Calming Websites For You to Relax in 2024

“It is hard to keep up with the stressful work life and anxiety that comes with it.” This line successfully grabs the attention of millennials and, maybe, signs them up for their paid membership program. The constant increase in global predicaments contributes to the increased anxiety of millennials. In such a situation, calming websites have played a significant role in helping people relax.

We have mentioned a few calming websites for you below:

  • Do Nothing for 2 Minutes.
  • Exhaler
  • Relax Online Rest Reminder
  • Relax Online Stress Analyst
  • Silk
  • Soundrown
  • SPAR

Mental health has become a massive factor in the contemporary world. People are deeply attentive to things like mental health and mental well-being. In an era where people have limited time to meditate or concentrate on their mental well-being, calming websites come into action. These websites help their users relax in a brief amount of time.  Although most of these websites haven’t been certified by a benchmark organization, they’ve proved successful based on user engagement and feedback.

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Top 6 Calming Websites in 2024

Some of the most popular calming websites for anxiety are listed below.

WTF Fun Facts

You got it right! Who doesn’t like reading facts? Facts are such statements that are fun to read through and knowledgeable at the same time. WTF Fun Facts is a website that breaks the monotony and leads you toward some exciting content, daily updates, and facts.

fun facts

WTF Fun Facts website has been a go-to for relaxing websites to give you the best update in a hilarious and witty manner.

Visit: WTF Fun Facts

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You surely might not have heard about this stress relief website, but now you will. Gnoosic is a music website that spots new music recommendations. It’s easy and fun!


The websites ask for your best-heard and liked bands so you can take some time out and chill between hectic work hours. More than that, you can like and dislike and mark out something which creates familiarity between you and the website. This website is something more than just for music enthusiasts but for all who need to take a break from all those files on the table. Gnoosic is One of the best calming websites ever.

Visit: Gnoosic


When you feel the absence of being goofy and giggling at the silliest times, GIPHY is the best website to have it all back.

giphy calming website

It’s the most exciting and popular website of all time, which works on circulating creative GIFs worldwide. Its reach is superb over the internet and has proved to be a great source of entertainment in all places. A place where you could express yourself most funnily and express what you exactly feel without offending anybody, not even your boss. So, next time you feel like yawning, GIF it. 

Visit: Giphy

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 NOIYS – post, read, forget

I think this will be the most vigorous soothing website of all in solving the purpose of an escape. NOIYS is a website to post anonymously and leave a note that any can view. It is a perfect website for venting things out that might be triggering you while working or refraining you from working.

noiys calming website

The best part about this website is that you don’t have to worry about the consequences. Instead, you can vent out things daily by writing whatever may come to your mind without thinking twice. Be it that tie of your boss that you hate entirely. The story or the words sticks around on the website for a stipulated time which is 24hrs, after which it will disappear, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Considered to be one of the best calming websites ever.

Apartment Therapy

Well, I think this is way too exciting and helpful at the same time, especially for those with a massive penchant for their own unique ideas of home décor or DIY projects. This website is a sort of one-stop platform which helps you collect ideas about how to make your house look welcoming and pleasing.

apartment therapy calming website

This website also lets you take a visual tour of people’s apartments to get inspiration and light up what you might be missing and wanting at your place. This helps you design your abode fantastically and comforts you with the thought of changing your place accordingly. So, next time if you don’t like the topic of the meeting, you know exactly what to do.

Visit: Apartment therapy

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We all are addicted to this site when we need a break and wish to calm ourselves down. BuzzFeed today is the top of the most popular websites among millennials. It offers the best articles, interesting facts, places, and updates in one plate. It provides you with write-ups, the best topics of discussions, indirect hints to solve your problems, fashion in trend, culture, and new. One of the best calming websites ever.

buzzfeed calming website

One can get lost once entering this website because it has created a world that helps you connect with the world around you. So, more than just relaxation websites, it’s a place to be all packed from most of 2024.

Visit: Buzzfeed


Does looking at relaxing images relax you?

Considering serene imagery can also function as a variant of mindfulness meditation, triggering the activation of the parasympathetic system. This pertains to the segment of the nervous system that actively facilitates relaxation. Results: quiet the areas of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety. By immersing themselves in such calming visuals, individuals can potentially induce a sense of serenity.

What does Google do for mental health?

In May of last year, as the pandemic began. Google partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, introducing a novel tool: an anxiety screener—this tool incorporated thoroughly validated anxiety information, encompassing its symptoms and commonly used treatment approaches.

Do stress apps work?

It's important to highlight that researchers have conducted experimental studies on one of the apps, Headspace. This study demonstrated a significant improvement, revealing reduced depression and increased positive emotions following a 10-day usage period. It's crucial to acknowledge that the efficacy of other apps has yet to be dismissed; rather, they remain unexplored in research thus far.

Are meditation apps safe?

While most individuals find meditation apps safe, certain experts recommend that newcomers partner with a mindfulness practitioner. This recommendation holds particular weight for individuals with limited experience and even more so for those with past trauma. In these instances, in-person guidance becomes pivotal, offering a personalized and supportive approach that considers individual needs and experiences.


Mental well-being is becoming an ever-increasing topic of concern for the current generation. These calming websites will help you sit down, relax and BREATHE.