10 Best Youtube Channels For Web Development [2024]

Do you want to enhance your web development or coding skills? As in this article, you are in the right place; you will learn about the best YouTube channels for Web Development. YouTube is the best source to learn or upgrade your skills with thorough information creators have.

Here are the best Youtube Channels For Web Development in 2024:

  • DesignCourse
  • The Net Ninja
  • LevelUp Tuts
  • Dani Krossing
  • LearnCode.Academy
  • WebDevMentors
  • The New Boston
  • Codecourse
  • Academind
  • Fireship

Stay tuned to learn about the best youtube channels for web development.

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List of 10 Best YouTube Channels for Web Development

These 10 YouTube channels can help you prepare for Web Development jobs to earn a good salary. Also, click here to learn about Best Meditation YouTube Channels.


Gary Simon is the backbone of the DesignCourse youtube channel and is a full-stack developer with 20 years of experience in the web development field. His focus is more on the UI/UX for future web apps, making it the best YouTube channel for web development. 


If you need to understand frontend frameworks deeply, this channel is perfect. On the DesignCourse channel, you will find tutorials and videos on tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, and more with projects.

Visit: DesignCourse

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The Net Ninja

On The Net Ninja channel, you can improve your web development skills with 1000-plus programming tutorials. The programming languages include modern JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, and more, adding to the deck.

net ninja

The best part in this channel is that all the tutorials are updated daily. The person handling this full-of-knowledge channel is Shaun Pelling. You will find all three levels in this channel: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Visit: The Net Ninja

LevelUp Tuts

LevelUp Tuts is the best youtube channel for web development that focuses on improving your programming skills. You get to practice with various web development projects with the LevelUp Tuts channel, and here you can learn and implement through comprehensive and user-friendly videos.

levelup tuts

You can learn topics like WordPress, Meteor, JavaScript, and Sketch (drawing app) and level up your skills. On Scott Tolinski’s channel, a new video is uploaded twice a week that provides you latest updated knowledge in every tutorial.

Visit: LevelUp Tuts

Dani Krossing

If you are a beginner or need to brush up on your skills, Dani Krossing’s youtube channel is for you. This is the best youtube channel for web development that provides you with a simplified way of understanding the complex coding that includes PHP and Java. The Youtuber has 8 years of experience in web development and can break down concepts in an accessible format.

dani krossing

You will find unique designs with a straightforward approach to explaining every bit of the projects and concepts. You will get updated content on web development to fill the gap and make you an independent web developer.

Visit: Dani Krossing


LearnCode.Academy is the best youtube channel for web development for beginners. That offers 24 video playlists that will help you build a strong base. You must go through the entire playlist to understand and develop a project. You will also find videos that focus on a specific part of the topic to make you know its various uses.

learn code academy

LearnCode.The Academy channel has various tutorials on the programming languages such as CSS tricks, Responsive Design, Node.js, JavaScript, Angular.js, React.js, Server Administration, and Deployment Strategies. More videos regarding website designs and job counseling are mentioned in a separate playlist.

Visit LearnCode.Academy


WebDevMentors youtube channel was created in 2014 that provides the latest and most crucial information regarding global technologies. This channel covers programming languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and Python with other tech stacks. 

web dev mentors

WebDevMentors offers you videos for beginners and experiences willing to learn a new JS framework, for example. They also have videos on Python, through which you can train yourself with everything you need to understand these programming languages.

Visit: WebDevMentors

The New Boston

The New Boston youtube channel is the oldest and one of the first to introduce web development tutorials. This channel inspired others who later started their channels with original web development content. In 2008, Bucky Roberts began the New Boston channel to help others understand programming languages in a simplified way.

the new boston

It was the era when you could only gain web development knowledge through books, and practicing it practically was hard. This channel has languages such as Java, Python, Angular, Docker, React, C++, Django, and many more frameworks.

Visit: The New Boston


The best youtube channel for web development where you can learn and enhance your web skills is Codecourse. You know the web app principles, innovations, and optimization techniques. In this channel, you can easily browse the topics in the correct order, making it easy to know where to start.


You will find topics from the old programming language PHP to the new Nuxt.js framework with updated content. This channel offers a variety of tutorials so that you do not lack any of the concepts of programming languages.

Visit: Code course

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If you are willing to become a full-stack developer, Academind is the best youtube channel for web development. Manuel Lorenz and Maximilian Schwarzmüller are the people who created this popular channel to provide the deep knowledge that a person needs to become a full-stack developer.


This free channel lets you access the best programming information and tricks with weekly updates. They create web development guides, frontend language concepts, and modern web app development technologies tutorials.

Visit: Academind


Fireship has 1 million active viewers, which makes it one of the best youtube channels for web development. The way they create such user and beginner-friendly tutorials which are easy to understand and clears most doubts.


You will get to watch and learn fresh and updated videos to gain more knowledge. Beginners are most welcome to learn programming languages and get basics strong enough to understand further.

Visit: Fireship


Can I apply for a job after learning to code through youtube?

Yes, you can apply for a job in web development after learning to code through youtube. However, companies have different criteria for hiring web developers, similar education proof in Graduation. If your coding skills are strong, you can get a job as a web developer.

Is it a good idea to learn web design through Youtube?

Yes, you can learn web design through youtube to brush up on your skills and practice it. Youtube is a free source where you can learn many topics and create a strong base. You can find almost any answer on youtube, and learning web design can help you clear your basics.

What are the types of Web Development?

There are three types of web development for which companies hire web developers. Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Web Development are the ones you opt for as a career.

How long does it take to learn Web Development from Youtube?

It entirely depends on your pace of studying and practising your coding or designing skills. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to learn web development. Youtube has pre-recorded videos; therefore, it depends on how quickly you can grasp and apply those concepts.


We have discussed the best Youtube Channels for Web Development in this article. Web Development is not easy and is not for everyone to learn, and you need to have a solid base of understanding deep, further, and complex coding concepts.

Web Development has a broad scope where you can earn a relish salary package. However, you need solid skills and experience to jump to that level. Nowadays, you can find various tutorials for web development over the internet, and the best source is youtube.