Can’t Find Hulu App On Samsung TV? Here’s What You Can Do

Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service controlled and owned by The Walt Disney Company for those who don’t know. It has a wide selection of TV series and movies for casual viewers and hardcore movie buffs alike. If you can’t find Hulu App on Samsung TV then follow this guide.

Download the Hulu app on the latest Samsung TVs following these steps:

  1. Access the Smart Hub by pressing Home on your remote.
  2. Select Apps, and then look for “Hulu” using the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your TV screen.
  3. Follow along with the installation prompts to complete the process.

Make sure that your TV model is supported before installing the Hulu app.

can't find hulu app on samsung tv
Can’t Find Hulu App On Samsung TV

People often encounter problems while trying to run the Hulu app on their Samsung Smart TV. Follow along with the below solutions to resolve the issue if you can’t find Hulu App On Samsung TV and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

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How To Update Hulu App On Samsung Smart TV

Here’s how you can update the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Press Home on your TV remote to get to the Smart Hub.

    open samsung smarthub
    Open Samsung Smarthub
  2. Select Apps, and search for “Hulu.”

    search hulu
    Search Hulu
  3. Follow along with on-screen instructions to finish updating it.

    your hulu app is updated
    Your Hulu app is updated
  4. Congratulations. Your Hulu app is updated!

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How Do You Activate The Hulu App?

Activating the Hulu app on your Samsung TV is a simple and quick process.

how do you activate the hulu app
How Do You Activate The Hulu App

Here’s how you can activate the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Launch the Hulu app on your TV and log in.
  3. Select the option ‘Activate on a computer.
  4. Visit the Hulu activation page through the Hulu website on your PC and log in to get the activation code.
  5. Enter the code on your smart TV to activate your Hulu account.

If the “Hulu” app is not running on your Samsung Smart TV, it is no cause for worry as you can fix it. It is recommended that you follow the below fixes:

Reset the Hulu app on your Smart TV

  1. First, turn on your Samsung TV through the TV Remote.
  2. Open Hulu App on Samsung TV.
  3. Please press the back button and hold it down until it takes you to the home page on your Samsung TV.
  4. Your Hulu App is now reset.
  5. Open the Hulu app again.
  6. Your reset is now complete.

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your Hulu app following the steps mentioned above.

Clear the cache of your Hulu app

Clearing the cache of the Hulu app is a safe fix for the app as it deletes the temporary data in your Hulu app, which is not necessary. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Open the settings menu and select ‘Apps.’
  3. Now choose “Hulu,” then go to ‘Storage.’
  4. From the storage settings, select the ‘Clear cache option.
  5. Wait for the app to clear the data.
  6. The cache has been removed.

Power Cycle Samsung TV to fix Hulu

This is probably the simplest fix.

power cycle samsung tv to fix hulu
Power Cycle Samsung TV to fix Hulu

It involves simply turning off your TV, unplugging it, then turning it on after 2 minutes.

Update your Hulu app

An updated version of the app is very important for a smooth and seamless streaming experience. An outdated version of the app might prevent it from running smoothly on your Samsung TV.

Here’s how you can update your Hulu app:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Go to Smart Hub through the menu.
  3. Select Hulu.
  4. Press and hold the enter key until a sub-menu shows up.
  5. Select ‘Update’ and wait for the update to download and install.
  6. Your app is now updated.

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Update your Samsung TV framework

Now, an updated app can’t help you if the TV’s framework itself is outdated. You can update the firmware of your Samsung smart TV in the following ways:

update tv software
Update TV Software

Automatic Update

  • Turn on your TV and go to the ‘Home Screen.’
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and press ‘Support.’
  • Select ‘Software update.’
  • Then select ‘Auto update.’
  • Your Samsung TV will automatically update its software.

Network Update

  • Turn on your TV and go to the ‘Home Screen.’
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and press ‘Support.’
  • Select ‘Software update.’
  • Select ‘Update now’ if any update is available.
  • Press OK. Your Samsung TV software is updated.

USB Update

  • Download the relevant update files (according to your TV’s model).
  • Store the ‘update files’ in a USB drive.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ through the ‘Home’ menu.
  • Select ‘Software update’, then select ‘Update now’.
  • Your TV will detect the files on the USB drive and ask you to update them.
  • Install the update and wait for the installation to finish.

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Factory reset your Smart TV

Warning: Resetting your Smart TV to factory settings will remove all installed apps. It is advisable to give other solutions a try before resorting to this one.

Here’s how you can factory reset your Samsung Smart TV

  1. Go to ‘Smart Hub’ through the menu.
  2. Find and select the ‘Smart Hub Reset’ option.

    reset smart hub
    Reset Smart Hub
  3. Enter your PIN (default – 0000).
  4. The reset process will start.
  5. After finishing the reset, install the previously installed apps.
  6. Install Hulu following the steps provided earlier.

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This article covered the below information:

  1. What is the Hulu app?
  2. How to download the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  3. How to update the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  4. Fixing common issues faced while running the Hulu app on Samsung Smart TV.

Now you are equipped to resolve most issues related to installing and running the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV.

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