How To Retune Sky Box? Here Is The Step By Step Guide To It

This article will walk you through how to retune sky box so that it operates more efficiently and you get the greatest possible TV viewing experience. We will review the setting up sky box manual and offer straightforward, uncomplicated instructions. If you follow our instructions, you can retune your Sky Box.

Press the home button you will find on your remote control, choose “Settings,” “Set-up,” and then “Advanced Settings” to retune your Sky Box. Choose “Signal” and “Manual Tuning” to find available channels. To finish the retuning procedure, save the settings and leave the menu.

After reading this article, you can completely grasp the process of fixing Sky Box. You may use our guide’s step-by-step instructions and helpful hints to ensure your Sky Box is appropriately configured. This page is the definitive guide for retuning your Sky Box and Skybox channel update, regardless of whether you want to improve your watching experience or need help with TV channels. Also, learn how to disable the Sky Shield.

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How To Retune Sky Box: Complete Guide

One of the UK’s most widely used digital TV set-top boxes is the Sky Box. sky boxIt is well-liked since it offers various TV channels, including sports, entertainment, and movies. It occasionally has to be tuned to guarantee it operates at its best. This page will direct you if you need help to retune your Sky Box.

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Check The Signal Strength

Check the signal strength in your location before you start retuning your Sky Box. A weak signal can cause poor TV picture quality and even channel loss.By doing the following procedures, you can determine the signal strength and how to retune sky box :

  1. Access the services menu using the Sky remote’s “services” button.  use sky remote
  2. Select settings by scrolling down and pressing “select.”press select
  3. Choose “signal” by moving the cursor down and clicking.choose signal
  4. Choosing “signal strength” will cause the Sky Box to show the signal strength for each channel.choose signal strengthThe signal intensity should be more than 50%. You might need to adjust your satellite dish or get a professional installation to verify the signal strength if it is less than 50%.

Do A Full System Reset 

A complete system reset may frequently address various problems with your Sky Box, including tuning-related ones. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Disconnect the Sky Box from the main power source and turn it off. Before re-plugging the Sky Box into the main power, wait 30 seconds.disconnect the sky box
  2. Before turning on the Sky Box, let it finish the boot-up procedure.finish boot upTry retuning the Sky Box once it has resumed determining whether it is operating properly. If not, go to the following action.

Retune The Sky Box manually

You should manually retune the Sky Box if a complete system reset doesn’t work.To achieve this, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Access the services menu using the retune Sky remote’s “services” button. access settings with sky remote
  2. Choose options by scrolling down and pressing “select.” Under the manual tuning section, scroll down and click “Choose.”manual tuning section
  3. You may find the channel by pressing the “search” button. 
  4. Insert the channel’s frequency and polarity in the appropriate fields. Press “save” when the Sky Box has located the channel.choose the channelsThis procedure might need repeated for each station you want to tune.

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Use The Sky Box Automatic Channel Scan

How to retune sky box? Use Sky Box’s automated channel scan to locate the channels accessible in your region if you need assistance. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Access the services menu using the Sky remote’s “services” button to press “select” after scrolling down to “automatic channel scan.”select automatic channel search
  2. The Sky Box will begin looking for all of the nearby channels that are accessible.
  3. To save the channels, click “save.”click save

Check For Software Updates

If you’ve tried the solutions above and your Sky Box is still causing you problems, you should look for firmware updates. This is how:

  1. Access the services menu using the Sky remote’s “services” button.
  2. Press “select” after scrolling down to “system information.”system information
  3. Adhere to the directions to obtain and activate the software update. activate software updateMaintaining the software on your Sky Box up to date is critical since doing so can enhance performance and resolve any faults or problems.

Contact Sky Customer Service

It might be time to contact Sky’s customer support staff if you’ve tried all the suggestions above and your Sky Box still troubles you. They offer a dedicated team of technical experts that can help you solve any issues you might be having with your Sky Box.Use these procedures to contact Sky customer service:

  1. Access the services menu using the Sky remote’s “services” button. access services
  2. Scroll down and pick”choose” to get “help.”
  3. Scroll down and hit “continue” to get in touch with them.hit continueThe Sky Box will show the customer support phone number as how to retune sky box . Alternatively, use their online chat tool to go to the Sky website and communicate with a customer support agent.

Additional Tips

In addition to the fundamental procedures described in the article to retune sky box, the following advice may help you adjust your Sky Box more successfully and efficiently:

  • Check aerial – Ensure your aerial is connected and working correctly before tuning your Sky Box again. A damaged or improperly installed antenna may reduce signal strength and make channel tuning easier.
  • Do a Complete System Reset – A full system reset may be required if your Sky Box has serious problems. Before resetting, backup any recordings because doing so will wipe all settings and data.
  • Check for Software Updates – Maintaining the up-to-date software on your Sky Box is critical since it can enhance performance and address any faults or problems. Regularly check the software updates and install them as they become available.

call sky customer service

  • Employ the Signal Test Function – The Sky Box’s Signal Test tool can assist you in determining the signal strength and quality in your neighborhood. Use this option to check that your aerial is in the right place and that your signal strength is sufficient before retuning your Sky Box.
  • Call Sky Customer Service – Don’t hesitate to contact Sky Customer Service if you still need help after retuning your Sky Box. You can get assistance from their staff of technical professionals with any problems you are having with your Sky Box.

Implementing these extra suggestions ensures that your Sky Box is correctly calibrated and provides the finest TV viewing experience.


Why does my Sky Box need to be retuned?

Retuning Sky Box may enhance its functionality, guarantee the optimum viewing experience, and resolve any tuning-related problems.

How frequently should my Sky Box be retuned?

A significant change in your TV reception: such as relocating to a new location, necessitates retuning your Sky Box if you encounter problems with TV channels, poor image quality, or other concerns.

How long does retuning a Sky Box take?

The number of Sky Box channels you wish to tune in to and the strength of the signal in your location will affect how long it takes to retune a Sky Box. That could endure between a few minutes and an hour.

Can I retune my Sky Box inclement weather?

Retuning your Sky Box during inclement weather is not advised as it may impact signal strength and make it challenging to tune channels appropriately.

Will my recorded shows be lost if I restart my Sky Box?

No, retuning your Sky Box won't remove any previously recorded shows. But backing up your recordings before restarting your device will prevent all recordings from being lost.

What if I still can't tune my channels after taking the abovementioned actions?

If you still require assistance after doing the steps mentioned above, contact Sky's customer service team. You can get assistance from their staff of technical professionals with any problems you are having with your Sky Box.


Retuning your Sky Box is a quick operation that may enhance performance and guarantee the finest TV viewing experience. In this article, we have covered how to retune sky box and looked at a few pieces of advice to adjust your Sky Box more efficiently. This article’s instructions help you quickly retune your Sky Box. Please contact Sky’s customer care department for more help if you continue to experience problems after retuning your Sky Box.

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