How To Fix No Sound on Reddit App? [Complete Guide]

What to do when there is no sound on the Reddit app will be the topic of this article. This article will familiarize you with Reddit and the methods to solve the no sound error on Reddit.

Reddit focuses on text-based content, so sound may not be enabled by default, and certain videos, particularly NSFW content, may have muted sound. To fix the issue, restart the app or update the system.

no sound on reddit app

Reddit offers an upvote feature, similar to how Instagram has a like option. If numerous users upvote a certain user’s post, it will be seen by multiple users as it comes on the front page. Now let’s see why Reddit videos have no sound.

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Methods To Solve The No Sound On Reddit App Error

Before you know how to get sound on Reddit, ensure that your earphones are switched on and that the video you play is not in a mute state. Search for the silent logo in the lower-left corner of the video you’re currently viewing.

You may also learn how to turn on sound on Reddit by ensuring you haven’t enabled the “Quite Audio Mode.” Now, let’s go on to the first method to know about no sound on the Reddit app.

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Method 1: Toggle The “Adult Content” Button

Follow these steps if you encounter the issue of no sound in Reddit videos.

  1. Open a phone or tablet and search for “Reddit Login” to enable the “Adult content” sound on reddit app
  2. Now, select the first selection, “Login – Reddit.”
  3. Enter this link to your browser “” sound on reddit app
  4. Type in the e-mail address you have access to and your Reddit username password, and click the “Login to Reddit” button to access your Reddit sound on reddit app
  5. You will soon be redirected to your Reddit account’s dashboard.
  6. Tap the “Menu” button, then select the “Settings” toggle list from the available options. Select “Account settings” from the menu under the settings.                                                                            (Note: This page contains options for your complete account. You’ll see several tabs over the top of the website)
  7. Now, Navigate to the “Feed Settings” sound on reddit app
  8. Finally, under the heading “Content Preferences,” you’ll discover the toggle button switch for “Adult content.”no sound on reddit app
  9. Check whether the switch turns blue, showing that the “Adult content” toggle is switched on.

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Check out the next method step to learn about solving the issue of no sound on the Reddit app.

Method 2: Start The Installation Of the Apollo Application

You might often have a question why is there no sound on Reddit clips? Trust these steps and move on forwards, following each accordingly.

We’ll download the setup of the Apollo for Reddit app at this stage.

no sound on reddit app

Because the official Reddit app does not support sound from NSFW content, you must use the Apollo app to have access to them.

Apollo is a stylish Reddit app with fantastic features that is free and has a 4.6 stars rating on the App Store.

To get the Apollo app, go to the App Store and look for “Apollo for Reddit.” 

If you have an Android smartphone, you can download the Sync app from the Google Play Store. After this, check the next step of solving the problem of no sound on the Reddit app.

Method 3: Play The Video on Apollo App

Assume you’re on the Reddit mobile app, established an NSFW group, and want to see a video but can’t since Reddit doesn’t allow audio on such movies. You must open it through the Apollo app in this situation.

  1. Firstly, go to the Apollo app’s forum and search for it, or choose the “Open in Apollo” option.
  2. Click on “Share” from the menu.
  3. Now, in the end, scroll down and touch on the “Play in Apollo” option to open the clip straight in Apollo.
    create a play

Method 4: End The Process By Unmuting The Video

To play the video:

  1. View it in the Apollo app and touch the play button.unmute video
  2. Finally, press the “Mute” button to hear the sound.

As previously stated, being in a “Mute” state is the most common cause of no sound on the Reddit app. To resolve the issue, find and toggle the mute symbol in the bottom left of the video on demand which is screening. After that, ensure the Reddit music clip setting “not play vs. play on touch” is not set to “not play.”

Because some direct links on Reddit have technical difficulties, it is preferable to watch Reddit videos by tapping on the origin beside the title rather than just touching them.

If you continue to suffer from the “Reddit app no sound” issue, examine the settings at your current Reddit app; try to resolve the issue by emptying the cache file on your device or reinstalling your program on Reddit. By following this process, you will not face the problem of Reddit videos not playing sound.

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More About Reddit

Reddit is the most popular informative app among its 400 million monthly users. Reddit is a news and information platform where users communicate and share opinions. Users share posts, different links, photographs, videos, and other stuff.

A social media website is a network platform where people can discuss and exchange knowledge and thoughts in virtual digital communities.

more about reddit

Users on most social media sites have accounts and individual feeds and primarily utilize the place to build interactions with others. Instead, Reddit functions more like a forum, with collected content being the focal point and most users remaining private. 

The primary distinction is found in Reddit’s community ideals. Reddit prioritizes community participation and the perspective of others over users. The goal is to add value as a member of a subreddit community. It is all about the features of Reddit that almost 400 million monthly users use the Reddit app.


Is live streaming available for the Reddit app?

Yes, you can live and watch the live stream online on Reddit.

Is asking questions valid on the Reddit sub?

You can ask the questions on the Reddit sub.

Can I comment under someone's post on Reddit?

Yes, a user can comment under the post you like.

What are some popular Jargons on Reddit that every user must know?

Some of the popular jargon is: 'AMA - Ask me anything,' 'MIC - More In Comments,' and so on.


In the above article, we discussed the methods to solve the issue of No Sound on the Reddit App. Reddit functions more like a forum, with collected content being the focal point and most users remaining private. If you are coming across this No Sound issue on the Reddit App, you should pursue the steps written in this write-up. It will help you. Adding to it, we learned about the features of Reddit at the end part of the article. We hope you found this article helpful.