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If you want to know what is currently happening in the internet world, where would you go? Well, the most common and famous answer will be Reddit. Right? It’s quick, always up to date, and exemplifies the motto “Internet’s front page.” Over the years, Reddit has gained immense popularity. It’s an ideal space for discovering exciting stuff and debating current events with individuals from all over the world. In this article, We’ve compiled a selection of the best 10 sites like Reddit for you to consider. 

sites like reddit

On Reddit, you will never get short of the content. You can spend hours there. It’s a highly addictive and continually evolving environment. There’s a plethora of content ranging from entertainment, celebrities to politics and technology. There’s something for everyone. Some internet users, however, are unhappy with Reddit’s rigorous moderation procedures. They are looking for other similar spaces. If you fall in the same category or if you are someone who wants to explore, then you have come to the right place. Let us check the best 10 sites like Reddit.


It is another viral discussion website. It is one of the best alternatives to Reddit. The users ask questions, and they get answers from different users around the world. You can browse for your inquiry in specific aspects before posting a new query, and you will probably find the answer to your question in the vast archive of the questionnaire.


Visit: Quora


It’s relatively new but also one of the excellent sites like Reddit. So, if you were an ardent fan of Reddit while using Voat, you will not feel lost. It uses a similar interface to that of Reddit. Only minor variations exist between them. In comparison to Reddit, Voat is incredibly accommodating. By joining their partner program, you could also get money to post high-quality material on Voat.

Visit: Voat

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This one is an app. You can get it for your Mac, Linux, and windows. Aether works through a peer-to-peer network that is anonymous and encrypted.


Visit: Aether


If you want to go for a simple user interface, then Digg is for you. The navigation is quite simple, and it also has loads of spaces that might interest you. It is an excellent place to be updated with the latest news. There are some paid features too. One of the best sites like Reddit.


digg- site like reddit

Visit: Digg


On this site, you will be introduced to great content from all over the world. Users can view customized web pages, videos, and photos based on their preferences. You can also download the application on your mobile; it is available for Windows, iOS, and android.


Visit: StumbleUpon


If you are a fan of a simple UI with icons, widgets, and sidebar, you should try HackerNews. Hacker Stories compiles tech-related news from across the world. It is primarily intended for Hackers and Techies from around the world. The New York Times and The Washington Post are associated with hacker news. As a result, its information is validated and trustworthy. You can involve in the discussions via the comments section. The word is also provided and conspicuously on sites like reddit.

hacker news

Visit: HackerNews


It is one of the famous sites like Reddit , also an imageboard communities. The user can post images and comments on their choice of boards. Anyone can write words and share their photos; 4Chan includes boards for almost any topic you can imagine. Video games, music, anime, movies, technology, and so on are all examples. When posting your article, you can use whatever name you choose to remain anonymous.


Visit: 4Chan


It’s among the most famous sites like Reddit, to go for all tech, gadgets, and social media news in one location. Also, they cover entertainment news, online videos, gaming, and various tools. It’s a terrific location to find new advertising tools and resources. So, you will get information about inventions, the latest technology, and other trendy topics in a nutshell.

mashable- site like reddit

Visit: Mashable

Stack Exchange

On this sites like Reddit, you can get answers to your question. The topic has a variety of ranges like from cooking to software programs. It is the ideal forum for experts to share their knowledge. The researchers could discuss the mechanics, and programmers can share about the languages, etc. The users get the chance to vote. The answers with the most votes are at the top.

stack exchange- site like reddit

Visit: Stack Exchange


It’s an invitation-only group sites like Reddit where participants can freely express and debate their passions. Members can submit all types of web content. It includes articles, images, videos, and links. The users can also vote on the content. The scope with the most upvotes is the most popular one. There are hundreds of viewer tribes covering a wide variety of concepts and topics. You’ll always come across something new to learn about.

snapzu- site like reddit

Visit: Snapzu


Is there a better site than Reddit?

4chan is an excellent alternative to Reddit. It's a bulletin board where users can post anonymously. The site has been linked to several internet subcultures and credited as some web memes. It offers a voting system similar to Reddit, where users can upvote or downvote posts.

Is there illegal content on Reddit?

There are very few rules here on Reddit; no spamming, no cheating, no personal information, nothing illegal, and no interfering with the site's functionality,

What is Removeddit?

Removeddit is a website where you can view deleted Reddit comments and topics. To see all erased comments, go to any Reddit topic and alter the Reddit in the URL. This is accomplished by comparing the words saved in Jason Baumgartner's Pushshift Reddit API to those stored in the Reddit API.


So, we have provided you with the top 10 sites like Reddit. If you want a change from Reddit, you can select any one of the above. It’s time to go and explore the internet.  We believe this will be helpful for our readers. Moreover, if you have’nt used Reddit in a while and chose to delete your Reddit account, check out another article on the topic. On Reddit, you can add backlinks to your posts too. Check out the article to see how to do that. It will help you learn the step by step process on how to terminate your Reddit account.

If you know any other sites like Reddit then please let us know in the comment section, we will add it in the list.

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