5 Best Meditation YouTube Channels For Your Mental Health

Mediation boosts both mental and physical power. There are several methods for meditating that you can learn from some of the best meditation YouTube channels at home. Following the right manner is essential to gain positive results, which this write-up will convey to you.

Various methods to meditate will help you improve your mental health and are mentioned on youtube channels like:

  • Summer meadow
  • Calm
  • Headspace
  • The honest guys
  • Insight timer

Let’s learn about a few of the best YouTube meditation channels and their benefits via this article. Having some guidance in the right direction will help you to give effective results. 

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5 Best Guided Meditation Channel On Youtube

Guided meditation is essential for beginners to achieve mental peace, strength, and more. With the help of guided meditation, you can meditate for a long time.


Below are a few best meditation channels on youtube that you should know about. 

The Summer Meadow

This channel helps to meditate in a beautiful landscape while hearing the sound of nature in summer. Additionally, has peaceful, instrumental, and relaxing music of birds. This meditation channel began in the year 2013.

summer meadows youtube

Tim Janis guides this meditation channel. Furthermore, you can feel the relaxing summer breeze while doing mindfulness meditation guided by this channel.


This channel shows ten-minute videos every day. John Armstrong is the host of the Calm channel. Michael Action Smith and Alex Tew are the creators of the Calm channel.

calm youtube

There are instructors not only to help you relax your mind but also for good physical health. Also, on this channel, famous figures narrate many stories to sleep. 


The Headspace channel was launched in the year 2010. Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson are the creators of the Headspace channel. They use mindfulness techniques to help people meditate.

headspace youtube channel

The monthly subscription for the Headspace channel is $12.99. 

The Honest Guys

These kinds of meditation allow people to relax and have a deep sleep. It is a live broadcast to spread hope and positivity amongst others. There are nearly 35 series of honest guys.

honest guys youtube

Additionally, there are many fantasy stories in the form of audio related to relaxation. 

Insight Timer

Nicho Plowman is the owner of the channel. This channel launched meditation videos with the help of music tracks.

insight timer

Of all large meditation platforms, Insight Timer also holds its name. Insight Timer costs nearly $60 per year. 

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Ways In Which Best Meditation Youtube Channels Affect The Mental Health 

Meditation is best for keeping your mind calm, peaceful, and more. There are various meditation techniques, such as spiritual, mindfulness, focused, mantra, loving-kindness, and many more.

benefits of meditations

Moreover, it is good for everybody to do meditation for a few minutes. It would help if you prevented psychiatric persons from meditating for long, or it may harm them. Let’s try to know how meditation youtube channels affect mental health. 

  • Meditation controls one’s emotional well-being.
  • Meditation improves concentration power and also calms and keeps your mind at peace. 

meditations benefits

  • They remove anxiety, depression, OCD, and such diseases and improve their sleep. 
  • Meditation helps to keep your mind young. They increase alertness and focus in one’s mind.
  • They affect the tolerance and objectivity power of the brain and help evolve kindness, compassion, and care for others.

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5 Best YouTube Meditators

Any best meditation YouTube channels run because of either the guidance of meditators or meditating techniques. Meditators follow different meditation methods and decide to remain spiritual or secular. They guide people to follow correct meditation techniques and their importance in life. Below are a few meditators that you can learn about. Check out this app to learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

Eckhart Tolle

He is a meditator who hears about his surroundings while meditating, i.e., he follows the mindfulness technique. He teaches meditation on the “being with yourself” channel.

eckhart tolle

According to him, you can gain knowledge about your true self by meditating. He discusses Ramana Maharshi’s way of meditating and its benefits. 

Tara Brach

Tara Brach is one of the prominent Western teachers of meditation. She spreads the Buddhist way of meditation of healing emotions and spiritual awakening. Brach is a preacher of meditation on the Morning Meditation channel. She helps to recall all your thoughts without intercepting them.

tara brach

She helps to make a clarified decision with the help of meditation. There are several meditation videos for anxiety on the Morning Meditation channel.

Sam Harris

The host, Sam Harris, teaches nodule mindfulness meditation in atmospheric music on the Waking Up channel. He also explains the use and benefits of meditation in the channel.

sam harris

Harris guides people to find out their true identity. He teaches meditation out of the religious context in a secular manner. 

Michael Sealey

Michael Sealey preaches his way of meditation in the “sleep meditation” channel. He helps in relaxation and deep sleep. And encourages calm awareness with the help of understanding breath intake and outgoing.

michael sealey

He helps to overcome anxiety, OCD, depression, and pain. 

Robert E. Dinenberg

In the guided meditation channel, he preaches mindfulness meditation. Dr. Robert E. Dinenberg also wrote a book titled “Health Impacts of Lifestyle and Health Promotion.”

robert e dinenberg

He helps to do mindfulness meditation with the help of the sound of nature. He assists in calming both body and mind and is known for being one of the best-guided meditations on YouTube. 

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A Few Best Meditation Videos

A few videos are known for best-guided meditations on YouTube. These videos are usually long and give a natural sense of meditation. They are very famous among people and encourage them to motivate. Read below to absorb ideas about a few favorite meditation videos.

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The Summer Meadow

The Summer Meadow video has summer fields in the background and audio of birds and wind blowing on it. They assist in resting and relaxing both our mind and body.

the summer meadow

A short video of meditation is uploaded. This helps in inner balance, relieves stress, and relaxes the body. The video of this channel was first launched in the year 2012. 

Surrender Meditation: Letting Go

In this video, you will find visualization and spoken guided meditation. These videos help to forget the tiredness and stress of life completely. They help to give relaxation sleep and to calm your mind.

surrender letting go

Jason Stephenson guides people in this meditating video. 

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Can you monetize your meditation youtube channels?

Yes, you can monetize your meditation youtube channels. For monetizing, you must have 1k subscribers in a year and nearly 4000 hours of watch time.

What is the best-known technique for meditation?

Yoga Nidra is known as the best technique for meditating. For yoga Nidra, one must sleep in a corpse state and go for deep meditation.

Is it safe to meditate for everyone?

Everyone can meditate but only for a few minutes. Meditating for a long time is harmful to psychiatric persons or related brain diseases, so you cannot talk about safety always.

Why is it essential to take guidance from the best meditation youtube channels?

If you are a beginner in meditation, meditating under guidance is preferred. This will help you to meditate with the right method.

Final Thoughts

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.” once Buddha said. In this busy life schedule, meditating is the only way to keep our minds calm and peaceful. Moreover, there are several methods of meditation, like mindfulness, transcendental, mantra, focused, and a few more. Beginners must always take guidance to achieve more results through proper meditation. 

Several of the best meditation YouTube channels help you meditate correctly. Channels become famous because of their meditating techniques or meditators like Sam Harris, Michael Sealey, and more. Some such channels are the Summer Meadow, calm, Insight Timer, and others.

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