interface with a VPN server in the U.S. or where Hulu is accessible, your IP address gives off an impression of being from that locale.bypassing geo limitations
  • Security and privacy: VPNs additionally provide protection and security by scrambling your web and privacy
  • I.P. Address Caricaturing: You can access content that would otherwise be restricted because Hulu and other websites cannot determine your location.ip addressing
  • Anonymity: This can be especially helpful when using public Wi-Fi networks or accessing geo-restricted content.anonymity
  • Global Content Access: Notwithstanding Hulu, VPNs can access content from different districts or nations, extending your diversion content

Choosing the Right VPN:

When selecting a VPN to access Hulu in India, consider the following factors:

  • Server Locations: Look for a VPN service with a wide range of servers in the United States since you’ll need a U.S. server to access Hulu. Make sure the VPN provider has servers that reliably work with Hulu.server locations
  • Speed and Performance: A fast VPN is essential for streaming video content without buffering. Read reviews and consider trial periods to assess performance.speed and performance
  • Security Features: Guarantee the VPN offers solid encryption and other security elements to safeguard your information and and features
  • Compatibility: Ensure the VPN is viable with the gadgets and stages you use to watch Hulu.compatability
  • Cost: Consider evaluating plans and pick one that accommodates your spending plan while meeting your prerequisites.cost

Step-by-Step Guide to Watch Hulu in India

A step-by-step guide to the most effective approach is provided below:

1: Choose a VPN Service

1.1 Research and select a reputable VPN service that offers servers in the United States. Some well-known VPN choices incorporate ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. Ensure the VPN you choose is known for reliably working with Hulu.

2: Subscribe and join

2.1. Go to the VPN supplier’s site and pursue a record.

2.2. Select a membership plan that suits your requirements and spending plan.

3: Download and Introduce the VPN

3.1. Download the VPN application for the gadget or stage you intend to watch Hulu (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android).

3.2. Introduce the VPN application adhering to the on-screen guidelines.

4: Associate with the U.S. Server

4.1. Start the VPN software.

4.2. Sign in using the authorizations you made during the sign-up process.

4.3. Pick a U.S. server from the server list. Commonly, VPN applications have a server area menu where you can choose the U.S.

4.4. Associate with the U.S. server by clicking an “Interface” or “Bebgin” button, depending on your chosen VPN.

5: Check Your I.P. Address To affirm that your VPN affiliation is working precisely, you can check your I.P. address. You should now have a U.S. I.P. address rather than your Indian I.P. address.

6: Access Hulu

6.1. You can get to Hulu’s site or application once your VPN is associated with a server in the U.S. and you have an IP address in the U.S.

6.2. If you still need to, make one on Hulu. You may be required to use a virtual card or a billing address in the United States for payment because Hulu’s billing system checks for locations in the United States.

6.3. Sign in with your Hulu account credentials.

7: Start Streaming

How to Create a Hulu Account in India

Here’s how to watch Hulu in India:

1: Utilize a VPN

Before you start, associate with a VPN server in the U.S. You will receive a U.S. I.P. address required to log in to Hulu’s website and create an account.

2: Visit Hulu’s Site

2.1. Open your internet browser while associated with the US VPN server.

2.2. Visit Hulu’s accurate site at

3: Pick a Membership Plan

3.1. Click “Begin Your Free Preliminary” or a comparable button on Hulu’s landing page to start the record creation process.

3.2. You will be given different membership plans. Pick the one that suits your inclinations, like Hulu (with promotions) or Hulu (no advertisements).

4: Make Your Record

4.1. You will be incited to make a record. Fill in the necessary data, including your name, email address, and a solid secret key.

4.2. Click on “Proceed” or the same button to continue.

5: Enter Your Personal Information

5.1. Provide your birthdate and gender.

5.2. Click on “Continue.”

6: Set Up Your Payment Method

Hulu requires a U.S.-based installment technique (Visa or PayPal) with a substantial U.S. charging address. Here are a few choices:

6.1 Option 1: Virtual Credit Card or Debit Card: You can attempt to get a virtual Visa or virtual charge card that works with Hulu and has a U.S. charging address. A few internet-based administrations offer virtual cards that can be utilized for global installments.

6.2 Option 2: Gift Cards: You can purchase Hulu gift cards online from authorized sellers. These gift vouchers can be recovered on the Hulu site. Ensure the gift card you purchase is intended for Hulu and is suitable for international use.

6.3 Option 3: Get Assistance: If you have companions or family in the U.S., you can request that Hulu represent you utilizing their U.S.-based installment strategy.

7: Complete the Sign-Up Process

7.1. After successfully entering your payment information, click “Submit” or a similar button.

7.2. You may be prompted to review your subscription details and accept Hulu’s terms of service. Review and click “Submit” again.

Top VPN Recommendations for Hulu

Here are some popular VPNs that are known for their reliability with Hulu:

ExpressVPN:express vpn

  • Servers in multiple U.S. locations.
  • Fast and reliable for streaming.
  • Strong security and privacy features.
  • A user-friendly application with some stage support options.
  • Excellent customer support.

NordVPN:nord vpn

  • Robust security and privacy features.
  • High-speed servers for streaming.
  • User-friendly apps and browser extensions.
  • No-logs policy for enhanced privacy.

CyberGhost:cyber ghost

  • We have dedicated streaming servers for Hulu and other services.
  • User-friendly apps with a one-click streaming profile.
  • Good speeds for streaming content.
  • Strong privacy and security features.

 Surfshark:surf shark

  • Reliable servers in the U.S. for Hulu access.
  • Strong security and privacy features.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Private Internet Access (PIA):private internet access

  • Good speeds for streaming.
  • Strong focus on privacy and security.
  • Simple to utilize applications and program augmentations.
  • No-logs policy.

Recall that Hulu’s approaches and the adequacy of VPNs in bypassing geo-limitations might change, so keep refreshed on which VPNs are incurable with Hulu by looking at late surveys and gatherings. Furthermore, pick a VPN that meets your particular requirements, like speed, security, and financial plan, to get the best streaming experience. This solves the problem of how to watch Hulu in India.

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Hulu Subscription Costs and Packages

Here are the different Hulu membership plans and their expenses:

  • Hulu (With Advertisements): This plan costs $7.99/month or $79.99/year. It incorporates admittance to Hulu’s streaming library of films and Television programs and unique programming.
  • Hulu (No Ads): This plan costs $14.99/month. It includes everything the Hulu (With Ads) plan has, but no ads exist.
  • Hulu + Live T.V.: This plan costs $69.99/month. It includes everything the Hulu (With Ads) plan has, plus live T.V. channels from over 75 networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN.
  • Hulu (No Ads) + Live T.V.: This plan costs $82.99/month. It includes everything from the Hulu + Live T.V. plan, but no ads on any on-demand content exist.
  • Hulu Student: This plan costs $1.99/month. It is accessible to understudies enlisted full-time in a degree-conceding program at a licensed school or college. The Hulu (With Ads) plan is included in this plan.

hulu subscription plans

You can also get a bundle of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for a discounted price. The Disney Bundle costs $12.99/month and includes the Hulu (With Ads) plan, Disney+, and ESPN+. The Hulu (No Ads) + Disney Bundle costs $19.99/month and consists of the Hulu (No Ads) plan, Disney+, and ESPN+. This is how anime lovers can watch Chainsaw Man.

All of the Hulu plans offer a 7-day free trial.

Devices Supported by Hulu

Here’s a comprehensive list of devices and platforms that Hulu supports:

Streaming Media Players:streaming media players

  • Roku (including Roku T.V.s)
  • Apple T.V. (4th generation and newer)
  • Amazon Fire television and Fire television Stick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Smart T.V.s:smart tv's

  • Samsung Smart TVs (select models)
  • L.G. Smart TVs (select models)
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs
  • Android TV (select models)

Mobile Devices:mobile devices

  • iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) with the Hulu app
  • Android devices with the Hulu app
  • Amazon Fire tablets with the Hulu app

Web Browsers:web browsers

You can also access Hulu using internet browsers on the two Windows and macOS PCs. Visit the Hulu site and sign in to your record.

Game Consoles:game consoles

Hulu app on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Set-Top Boxes:set top boxes

  • Comcast Xfinity X1
  • Cox Contour
  • TiVo

Other Devices:other devices

Some manufacturers of Blu-ray and DVD players may support Hulu through built-in apps.

Setting up Hulu on a device

To set up Hulu on a specific device, follow these general steps:

1. Download the Hulu App:

1.1 Visit the application store or commercial center on your gadget.

1.2 You can also use the Hulu app by searching for “Hulu.”

2. Start the Hulu application on your device.

3. Sign In or Make a Record:

3.1 Sign in with your Hulu accreditations on the off chance that you now have one.

3.2 Moreover, if you don’t have a record, you can seek one through the application or on the Hulu site.

4. Start Streaming

Common Issues and Solutions

Common problems and their solutions while learning how to watch Hulu in India are –

Buffering or Playback Issues:buffering

  • A poor internet connection or a congested network can also bring on buffering. Make sure your internet connection is solid and fast.
  • Close other devices or applications using your internet bandwidth.
  • Additionally, clear your browser’s cache or app’s data.
  • Moreover, restart your router or modem.

Error Messages:error messages

  • “Playback Failure,” “Error 5003,” and “Server Error” are all typical Hulu error messages.
  • These mistakes can be settled by reviving the page, restarting the application, or logging out and moving in.
  • Moreover, follow Hulu’s official Twitter support account for information on widespread issues.

Sound/Video Sync Issues:sound sync

  • Refresh the page or app if the audio and video are out of sync.
  • Guarantee your gadget’s product and also the Hulu application are updated.
  • Moreover, apparent reserves and treats on your internet browser if involving Hulu in a program.

Missing Content or Episodes:missing episodes

  • If you’re missing episodes or content, it could be due to licensing agreements or temporary removals. Also, check Hulu’s content library for updates.
  • Also, make sure you’re logged into the correct Hulu account.

Geo-Restriction Errors:geo restriction

  • If you’re outside the U.S. and utilizing a VPN, guarantee your VPN is dynamic and set to a U.S. server.
  • Clear your program’s reserve and treat or attempt an alternate schedule.

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FAQs on how to watch Hulu in India.

Can I use a free VPN to access Hulu in India?

It's generally not recommended to use free VPNs for streaming Hulu, as they often have limitations on speed server locations and may not reliably bypass geo-restrictions. Moreover, paid VPNs offer a more reliable and secure experience.

Can I download Hulu shows and movies for offline viewing in India?

Hulu permits you to download select shows and also motion pictures for disconnected surveys on cell phones, which can be advantageous for watching content without a web association. This is how to watch Attack on Titan in india.

Is Hulu available on all devices in India?

Hulu is accessible on different gadgets and also stages. However, gadget similarity might fluctuate. Everyday devices incorporate cell phones, tablets, brilliant televisions, streaming media players, and also internet browsers.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to access Hulu from India raises any legal issues.

Utilizing a VPN to get to Hulu isn't unlawful. However, it might also disregard Hulu's help. Moreover, ensure the VPN is for legitimate and moral purposes regarding Hulu's approaches and intellectual property regulations.


Learning to watch Hulu in India can be a helpful and charming involvement in the suitable devices and safety measures. Using a respectable VPN administration, you can sidestep geo-limitations and access Hulu’s tremendous library of Television programs, motion pictures, and unique substance.

Select a VPN known for its compatibility with Hulu and also reliable performance. If you’re pursuing a Hulu membership, utilize a genuine installment technique that aligns with Hulu’s prerequisites. Use Hulu as per its help out and regard its substance authorizing arrangements. Moreover, avoid any activities that might abuse Hulu’s approaches or intellectual property regulations. While utilizing a VPN, guarantee your web-based protection and security.

Observing these rules allows you to partake in Hulu’s substance flawlessly and safely, even outside the U.S. This solves the issue of Hulu in India. Happy streaming!