How To Get Freesat On Sky Box For Free? Complete Guide

All you ought to know about how to get Freesat on sky box for free is covered in this article. Thanks to our in-depth guide, which will assist you in following the steps step-by-step, your favourite episodes may be seen without spending a dollar. We have options for you whether you want to save costs on your satellite TV subscription or enjoy a variety of free-to-air channels.

You must retune your Sky box to receive Freesat for free. This lets you view several free-to-air networks, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and others. In addition, you may update your TV, buy a Freesat box, or use the Freesat app to see channels on a mobile device.

Reading the entire page, you can fully grasp how to get Freesat on sky box for free. This includes the procedures for re-tuning your box, diagnosing typical problems, and gaining access to Freesat channels on different devices. Also, you will discover how utilizing Freesat may let you access various free-to-air channels without paying a monthly membership cost. You may also like to check out how to Retune Sky Box.

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How To Obtain Freesat On Sky Box?

Over the world, satellite TV is a common kind of entertainment. One of the biggest satellite TV service providers in the UK, Sky offers a variety of bundles with different channels and on-demand entertainment. Although Sky is unquestionably a fantastic service, some individuals might choose a less-priced or free option—Freesat steps in at this point.

obtain sky boxVarious TV channels and on-demand material are available through the free-to-air satellite TV provider Freesat, which does not need a monthly charge. Following this article’s guidelines, you will learn how to get Freesat on sky box for free.

What Is Freesat?

In 2008, Freesat, a free-to-air satellite TV service, was introduced. It requires no monthly membership fee. Around 200 TV and radio stations, including HD channels, are available through this joint venture between the BBC and ITV.

freesatYou may use your existing Sky dish for Freesat to get the service because Freesat utilises the same satellite as Sky. But you’ll need to switch to a TV with built-in Freesat capabilities or a Freesat box to replace Freesat on sky HD box.

Can You Get Freesat On A Sky Box?

Yes, a Sky box may get Freesat. You may receive Freesat channels on a Sky box, equipped to receive both providers’ satellite signals.

get freesatCan I use my sky HD box for Freesat? To view the Freesat channels, you must retune your Sky box.

How to Get Freesat on a Sky Box?

You must follow the steps listed below to install Freesat on Sky box:

Verify The Compatibility Of Your Sky Box

The first step is determining whether your Sky box is Freesat compatible. You need to know your Sky TV box’s model number to accomplish this.

compatibilityAfter you have the model number, you may cross-reference it with the Freesat website’s list of compatible Sky boxes.

Cut Off Internet Access To Your Sky Box

You must unplug your Sky box from the internet before returning it.

Internet accessThe Sky box may attempt to download software upgrades, preventing proper retuning.

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Re-Tune Your Sky Box

You must do the following procedures for using sky box for Freesat:

  1. On your Sky remote, select “Services.”select services
  2. Select “System Setup” from the menu.
  3. Choose “Manual Tuning” or “Add Channels” from the list of choices.
  4. Enter the following information after selecting “Satellite.”all channels
  5. Save the settings, then let the Sky box start channel-scanning the sky go on firestick.
  6. You ought to get a list of Freesat channels after the search.channels
  • Satellite Name: Astra 28.2E
  • Transponder Frequency: 11597
  • Polarisation: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 22000
  • FEC: 5/

Test Your Freesat Channels

You must test your Freesat channels to ensure they are operational following the retuning procedure.

test channelsThis is because some Sky boxes might not be able to get specific Freesat channels. Get Internet Access Using Your Sky go mirroring. After checking your Freesat channels, reconnect your Sky box to the internet.

Enjoy Your Freesat Channels

Having successfully accessed Freesat channels after retuning to install Sky go box, you may now enjoy viewing your favourite shows without paying a monthly membership. You may need to alter your expectations because Freesat does not provide as many channels as Sky.

enjoy channelsIt is crucial to remember that not all Freesat channels are compatible with Sky boxes since some can call for specialised equipment or software incompatible with Sky boSky.

Alternatives To Get Freesat

There are additional choices if you don’t have a Sky box or wish to look into different methods to get Freesat:

  • Freesat Box: You can buy a Freesat box comparable to a Sky box but make it, particularly for Freesat. If you need a Sky box or would prefer not to retune your Sky box, this is an excellent choice.alternatives
  • Freesat TV: Certain TV models include built-in Freesat capabilities to get Freesat channels without a separate box. If you want to replace your TV, this is an easy alternative.
  • Freesat App: You may view Freesat channels on your smartphone or tablet with the Freesat app. Nevertheless, as this alternative needs an internet connection, it might not be appropriate for people who want a more conventional TV experience.

Also, learn how to disable the Sky Shield with this complete guide.


What television channels are offered by Freesat?

Channels available on Freesat include the BBC, ITV, Channels 4, 5, and several additional free-to-air options. Nevertheless, not all of the Freesat channels are available on Sky boxes.

Can I use my Sky box to access Freesat without retuning it?

You must adjust your Sky box to get channels on Freesat.

Does Freesat need a monthly subscription fee?

You don't have to pay a membership fee to view the channels because Freesat is a free-to-air service.

Can I install Freesat without a box on my TV?

Several TV models have built-in Freesat capabilities to get Freesat channels without a separate box. Before attempting to access Freesat, checking your TV's requirements is vital because not all Televisions offer this capability.

What distinguishes Freesat and Freeview from one another?

Freeview, a terrestrial service, offers a comparable selection of free-to-air channels, whilst Freesat, a satellite-based service, offers a variety of free-to-air channels. Freesat's requirement for a satellite dish, as opposed to Freeview's requirement for an antenna, is the primary distinction between the two services.

Can I use my sky HD box for Freesat?

There are some Freesat on sky HD box channels accessible. However, it will depend on the channel in question and your gear.

Do I need an internet connection to use my Sky box to get Freesat channels?

No, using Sky Box for Freesat to receive channels does not require an internet connection. On-demand entertainment, for example, a Freesat service, necessitates an internet connection.

Can my Sky box record Freesat channels?

You can record Freesat channels on your Sky box with a suitable recording tool, such as a hard disk or USB stick.

What should I do if my Sky box has problems accessing Freesat?

You may need to retune your Sky box or seek help from customer care if you are experiencing problems using Freesat on your Sky box. Also, consider using a Freesat box or app as an alternate method of accessing Freesat.


In this article, we have covered how to get Freesat on sky box for free. A wonderful method to watch a variety of TV channels and on-demand material without having to pay a membership fee is to install Freesat on your Sky box. Re-tuning your Sky box is a straightforward operation that can be completed in a few simple steps, even though it may initially seem intimidating. In addition, if you don’t have a Sky box or don’t want to use one, there are other ways to get Freesat. Overall, Freesat is a great option for those looking for a cheaper or free alternative to traditional satellite TV services like Sky.

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