Watch Sky Go on LG Smart TV | Complete Installation Guide

LG Smart TV is a fantastic device that works by being connected to the internet and acts as an entertainment center. You can watch movies, TV shows, and TV series and listen to song content at your fingertips. We will see how we can add sky go on lg smart tv in this article.lg smart tv

You can access different streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, Spotify, and YouTube and enjoy their content. LG is among one of the top brands of smart tv in the market. The DTS support on the television is excellent, providing a good movie experience. The colors are beautiful, unlike other televisions. Wall mounts are also provided along with the television, making it look amazing. The customer service of LG is also a pro of getting this television.

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What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is a well-known streaming application that lets you watch the newest movies and TV shows. With its subscription-based service, you may access more than 70 live channels across all genres. You may access a massive selection of movies, television shows, and other content by installing Sky Go on your LG smart tv.


The best thing about this application is that you can record your favorite videos and stream them offline whenever you wish. This application works will all IOS/Android devices.

Download for IOS: Sky Go

For Android: Sky Go

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Features of Sky Go

Following are some of the best features of this application, which will make you realize why this app is so renowned and why you have to download it

  1. This app automatically recommends movies and tv shows in accordance t your previous watch history
  2. You can play movies, matches, and tv shows from anywhere 
  3. The top-notch feature- You can download your favorite movies, tv shows, and series and later watch it
  4. You can use your 1 skygo account on 5 different devices to log in
  5. The quality of the video will automatically depend on your internet speed
  6. You can buy Skygo’s subscription plan to watch live television and matches very easily

How to Get Sky Go on LG Smart TV in 2022?

Here are some hassle-free steps so that you learn how to watch sky go on LG smart tv

skygo lg tv

Cast Sky Go Using Android Smartphone

In these steps, you will learn how to cast what is on your to your LG smart tv

  1. Open the play store and search for the Skygo app
  2. Log in to the app
  3. Plug in the Chromecast on your LG smart TV on its HDMI portchromecast
  4. Make sure your TV and smartphone should be connected to the same wifi
  5. Open the app and click on screen mirror/cast
  6. Choose your device

Your Sky go is now showing on your LG tv.

Cast Sky Go Using Airplay

These are some easy steps to cast your IOS device on your LG smart TV


  1. Install the sky go app on your device from its app store
  2. Open the app and log in to it
  3. Meanwhile, make sure the smart TV and your IOS device are connected to the same wifi
  4. On your IOS device, open the control center
  5. Click on airplay or the screen mirror option
  6. The screen will show a list of devices. Choose your LG smart tv.

Your skygo is there on your bright TV screen.

Cast Sky Go Using Computer (Mac and Windows)

Following are the steps to launch sky go on your LG smart TV using your computer

mac to tv

  1. Open the google chrome browser on your pc
  2. Make sure your PC and LF smart tv are connected to the same wifi
  3. Click on the three dots present on the top right
  4. From the drop menu, select cast
  5. From the sources tab, choose cast desktop
  6. A screen will mirror your PC’s screen
  7. Now open the app and enjoy skygo’s entertainment channels

Instead of opening the skygo app, you can also open its website to cast it to the LG smart television. The only thing you have to do is on the Sources tab, choose the cast tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is LG smart TV well-functioned?

Yes, LG smart TV is among the top intelligent tv brands in the market because of its fantastic picture quality and sound system. This device can easily stream favorite apps like Netflix and HULU.

Are the apps easy to download on LG smart TV?

Yes, The tv can easily download the apps on an LG smart tv with the help of a decent wifi connection through its app store.

Can you get sky go on Lg smart tv?

Yes, you can easily watch sky go on your LG smart tv by casting a device with it.

Is it legal to use skygo?

Yes, it is completely legal to use the skygo application because it is available on various app stores.

Can I use the Skygo app for free?

Yes, you can watch skygo can be watched for free by its users.

How many devices can show screens at once on skygo?

Skygo can stream 2 devices simultaneously, and the upgraded version known as sky go extra can stream 4 devices simultaneously.

Why is my skygo app not working?

Here are 3 simple ways that might work for you Reinstall the application Update the version of the app Make a backup and do a factory reset of your device Clear cache or app data from your device


In this article, we told you about some easy ways to watch the sky go application on your LG smart tv without doing any hard work or wasting extra time. Now, you don’t have to face any hassle while watching the sky go on a big screen and can chill while watching your favorite tv shows, movies, or series like a boss. If you are aware of any other ways to get sky go on LG smart tv, do let us know about them. Till then, enjoy streaming.

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