Top 7 Amiga Games To Play In 2024 | Updated List

Do you have an interest in playing amazing games on Amiga? Do you want to revive that same adrenaline of playing Amiga games launched 23 years ago? What is Amiga? Want to know about some fantastic commercial Amiga games? You’ve come to the right place if these questions and thoughts are your significant concerns.

It was introduced as a multifunctional computer in 1985, which was much ahead of its time. It contributed to its enormous commercial success. Here are the seven best Amiga Games:

  • Cannon Fodder (1993)
  • Zool
  • The Secret Of Monkey Island
  • Turrican II The Final Fight 1991
  • Lemmings 1991
  • Sensible Soccer
  • Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe: 1990

In this article, you can find our well-researched and tried, best Amiga games of all time, which will serve their function and provide an extremely reminiscent, enjoyable user experience with Amiga.

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7 Best Amiga Games 

Below are some of the best games on Amega that you can use to play and relive your Amiga user experience.

Cannon Fodder (1993)

Never before has the fighting been so enjoyable. Like the Bitmap Brothers, Sensible Software was another game designer whose titles garnered fervent fan devotion.

cannon fodder

It’s a clever and well-made video game. In reality, Cannon Fodder demonstrates ambivalence regarding War. According to Wiki, the instruction for the Computer game’s console version concludes:

“War is a pointless waste of lives and materials, as Cannon Fodder shows in its own uniquely personal way. We sincerely hope you never learn the hard way.” Defcon, the newest game from Introversion, is one of the medium’s most overtly semi-satirical responses to War. It features a warhead menu screen in the Wargames style and the tagline phrase “Everybody dies.” Well, they do.

Download: Cannon Fodder


Platform game avatars were popular in the early 1990s; sometimes, a new one appeared every week. Here comes Zool, Gremlin Graphics’ attempt to create a unique avatar for the Amiga. Zool was extremely popular when it first came out and had little competitors on the Amiga, even though it has now fallen slightly out of popularity.


The Ninja from the N – th Dimension’s quick gameplay and simple principles made it a delight to play. Its fast, fluid, colorful, and omnidirectional graphics immediately appealed to the eye.

Zool’s popularity led to its adaptation to several platforms and the creation of a less well-received sequel, despite having one of the most overt commercial advertising sponsorship arrangements in gaming up to that point, with Chupa Chups branding prominently featured throughout the game.

Download: Zool

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The Secret Of Monkey Island

George Lucas, the man behind the Star Wars franchise, was not only a household figure in the film industry; throughout the 1980s and 1990, his gaming business, Lucasfilm Games (which was renamed one of LucasArts during 1990), produced some of the most popular computer games.

the secret monkey island

The Secret of Monkey Island is no exception. It remains regarded as one of the most significant exploration games ever created to this day. The protagonist Guybrush Threepwood travels to Monkey Island to become a pirate, setting up multiple hilarious sequences and a tonne of conversation and visual jokes.

The initial game had some relatively tricky riddles, but it hasn’t lost any charm or wit and merits being at the top of the list of the best Amiga games.

Download: The Secret Of Monkey Island

Turrican II The Final Fight 1991

Factor 5s Turrican trilogy was an enormous blast on personal computers, featuring frantic, challenging, and highly quick-paced run-and-shoot action. The second game improved the formula and became an outstanding showcase for Amiga’s capabilities.

The series stood out as an instant smash on the Amiga thanks to its gorgeous visuals, gameplay that was somewhat more active than Metroid, and magnificent soundtrack.

turrican 2 the final fight

The game is separated into five distinct “worlds” spread throughout eleven levels. Chris Huelsbeck contributed the music for each world, and there is also a climactic battle with the antagonist called “The Machine.”

All in-game music may be heard in the music menu, accessed by hitting the Space Bar. One of Huelsbeck’s most significant works, the Score to Turrican II, was performed live by an ensemble during the second Symphony Game Musical Festival in 2004. Chris Huelsbeck produced a special Special edition Complete Series in 2016, including brand-new live orchestra recordings of Turrican II’s music.

Download: Turrican II The Final Fight 1991

Lemmings 1991

Lemmings, a unique puzzle RTS game, was yet another game that became a genuine hit and captivated a sizable audience. Small armies of bipedal, flesh-colored, blue-clad, green-haired creatures, the titular Lemmings that are driven to commit suicide, are saved or sacrificed by players all over various unbuildable, increasingly lethal stages.


Lemmings have several stages that are brought down into four different difficulty levels. Each level starts with one or more cage doors that open from above, letting out a line of lemmings that follow one another in a constant stream. Lemmings can’t exit a level because of various barriers, including steep drops, explosive devices, and lava lakes.

Download: Lemmings 1991

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Sensible Soccer

The association football video game series Sensible Soccer, sometimes known as Sensi, enjoyed great success in the early 1990s and continues to have a cult following. Sensible Software created it, and in 1992, it was first made available for the PC, Amiga, and Atari ST.

Jon Hare and Chris Yates developed the series as a follow-up to their football game MicroProse Soccer (1988), which was, in turn, encouraged by the arcade machine Tehkan World Cup (1985).

sensible soccer

The game’s little players tossed the ball about at breakneck speed, with the gameplay contributing as much to pinball as it did to football while being watched from the top down, which was pretty typical for football games of the era; Kick Off 2 was another huge game in this arena.

Sensible Soccer was incredibly playable and addictive, and it inspired countless ports, spinoffs, and restarts throughout the years. It was a genuine phenomenon and one of the greatest Amiga games ever, and it still is.

Download: Sensible Soccer

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe: 1990

Two teams play the game on an enclosed court with goals at either end, like ice hockey. The court has fixed bounce domes that alter the ball’s direction and speed. It also has a slot in the center of either side where the ball can enter to reappear on the other side while maintaining speed.

As the player confronts a different team, the arrangement of the domes on the court alters, with a maximum of 10 variations.

speedball 2 brutal deluxe

The 1988 video game Speedball was a hit. But it is the 1990 follow-up that is most fond of by people today.

With arcade games aspects on the field and violent battles breaking out as sides compete to win each match, Speedball 2 is strongly influenced by the 1970s futuristic sports movie Rollerball and has players aiming to take a new team – the namesake Brutal Deluxe – to the top of the sport’s league. Amazing work.

Download: Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe: 1990

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What was the finest Amiga?

In addition to the more extensible Amiga 2000, the best-selling Amiga 500 variant came into effect in 1987. The Amiga 3000, Amiga 500 Plus, and Amiga 600 were all revealed in 1990. The Amiga 600 followed in March 1992.

Does Amiga still create games?

The good news is that many Amiga games are still available. Even though they are slowly deteriorating due to bit rot, thanks to the machine's huge sales. More significantly, there are still a lot of aficionados of the format.

Who currently owns Amiga?

4 from Hyperion On February 1, 2019, Mike Battilana, the director of Cloanto. This company creates the Amiga Forever emulation package. It acquired C-A Acquisition Corp., later toom the name Amiga Corporation. This corporation now owns all of Amiga Inc.'s intellectual property (including the Amiga trademarks and any remaining copyrights).

How many Amiga 500 games are there?

The Amiga 500 Mini's 25 games and the release date is confirm.


Do you have other choices of the best Amiga games we didn’t refer to? Do you feel your most loved and best Amiga game among the Amiga 500 games is unavailable on those mentioned above or is superior to those recorded here? You may undoubtedly unwind knowing that the world of Amiga and other amazing games under development constantly expands and increases.

The article mentioned above is a quick reference in case you have trouble finding some awesomeAmigaa computer games. If these work for you, feel free to share them with others and also try other amazingly commercial Amiga games. Who can be sure? You might even score another number one!

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