3 Ways To Embed Images In Reddit Text Post | Complete Guide

Three different approaches to embedding images in Reddit text posts are highlighted in this article. Have thoughts and images to share on Reddit but don’t know how? Here’s your one-stop solution to becoming a pro-Redditor.

To add a comment with an image from your camera roll, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the comment box
  2. Select the image icon
  3. Choose your desired image
  4. Complete your comment, and tap “Reply.”

We live in a world of facts. People have opinions that they wish to share. Everyone has something to say! People from all over the world have thoughts, information, and ideas that they wish to share. They need a source of expression where they can openly put forth their points and get a vast range of opinions for the same. Before understanding how to embed images in Reddit text posts, we shall understand what Reddit is and its benefits. So, without any further ado, let’s get reading.

What’s REDDIT?

Social media makes it efficient for us to connect on a larger scale with opinions and facts. Reddit is one such platform that makes interactions all over the world efficient. Whereas embedding images in Reddit text posts will enhance the interaction for users.

redditPeople are widely adapting to this forum because of its audience-centric approach. It is a place where the users discuss anything and everything. And a software based on what the masses require and desire.  It provides a voting system for the people to decide what they like or dislike. 

With its adverse features, Reddit allows posting texts and embedding images to Reddit text posts.

It has millions of subscribers or, as they call it, “Reditters .”It covers topics under different categories called “subreddits .” These subreddits range from music to career choices, news to entertainment, and whatnot! 

Download: Reddit – Apps on Google Play

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What Are Its Uses?

Reddit has become an authentic platform where no news or fact is fake. It has an amazingly aware audience base, which forces it to promote only accurate views, ideas, and thoughts. People upload their reflections on Reddit, embed images in a Reddit text post, and comment on other individuals’ posts. If anyone on the website sells lies, the users check them before any system intervention. 

In today’s world Reddit is a pocket newspaper and a portable courtroom. Everyone is aware of everything, and everyone has opinions on everything. Want to know about Reddit Acronyms, click here.

reddit usesIf you are the one who has just joined the wave and can’t figure out things like how to embed images to a Reddit post, how to add pictures in Reddit comments, what Reddit image links are, or how to post photos on Reddit,,, and so on. You are in the right place!

We have done some analysis for you and made it user-friendly to understand how to embed images in Reddit text posts. 

Reddit, conventionally, was not a website that supported posting videos and pictures. However, a new update with ways to embed images in Reddit text posts is now available. Apart from the update provided in the more contemporary versions of Reddit, here are many other ways to embed images in Reddit text posts. 

Below, we have mentioned a few with step-by-step instructions. How To Embed YouTube Video On Twitter? Check Out here.

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Different Ways To Embed Images In Reddit Text Posts

These are the ways to embed images in Reddit text posts.

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Using The Internet

The first step to embed images in Reddit text posts is by using the Internet:

using the internetSign in via the website. If you have an existing Reddit account, type your credentials and log in. Once you access your account, you’ll have a home tab on your screen. Press that. A list will now appear on your screen. Page through the list, and then you will find an option to “create a post .” Press that. Now select “image” as your post type and post it. 

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Through The Mobile App:

Follow the steps below to embed images in Reddit text posts through the mobile app:

embed images in reddit text postAccess the app on your cell phone and log into your account. Once you open the app, a red icon will display on your screen. The icon will have a plus sign on it. Press that. Please choose your desired photo and post it with a caption. You can also Check Out How to Embed YouTube Video On Twitter.

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By Using Link

You can also embed images in Reddit text posts by using the link:

hyperlink on redditConduct a web search for Imgur. Once you are on the site, navigate to the desired image you want to upload to the website. Press upload once you have selected an image. The image will appear on your screen after you upload it, and you can copy the markdown link from there. Now, you can paste the copied link wherever the image insertion should take place in a text post or a comment.  How To Embed YouTube Video On Twitter? Check Out this.

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Comment On a Post On Reddit

To comment on Reddit, click the box below to submit a remark. If you locate a post you wish to comment on, you must publish the mark and input the picture link on the comment to respond. 

Remember, you can only comment on a post that is unlocked. 

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Can Reddit comments contain images?

In the new updates of Reddit, you can embed an image in a Reddit textpost. But, you can't add a picture directly to the comments. You shall link it before you insert it. For linking, we have provided a complete guide above.

With an iPhone, can I upload photographs to Reddit?

Follow the instructions below to embed images in a Reddit text post using an iPhone: Download Reddit on your iPhone. Tap on 'post something interesting' on your iPhone. The second step involves the display of a camera symbol. Just click there. Then, choose the photo you wish to share. Write a brief caption for the image. Select an appropriate subreddit and post.

Can we upload a video without linking?

You can not upload videos from your mobile gallery. Reddit has its video gallery from which you can select and post videos. If you want to upload a video separate from that, you will have to create a link. For creating the link, you shall follow the same procedure as forming the link for images. You shall go on a site like Imgur and upload your video. You can then copy the link for your video there and paste it on your Reddit.

Does Reddit Support HTML?

No, Reddit is a website that does not support HTML. Reddit supports markdown software for converting text to HTML.

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Reddit is a growing social media platform. A large scale of people uses it. It has made social interactions easy, with 100% facts and news accuracy. A platform like this is beneficial for all age groups. Be it high school kids searching for colleges or people looking for jobs. Reddit provides all sorts of information with opinions of people who have dealt or are dealing with the same issues, making social beings interact on a gigantic and intellectual scale. 

To cater to the requirements of its ever-growing audience base, Reddit has taken a few steps toward innovations. Reddit has made new updates available that make the application more efficient. Now, you can embed images in a Reddit text post through the app without creating links. Although, the comments and replies still require a link to upload pictures. 

In this article, we have been trying our best to give you the most accurate information on how to embed images in Reddit text posts. We hope we were able to help. 

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