Understanding LG TV’s Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

LG TV Picture in Picture (PIP) is a feature commonly found on modern LG Smart TVs that allows you to simultaneously view two different sources of content on your television screen. With PIP, you can watch one main program while keeping a smaller window displaying another source, such as another channel or an input from a different device.

To activate PIP on your TV, first go to settings. Go to the “Display and Sound” option in the settings menu. Choose the screen layout that you like. Go to the menu again and select your desired input source or application.

The PIP mode on the LG Smart television is a helpful element that further develops your survey insight by empowering you to see two separate wellsprings of material. This article will clarify PIP exhaustively and show you how to utilize it.

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Why Use the PIP Mode on LG Smart TV?

The advantages of involving the LG TV picture in the picture include:

  • Multi-Viewing Capabilities:

The LG pip button allows viewers to watch two video sources simultaneously on the same screen.  lg tv This multi-viewing capability expands entertainment options and enhances the overall TV-watching experience.

Scenarios Where PIP Can Be Beneficial:

  • Sports Enthusiasts: PIP LG smart TV is ideal for sports enthusiasts wishing to monitor several matches or events simultaneously.
  • News enthusiasts: You can follow a live press conference or another news channel while watching a breaking news story in the main PIP window.
  •  Gamers: Gamers can benefit from PIP by watching gaming tutorials, live streams, or communicating with teammates via chat in the PIP window while playing their favourite video game in the main window.
  • Movie Buffs: If you enjoy watching movies, you can use PIP to simultaneously stream trailers or behind-the-scenes content in the PIP window while the main window displays your film.
  • Video Conferencing: In today’s remote work environment, PIP can be valuable for video conferencing.
  • Surveillance and Home Security: PIP is useful for monitoring home security cameras or baby monitors while watching TV.

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  • Enhancing Productivity and Multitasking:

It allows you to efficiently manage various tasks without switching between devices or screens. Whether you’re working from home, following sports events, or staying updated with news, PIP streamlines the process. Do check out this article on 5 Awesome Smartwatches For LG Phones. 

How to Activate and Use PIP on LG Smart TV

Here is a general guide to activating LG TV picture-in-picture:

  • Accessing the Settings: Using your LG TV remote control, press the “Settings” button. A gear or cogwheel icon usually represents this button. The settings menu will appear on your screen.
  • Selecting the Multi-View Icon:

1. In the Settings menu, navigate to the section related to your TV’s display and picture settings. tv The exact location of this section may vary. Still, it’s typically labelled as “Picture & Display,” “Display & Sound,” or something similar.

2. Look for an option for “Multi View” or “Picture-in-Picture.” This is where you can activate and configure PIP.

Choosing the Desired Screen Layout:

You can select the PIP window’s screen layout once you enter the Multi-View or PIP settings. Side-by-side, top-bottom, and custom layouts are popular options for changing the PIP window’s size and location.

Selecting the App for PIP Mode:

1. After choosing the screen layout you prefer, go to the menu item that lets you select the input source or application you wish to show in the PIP window.apps on lg tv

2. A list of accessible sources or applications will be displayed to you. Select the app or source you want to say in the PIP window. This can be another TV channel, a streaming app, a gaming console, or a compatible source.

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Exploring the Side-by-Side & PIP Modes

Understanding Side-by-Side Mode:

An LG Smart TV’s Side-by-Side mode lets you display two sources or channels simultaneously on the screen. With one source on the left and the other on the right, both sources are equally sized and share the screen in this mode. lgThis mode is commonly used for comparing or enjoying two different programs simultaneously.

Benefits of Side-by-Side Mode:

The upsides of next to each other mode are as per the following:

  • Content Correlation: The capacity to continuously look at content from two particular sources is one of the fundamental benefits of One next to the other mode.
  • Efficient Viewing: It’s beneficial when you want to monitor two shows without constantly changing channels or sources.

Gamers can use the Side-by-Side option in a video game to play on one side while seeing a live stream, instructional, or chat on the other.

How PIP mode differs and its features

Understanding PIP Mode:

Picture In Picture LG smart TV allows you to display one primary source or program in the main window while a secondary source or program appears in a smaller, resizable window within the same screen. Users have reported encountering various issues, such as LG TV vertical lines on the screen, which can impact the viewing experience. lg pipUnlike Side-by-Side mode, where both sources share the screen equally, PIP mode offers a primary focus on one basis while allowing you to keep an eye on another source in a smaller window.

Features of PIP Mode:

The following are the features-

  • Customization: You can change the PIP window’s dimensions and orientation.
  • Secondary and Primary Sources: You can designate one source as the secondary source, which is displayed in the smaller window, and another source as the primary source, which takes up the more extensive section of the screen.
  • Multitasking: It increases productivity by enabling you to complete several things at once.

Historical Perspective: PIP on Older LG Models

Availability of PIP on Older LG Models

PIP functionality has been available on many LG TV models for a considerable time, including older models.lg pic In older LG TVs, PIP typically allowed viewers to watch two channels or sources side by side, with both sources occupying equal portions of the screen. The PIP user interface and control options on older models may have been more essential than on newer LG TVs.

Changes in Newer Models and WebOS Versions

The following are the changes-

  • As LG has continued to develop its WebOS platform and release new TV models, LG OLED picture-in-picture features have seen enhancements and changes.
  • More unique LG Smart TVs often come with more advanced PIP features, including resizing and moving the PIP window, customizing the layout, and choosing primary and secondary sources.pip
  • WebOS updates have introduced improved PIP functionality, making it more user-friendly and adaptable to various scenarios.
  • Additional PIP possibilities, such as displaying content from multiple inputs, streaming apps, or external devices, are available on some more recent LG TVs.

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What does LG TV Picture in Picture (PIP) mean?

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is a feature that enables your LG TV to display two distinct video sources or channels concurrently. While the primary source is still playing, a smaller window on the main screen lets you see a secondary source.

Can I customize the size and position of the PIP window?

Many LG Smart TVs offer customization options for the PIP window. The PIP window's size and position can often be changed to suit your tastes. This gives you control over how the primary and supplementary sources are organized and made visible.

Does PIP work with external devices like gaming consoles or streaming devices?

Yes, PIP on LG TVs can often work with external devices, as long as the TV supports the input source from those devices. You can use PIP to display content from your gaming console, streaming device, or other compatible sources alongside your main TV content.

Is PIP available on all LG TV models?

PIP availability may vary among LG TV models. Newer models and those running the latest versions of LG's WebOS operating system tend to offer more advanced PIP features. Older models may have a more straightforward PIP mode.


LG TV Picture in Picture (PIP) is an adaptable element on LG Brilliant televisions that further develops the television seeing involvement in various ways. PIP offers clients a supportive device to capitalize on their TV screens, whether contrasting material, performing multiple tasks, remaining informed, or participating in diversion and games.

The future of picture-in-picture LG TV holds the potential for further improvements and updates. To make PIP more available and adaptable, LG may add more capabilities, customization choices, and user-friendly interfaces as technology develops. PIP may advance in the capacity to seamlessly combine content from diverse sources, boost user interface design, and increase compatibility with numerous devices and apps.

Ultimately, PIP is a valuable tool for maximizing the potential of your LG Smart TV, and its continued evolution promises exciting possibilities for the future of television entertainment and multitasking.