5 Methods on How to Block Text Messages on Samsung | 2024

So, you got a new Samsung phone, and you have doubts about how to block text messages on Samsung. Well, we are here for your rescue. There are traditional ways and third-party options to block spam text messages. 

To block text messages on a Samsung device, open the Messages app, select the conversation you want to block, tap the three-dot menu, and choose “Block contact” or “Block numbers.” Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Messages > Spam protection and enable the “Block unknown senders” option to block messages from unknown sources.

I know it is frustrating when someone keeps calling you. Whether your 45-year-old uncle or your local bank asks if you need a credit card, you can block them. Let us navigate you through the processes of how to block text messages on Samsung.

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Blocking Text Messages

A phone call and text message blocking is a process of restricting a particular contact from contacting you. You can do this for connections you want to avoid or simply block a spam contact from a local business.

call and Blocking Messages

This option will restrict the contact from calling or messaging you. But the drawback is it does not forbid them from contacting you by other means. They can still get you through social media, or worse; they can stand in front of your porch. So, blocking doesn’t mean you can get rid of the connection in one tap. The Samsung Galaxy Apps is not opening on your phone. What should you do? Check Out.


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How to Block Text Messages on Samsung

You can add a contact to the block list in a variety of ways. These instructions may vary depending on the device.

Method 1: Blocking Messages by Saving the Contact

This is a traditional way of restricting a contact from contacting you. If you find certain people annoying, you will think about avoiding them. You can utilize the Contacts app to save the details of the person or number you wish to block and then use its functions to prevent them from texting you.block a contact in by saving

After saving the person’s information on your phone, you need to do this.

Locate their entry in the Samsung Contacts app. Open the contact card and tap more. Choose Block contact. Confirm that you want to restrict the contact.Blocking Messages from messaging app

You will no longer receive calls or messages from that contact or any of its linked numbers after you do this. So, if the person or organization you wish to ban has many phone numbers, you can save them all in one entry and block them all at once.

Method 2: Blocking Messages From the Messages App

While you can prevent saved numbers from sending messages using the Contacts app, preventing spam texts from unknown numbers is more difficult. Nonetheless, you may prevent these numbers from texting you again by using Samsung’s Messages software. There is no other way to avoid the contact from reaching you through other means.

To do so, launch the app and look for the unrecognized message.

In the Messages app, open the spam message. If spam has only one message, the Block number option will be available at the top. When you tap it, a confirmation window will appear. To erase the message, select the Delete conversation option. Finally, choose Block.block sms scammers

This will ban the number on your phone, ensuring that you will no longer receive texts from them. If the sender has sent repeated SMS to your phone number, you must ban them from the settings menu.

Open the Messages app and navigate to the spam message. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, tap the Settings icon. Select the Block Number option. Tap the Delete chat option to delete the conversation. Finally, Tap Block.

The phone will intercept and prevent any texts sent by the number linked with that chat when you do this. This is how to block text messages on Samsung.

Method 3: Automatically Block Spam Calls and Messages

If you think it’s hard to deal with spam texts by hand, you can have Samsung’s Messages app do it. Hiya, a powerful spam protection engine, is used by the app to identify and stop unsolicited calls. Although it is enabled by default for detecting these unsolicited texts and calls, you can utilize the function to ban them completely.

Follow the steps as follows:

Tap the Settings icon on the Messages app’s main screen. Go to Settings. Then choose Block phone numbers and spam. Choose between Caller ID and spam protection. Tap the Block spam and fraudulent calls slider in the submenu. You can filter all spam and scam calls or only high-risk scam calls.block contact from sms app

The first option will filter out all potential spam and scam calls. Nonetheless, it frequently intercepts legitimate provider calls. The latter choice will enable institution calls, such as those from your bank. It can, however, allow non-threatening but unpleasant spam calls through. Finally, I hope you learned how to block spam text.

Method 4: Use a Third-Party App

Samsung’s built-in solutions are quite comprehensive, especially given their collaboration with Hiya, the first company to create a mobile caller ID and spam-blocking app. They’ve been working together since 2016 to bring Smart Call, a network-based spam solution, to market.

use third party apps for blocking

However, suppose you are dissatisfied with the performance of the stock spam and scam blocker. In that case, you can also employ third-party solutions. Several solutions are available in the Play Store, including well-known apps such as Truecaller, Spam Blocker for Android, and Call & SMS Blocker.

Method 5: Get in Touch With Your Provider

Assume that despite all of the precautions mentioned earlier, some people still find ways to get spam into your messages. In that case, the alternate option is to notify your provider. In this manner, they can use their network safeguards to block the number directly.

contact service provice for help

When the network provider flags the number as spam, they may be able to ban it entirely. If the number constitutes a significant threat, you should call the law police.

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How to Find a Number From Samsung Blocked Messages

Even if you want to know how to block messages on Samsung, you may still want to view the texts they’ve sent you. This happens if you’ve blocked a particularly nasty family but need to check in regularly to see whether they’ve given you an important message.

Firstly, go to the Messages app to find this.

Tap the Settings menu on the main screen. Secondly, go to Settings. Then Block phone numbers and spam. Finally, click on Blocked Messages.

how to find a number from samsung blocked messagesFinally, you should see it here if your Samsung phone has blocked any messages.


Why can someone text me even after I've blocked them?

Your SMS messages will go through normally if an Android user has blocked you; nevertheless, they will not be sent to the Android user. It works in the same way as an iPhone, except without the 'delivered' notification.

When you block someone, do they know?

When you block a contact on Android or iPhone, they will still be able to text you. These messages will not appear on your phone, but the sender will see you sent them. They will be unaware that they have been stopped.

What does a caller hear when their number is blocked?

If your Call Block setting is set to Block Calls, the blocked caller will hear nothing and be disconnected instantly. The banned caller will be able to reach your voicemail box if your Call Block setting is set to Sends Calls to Voicemail. SMS won't notify them that they have been blocked.


In conclusion, the blocked contact may contact you through other means. If you truly want to stop that person online, you need to cover every track. Anyway, we hope you learned how to block text messages on Samsung. With this method, you can block group text too. On the other hand, if you do not wish to block them, there is a auto-response method. It will send an automatic message if that particular contact tries to text you in sms.

Suppose scammers and spam texts are regularly bombarding you. In that case, you can use the above techniques to prevent them from entering your inbox. They’re also handy if you have a toxic contact who continually sends you messages detrimental to your mental health.