Top 11 Best Apple TV Games That You Can Play In 2024

Do you ever feel like playing games on your Apple TV and still wonder which games to download and play? An example of playing games is Apple TV Games. The Best Apple TV controller games are arcade subscriptions provided by Apple, and the user can play them from anywhere on other apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and others. You can also get knowledge about Jailbreaking Apple TV 3rd Generation. 

If you are jumbled about which games to download and play for Apple TV, this is the correct place you are looking for. Because in the following write-up, you will be knowledgeable about the best Apple TV games that you can play on your Apple TV. 

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Here you can see a well-curated list of Apple TV games that will excite you a lot while playing.

Rayman Adventures

The Rayman Adventures is a free game available on Apple TV. In this game, many exciting and adventurous levels keep the user amazed at every stage of the game.

apple tv games

This game also has very good visuals that make it even more attractive while playing. Rayman Adventures is truly the best Apple TV game to play.

Download: Android | iOS

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Dungeon Hunter 5

You can compete alone in Dungeon Hunter 5’s solitary game mode. Robots can be your buddies in the game, and you can even form alliances with them. Users can participate in daily and weekly rallying activities, culminating in enticing bonuses at the finale of each season.

apple tv games

This game has over 10 million downloads on the App Store, a 4.1-star rating, and numerous great reviews.

Alto’s Adventure

This game’s controls are quite easy, and the users would love it. You can play Alto’s Adventure whenever possible because it is an unlimited game that allows you to ski for as much as you want. This game is free to play. However, there are some in-app purchases.

apple tv games

While skiing on a snowboard in the gorgeous mountains, you, as a player, can accomplish various feats. Alto’s Adventure must be your primary choice for a nice game if you want a good time. Remember not to peek out when performing a flip in the video game.

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The Sketch Party TV

If you are bored and want to have fun with your friends but with online multiplayer, SketchParty TV is the best apple tv arcade controller game. The game is pretty simple to play and comes with rules.

apple tv games

The maximum player capacity for Sketch Party TV is eight members. If one member is drawing, the other seven members have to guess the sketch, and according to the guesses made, one will get the marks. The game will also give you hints to think, and playing with your friends would be fun. 

Download: iOS

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The game Asphalt 8 is among the most fantastic and finest apple tv racing games. Asphalt 8’s graphics are breathtaking. This game has many beautiful cars, excellent maps, and a great layout that will make you obsessed with racing.


The audio quality and detail of the Dolby atmosphere sounds have improved the realism of this. If you enjoy racing and want to install and play this great game, you should try it.

Download: Android | iOS

Mushroom Wars 2: Tower Defense

Tower defense video games are typically thought to be the dullest. However, this video game Mushroom Wars 2: Tower Defense is quite fascinating to play because it needs real-time players to devise ways to defend the tower.

apple tv games

This game’s graphics are quite realistic, which makes it appealing to play. One can compete with your favorite heroes, who you will grow to understand as you move through the game. For a thrilling experience, download and play Mushroom Wars 2: Tower Defense.

Download: Android | iOS

Into the Dead

Ever feel like saving the world if a zombie apocalypse occurs? Damn! Then this game is just perfectly made for you. In the zombie survival game “Into the Dead,” you have guns and must defeat the zombies that the level’s summoning.

apple tv games

Get a real-time zombie killing experience. Download this one of the best apple tv games to experience a real-time thriller. 

Download: Android | iOS

Alliance: Air War

Do you love flight simulation and war games? Then the Alliance: Air War game is just made for you. This game has six various game modes and multiple challenges at each level. Clear the obstacles and compete on the leaderboard. Get awesome in-game prizes and rewards when you top the leaderboard.

apple tv games

Alliance: Air War has many different game modes, rockets, and planes, which makes it more interesting to play, and it is the best game controller for apple tv.

Download: Android | iOS

Minion Rush

Minion is a really cute character from an animated movie. This minion rush game is simple and interesting to play on your apple tv. You have to jump and dash out the villains in the game. It is a free-run game, and you must avoid all the obstacles. Duck and jump to stay safe.

apple tv games

The best part of playing this is that you can customize your minion character and play with your favorite costume. Top the leaderboard and compete with the real-time players.

Download: Android | iOS

Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape

You may have seen many endless running games, but have you ever heard about the infinite hopping game? Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape is a frog hopping game where the frog hops from one wall to another.

apple tv games

If you fail to land him properly on the wall, then he may die by falling. How interesting would it be? 

Download: Android | iOS

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Hit Tennis 3

Hit Tennis 3 is a great game on the Apple TV. The game has pretty good graphics and is simple to play. Serve in the opposite court with the proper speed and within the boundary and start the rally. Win the rally to get the point.

apple tv gamesThe player with the maximum game points will win the set. This game, Hit Tennis 3, is one of the best apple tv arcade controller games to play on Apple TV. 

Download: Android | iOS


What devices will work with Apple Games?

The compatible devices with Apple Arcade games are Mac, Iphone, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

Are there games to play on apple tv effectively?

Answer: Apple TV provides good gaming graphics and better console compatibility so you can play games on it hassle-free.

Will I need a controller for every game to be played on Apple TV games?

No, a controller is needed only for some games played on the Apple TV. Other games do not require a controller.

What are the benefits of the Apple TV?

Apple TV 4K is the ultimate smart home hub, letting you control all your Home Kit devices.


I hope you found this article helpful. Apple TV games is an arcade subscription provided by Apple, and the user can play it from anywhere on the other apple devices. These apple tv games are free to play and are very popular. This article saw the list of best apple games to be played in 2024.

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