How To Stop Bumble Location Stalking [Easy Methods]

The operation of Bumble depends heavily on Location. It needs to know your location to display your potential matches close by. It may show you match thousands or even hundreds of kilometers away if it doesn’t know your site. One can quickly get the Bumble phone number for verification with reliable merchants like Felix Merchant. The article discusses how to stop Bumble location stalking.

Bumble locates you by using GPS on your device. It collects data from both your ISP and router after being disabled. It pinpoints your exact location on the planet. One can quickly stop Bumble location stalking by using a VPN, changing Location, Snooze mode, turning off location permission, and Travel mode.

Bumble locates you by using Wi-Fi and GPS data. It displays prospective matches that are nearby. App users can also choose their preferred locations. Modify the distance range in their settings. Read below to learn about how to stop Bumble location stalking.

How To Stop Bumble Location Stalking?

Here are different ways to stop Bumble location stalking.


A list of the server locations will often be available from reputable VPN companies. Most will also provide a free 7 to 14-day trial period. Checking should be possible before purchasing. Try before you buy is an option. It’s an approach to fake your location and might work to stop Bumble location stalking.clicking on vpn

GPS spoofing programs are available on the market that can conceal your whereabouts. Because of this, some of them are blocked by dating websites. Through the use of a private server, VPNs hide your Location.

With a VPN, you can fabricate a site. And also speed up your VPN connection. Follow the steps to install the VPN on your computer or mobile device.

  • It is a distinct nation. Select a server there that you prefer.
  • Once you turn on the VPN, it will appear that you are using Bumble and other apps in the chosen region.

A few VPN applications, including Surfshark and ExpressVPN, are available on the market with integrated GPS spoofing features.

Change Location

The simplest way to stop Bumble location stalking is to modify your location settings for the Bumble app. Even though you won’t be able to find any new matches after doing this, you can still speak with your most recent partners.

  1. Suppose you use an iPhone, iPad, or another Apple product, open Settings. Select Location next, followed by Privacy. Pick Bumble without a location from the list of apps.bumble location permission
  2. When using an Android device, swipe downward. The Location icon is at the bottom of the screen.location permission
  3. You can access the list of installed apps Bumble locates by choosing App location. Bumble refreshes your area when you tap the symbol.location settings
  4. The App information button appears when you tap and hold the app’s icon. Select the appropriate access level, Location, and permissions from the menu.

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Use Snooze Mode

Users of Bumble can pause activity on the app without losing connections or chats, thanks to Snooze Mode. As a result, you can momentarily conceal your Location on Bumble. This will stop Bumble location stalking and let you take a break from Bumble.

  1. Go to settings in Bumble by opening it on your phone.bumble snooze mode
  2. Find the Snooze Mode; press it.

Once everything configures, Bumble won’t ask for your location again during this time frame. Then, while you are away from Bumble, you may also establish a status to delete your Bumble Account.

You can use the technique to mask your Location on Bumble. However, you can no longer look for new matches after disabling location services. Your ongoing talks from the past won’t be impacted.

Turn off Location Permission

You can conceal your Location by disabling permission in the Bumble app. You have blocked others from seeing your area. Doing it this way will make people aware. Here’s how to disable Bumble’s location permission to stop Bumble location stalking.

  1. This app will only use your Location without getting your permission first. There are alternatives under Settings > Find Bumble.bumble travel mod
  2. Choose location services from the settings menu on Bumble. Select “Never or Ask next time.”

Using Travel Mode

Improve some things in the place for Bumble to stop Bumble location stalking. Thanks to the travel mode, users can now set their chosen Location. They are aware that people are rarely still. Only Premium users are allowed to utilize this feature. Use the coins to purchase it for Android users.

Any user who utilizes travel mode will show a notification on your profile. Other users are made aware of your trip plans. For the privilege, you must pay five Bumble Coins. Setting up the Travel mode is an easy process.

  1. Tap the gear to access Settings. Scroll to the bottom to view the Location settings.bumble settings
  2. Find and select the city to stop Bumble location stalking. Your journey period’s timer will start right away.allow location access
  3. You can shift locations as frequently as you choose when in travel mode. One area can only be selected at a time.


Can you stop your Location changing on Bumble?

While the Bumble app is open or running in the background, your Location will be updated. Force the app to close if you don't want your website to be updated while it isn't running.

Is Bumble's position entirely precise?

A phone can occasionally misread a GPS lock. It only happens sometimes, usually within a tenth of a mile. It represents the location of the last Bumble app on the user's phone. If they use it sparingly, the address is probably fake.

Can anyone see my Location on Bumble?

Your device's location-sharing options are always enabled. If you aren't using the app, Bumble won't know where you are. Users concerned about their data's privacy can limit the app to simply sharing their Location.

Does Bumble incognito mode hide Location?

While your profile is hidden in incognito mode, your location is not. Your city remains visible when someone swipes right on you and looks at your profile. Every one of the three Bumble Modes supports Incognito. But the platform's desktop version, Bumble Web, needs to keep it.

Can my Bumble algorithm be reset?

Before uninstalling the app, you must delete your account to reset Bumble properly. To be reasonably confident that Bumble won't recognize your old account. Before downloading Bumble again, wait at least 24 hours. Create a new account.

Why does Bumble display the incorrect Location?

Redownload the Bumble app after uninstalling it. Make sure Bumble can use the location services on your phone. These instructions are helpful. However, every Android phone functions somewhat differently. Restarting your phone involves turning it off and back on.

Does Bumble send out screenshot alerts?

Bumble doesn't alert users when someone screenshots anything. There won't be a warning or proof that you took a user's profile or photographs.


It is all about how to stop Bumble location stalking. The working of dating applications depends on Location. Disabling the site on Bumble may take work. Bumble functions somewhat differently from other location-based apps.

The application stops running in the background when you close it. A message or match is sent to you. Consequently, the location you visited on your profile will disappear after logging off.