7 Best Javascript IDE | You Need To Know About [Updated]

An “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE) is an effective programming tool that makes coding easy. However, some people like the simplicity of a simple code editor because it is easy to use and great for those who are just learning to code. So we will discuss the best javascript IDE below.

Visual Studio Code, Webstorm, Atom, Brackets, Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Light Table, and others are some of the top javascript IDEs. To get started, let’s talk about JavaScript development tools.

These powerful tools include an explicit debugger and a precise syntax checker for the rapid development of several JavaScript applications. You will learn about the best code editors and IDEs here.

Best Javascript IDE

The best javascript IDE for running your code is listed below. These are the 7 best JavaScript IDEs you must know.
javascript ides
Each has its unique features and benefits. Choose the one that suits your needs and start easily developing amazing projects.

Visual Studio

Microsoft‘s Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building GUIs, consoles, Web, online, mobile applications, and cloud and web services. With the aid of this IDE, managed and native code can be written.



  • Cross-platform compatibility with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • There is also a “freeware version” of Visual Studio.
  • It has a great navigational system.
  • With VS, searching, filtering, and looking over the code you’re working on is simpler.


  • Visual Studio’s installation and upgrade processes could take some time.
  • Although it is dependable, some people may find it pricey compared to other IDEs available on the market.
  • All previous products might not be compatible with the new IDE when moving from an older version of Visual Studio to a newer one.

Download: Visual Studio


GitHub created a javascript ide called Atom. Atom can browse and modify projects in a single window. It has the best GitHub to browse and modify projects in a single window. 



  • Integrating Atom with GitHub is fairly simple.
  • It is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • It is also free to use.


  • Compared to other widely used IDEs, it is slower and more unreliable.
  • Atom doesn’t allow for code execution.

 Download: Atom


As the name implies, WebStorm IDE is a software editor tool for developers from Jet Brains. This is the best javascript IDE for creating desktop publishing software, server, mobile, and web applications. 



  • The UI is quite recognizable.
  • An excellent feature is intelligent auto repair.
  • It already has “Angular, TypeScript, Vue, and React integrated.”
  • It’s great fun to debug in WebStrom.


  • Keeping track of Git graphs and rebates is challenging.
  • The use of favorites and bookmarks should improve.

Download: WebStorm


Another best idea for javascript made by JetBrains is IntelliJ. This IDE is available in two versions: Community and Ultimate. The Community edition is accessible without charge. However, the Ultimate editions need to be licensed. One of the most well-known IDEs, IntelliJ IDEA, focuses primarily on increasing developer productivity. Besides Java and JS, the IDE supports many programming languages and is user-friendly thanks to its ergonomic design.



  • Because it has integrated version control, you may easily return to a previous state or version of a website you’ve saved.
  • You may test out a lot of plugins and add-ons.
  • The autocomplete debug mode feature is user-friendly and functional across all platforms and languages.


  • It was very expensive.
  • It makes heavy use of the computer’s memory and other resources.
  • The internal console of the IDE runs slowly.

Download: IntelliJ


Eclipse is one of the best javascript IDE. Full-stack engineers typically use Eclipse to code JavaScript. You will need to set up a few JS plugins. JavaScript development Tools are Eclipse’s strongest point. Eclipse is free and open-source, so you can use it for nothing and view the source code.

eclipse java script


  • A successful project management approach.
  • Multiple programming language proficiency advanced debugging.
  • It incorporates JUnit.


  • Beginners may find it challenging.
  • You’ll need to install plugins to maximize its functionality.

Download: Eclipse

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Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is one of the excellent choices if you want an all-in-one javascript text editor for your online and mobile writing app development. The free Komodo Edit program has been available since 2007 to complement the paid Komodo IDE.




  • Though it is a customized text editor, it only offers a limited Vim mode. 
  • Because of its value in programming, many developers consider it an IDE. It is also open-source and free.
  • Effective workflow and file management.


  • Code checking for JavaScript is not included.
  • IDE has some latency.

Download: Komodo

Sublime Text

A cross-platform text editor with many customization possibilities is called Sublime Text. A clean interface and significant speed improvements may be found in Sublime Text. One of the greatest editors for javascript is this one. The following plugins are crucial for anyone using Sublime Text for JS development: DocBlockr, JSFormat, SideBar Enhancements, and SublimeLinter.



  • Lightweight text editor Sublime Text has a ton of functionality.
  • Despite its strength, Sublime Text is a straightforward text editor with a Notepad-like interface.
  • Amazing keyboard shortcuts and options for many selections.
  • With package management, installing packages is simple, and you can quickly improve functionality.


  • In addition to the ability to manually compare text files, Sublime also provides an automatic file comparison option; however, despite being a useful function, it is challenging to use.
  • The ability to highlight or mark the text with different colors would be fantastic.

Download: Sublime Text

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Which JavaScript programming environment is the best?

A top-notch environment for developing JavaScript is when you need to write something in JavaScript, Webstorm is yet another fantastic choice. It is created by renowned IDE creator JetBrains. It is available alongside other goods designed specifically for languages other than JavaScript.

Describe JS IDE.

A preferred choice for web development supports HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, and JavaScript. In addition to JavaScript, this JS IDE is recognized as a universal web development environment. It also offers seamless autocompletion, Unicode integration, code folding, sorting, and column interface mode.

Which IDE for HTML is the best?

Any editor from our list that supports Javascript will function in HTML. Atom, Visual Studio Code, or Notepad++ are examples. We advise using Sublime Text as your HTML IDE.

Which IDE Is Best for Web Development?

You must first identify your needs and expectations, as we said previously. Because just because someone fits one IDE doesn't necessarily indicate you will too. Examine all benefits and drawbacks, contrast pricing, and choose an excellent idea for javascript. We could suggest Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets, and VSC from the free category. Consider Webstorm and Phpstorm for more valuable features.

Is JavaScript Good in Notepad++?

Yes! A straightforward and user-friendly open-source editor is Notepad++. JS offers syntax highlighting, auto-formatting, and auto-completion. A file manager, a code map, and tabs are used for navigation. You can utilize plugins, connect compilers, handle various encodings, and perform useful operations.

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There are numerous JavaScript IDEs out there, which is fantastic news. We created a ranking of the top JavaScript IDEs. Before choosing any IDE, you must first understand your requirements. We wish you success in choosing the finest JavaScript IDE for your requirements based on this post.

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