Games That Make You Sleepy | Top 10-Updated In 2023

This article is about games that make you sleepy. It’s a popular misconception that playing video games before bed prevents you from falling asleep. According to studies, playing video games doesn’t affect sleep quality. Like apps, casual video games with calming background music can promote sleep.

Here are 10 games to help you fall asleep:

  • Harmony
  • Dream Walker
  • Antistress
  • Meditation Game
  • MySleepButton
  • Orbia
  • Tiles Hop
  • The Celestial Tree
  • SpinTree
  • An Artbook Tale

There is certainly a credit card application for everything, also sleeplessness. And we can support you in finding one. Rather when compared to searching the whole internet or maybe disappearing in a subreddit regarding your preferred web series when you understand you can not sleep, how come not to try using some practical applications? The best sleep-inducing applications and games are available immediately on your phone from our list. View our top picks for the best apps and games that make you sleepy.

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Top 10 Games That Make You Sleepy

Some of the reasons why people struggle to get a good night’s sleep include utilizing social media and gaming apps and scrolling through cell phones. But what if we told you that there are several apps available only to make it easier for you to fall asleep? Games that make you sleepy are listed below:-


Harmony is a relaxing game to fall asleep that will keep you interested in the game while also making you sleepy.harmony game for sleepy As you play this relaxing game, you must duplicate the pattern’s mirror image and pay attention to the notes.

Download Harmony

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Dream Walker

Dream Walker is a game that will have you nodding off and dreaming in no time.dream20walker Even though it’s a basic game, you’ll be thinking about dream walking so much that you might nod off. We particularly appreciate the calming background music, which can be exactly what you need to return to a dreamy condition after a rough night. Hence, it is among the best games that make you sleepy.

Download Dream Walker

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Many people cannot get sleep at night because they are under so much stress. Thus, Antistress is one of a kind game that will make you sleepy by reducing your anxiety. Play the game Antistress instead and destress.

antistress gameAt first, it seems a little strange, but believe us when we say it is exactly the mindless activity you need to go sleep eventually.

Download Antistress

Meditation Game

Anyone may naturally relax and unwind after a hard day by practicing meditation. Meditation before bed is a fantastic alternative because it is also the ideal technique for everyone to unwind and clear their mind. It is intended to help you rest as much as possible, there are no commercials, and the background music is soothing—and it works!

games that make you sleepyThis sleeping game is basic enough to hold your attention while still being intriguing and sufficient to aid sleep.

Download Meditation Game

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Are you having trouble falling asleep? The mySleepButton app can then be useful. Although not strictly a game, this app will aid in your ability to sleep. Imagine this app as a bedtime story for adults. Simply close your eyes and click the “Put Me to Sleep” button, and the application will do the rest.

mysleepbuttonCheck this out if you like being in person or auditory rather than staring at a blue light screen.

Download MySleepButton


People are looking for a calming app or games that make you sleepy. At night frequently use the Orbia app.orbia

It offers calming background music and strikes the ideal balance between being mildly addictive and mindless, keeping you occupied throughout the night. The next time you can’t sleep because of your thoughts, try to pretend to be one of these adorable fur balls, and your restlessness will disappear.

Download Orbia

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Tiles Hop

Consider playing Tiles Hop if you’re searching for largely wild games to make you sleepy. tiles hopIt’s important to link the appropriate music to the game; fortunately, you can pick any song from your selection.

The game is straightforward, the colors are serene, and if you play a lovely, slow song, you can nod off before you complete many stages.

Download Tiles Hop

The Celestial Tree

Add a new app to your pre-bedtime routine. The Celestial Tree comes to mind. The gameplay is straightforward; you grow a tree and open new levels and objectives.

celestial treeYou will enjoy this game’s casual, peaceful atmosphere while awake in the middle of the night.

Download The Celestial Tree


Are you looking to diversify your rotation of apps? Then try out SpinTree. It is one of the best games that make you sleepy. This software is basic, and neither its premise nor aesthetics are particularly inventive. spin treeWe assure you that it is simple. If you want to play quietly, you can turn off the background music and enjoy the calming sounds of the forest and the guitar instead. They might be the ones that put you to sleep with this straightforward game inspired by nature.

Download SpinTree

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An Artbook Tale

After a long day at work, several movie apps can help you unwind, and Artbook Story is one of them. It is a lighthearted jigsaw puzzle game that enables you to reproduce scenes from your preferred storybook games that help you fall asleep using tiny 3D pieces.

an artbook tale

Our favorite aspect is that the puzzles are easy enough for you to solve without giving them much thought, and the background music is some very calming classical music that will help you unwind and fall asleep after a hard night.

Download An Artbook Tale


Do video games aid with sleep?

According to research, video games that make you tired and sleep have a tenuous relationship but do not impact sleep quality. Similar to apps, casual video games with relaxing background music can aid sleep.

Can one name some of the most depressing video game applications?

This ranking of the most depressing video games will make you cry. You'll sob as you lose to a boss who is only one hit away from being destroyed. You will undoubtedly call playing Dark Souls and Dark Souls 1 in especially, in my opinion.

What video games are the greatest for nighttime play?

Additionally, the gloomy night-sky theme prevents you from waking even more by staring at a too-bright screen. Many people turn to Animal Crossing: New Horizons when they want to unwind.

Which horror games are the best for those who are depressed?

The Cat Lady is a coping technique for persons who experience sadness since the main character is portrayed in a relatable (and frequently sympathetic) way and is an exciting horror story enhanced by fantastic art. The Witcher 3 is an amazing role-playing game that many consider the best fantasy RPG ever.


Check out the list above if you’re looking for new games that make you sleepy before bed. Anyone who needs to decompress and unwind after a long day can benefit greatly from any of the many wonderful programs available. There is an app on the list for everyone, whether you prefer guided meditations, simple exercises, or stress-relieving games.

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