How To Reset Anki Deck? Five Easy Ways Is Here

Anki Deck is a program or app that assists you in studying, whether you are a student or a professional. This program is a customized app that helps you remember your info. This software allows not only text, but also photos and audio clips. People who desire to learn a new language can also use this. The Anki deck saves time and helps you discover and retain further information.This Article says about How to Reset Anki deck.


This Anki deck software will be handy to many people these days because everyone is so busy. They can jot down what they want to remember or learn, set a daily study limit, and set individualized goals. This software offers a unique feature that allows you to keep track of your progress and see how much you’ve learned over time. As a result, you’ll know how much you’ve learned and be able to tailor your studies in the future.

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What Are Anki Deck’s Features?

Anki Deck has the following features.

Study that can be customized

This app’s key feature is that it can be customized. Anyone can use this to learn according to their requirements and create goals based on their abilities.

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Supports Images In addition to text

Images are supported with this Anki deck. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can take this benefit in this program.

anki deck


Synchronize with Multiple Devices

This Anki App has a unique Sync feature, which allows you to utilize it on several devices.


This Anki Deck is optimized to the point that you can simply save or generate 100,000 notes without interruption. This Anki Deck offers many features, which is one of its advantages.

Why Does Someone Want To Reset Their Anki Deck?

When there are a lot of pending cards, people want to reset their app. Here are a few reasons why pending cards are expected to rise:

Scheduling Conflicts

Due to professional or personal causes without realising it. People can’t find time to complete their everyday tasks due to their hectic schedules, so the number of cards in pending increases.


If they return to their Anki Deck after a hectic day, they should complete their current work as well as any pending tasks. This can sometimes raise their pending cards, giving the impression that they haven’t learned anything new. As a result, they reshuffled their Anki deck to minimize any confusion and to ensure that everything ran well.

Estimation Error

The wrong estimation can also lead to an increase in pending cards because, for example


if we believe we can complete a task in 5 days but find that we need more time while doing it, and if we complete the job in 10 days, our pending cards will grow day by day.

And even daily tasks will not be completed efficiently, causing people to want to reset their Anki deck.

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Forgotten What I Had Learned Previously

Some folks will complete their given tasks on a daily basis. After a few days, they may find it difficult to recall the information when they revise their previously learned facts.

not remember

This gives them the impression that all of their efforts and time have been in vain. In order to take the next stage, they must review the information they previously learnt—people in this position desire to reset their Anki decks and begin learning from the beginning.

Health Concerns

Health problems can occur at any time in one’s life. During this moment, there is no desire to do new things or learn new things. People are unable to conduct their everyday tasks due to medical conditions, which will increase the number of pending cards.


Give the impression of learning slowly. People desire to reset their Anki decks for this reason.

Anki Deck Reset Methods

The following are a few techniques for resetting your Anki deck. Before resetting your Anki deck, keep in mind that you should only do so in an emergency.

anki deck reset methods

Resetting is not preferred because your previously taught time will be lost. Keep this in mind while you’re refreshing your Anki deck.

Delete Everything And Start Over

This method is better if you cannot see the status of increasing the number of outstanding cards. The term “perfection study” refers to how well you studied rather than how much you studied.

Let’s have a look at the procedure. To reset your Anki deck, delete it.


delete deck

  1. Navigate to the deck screen and click the “Remove” option to remove a local deck.
  2. To entirely delete a deck from the cloud, go to “My Decks” and choose the Deck you want to delete.
  3. Select “Delete” from the deck details screen.
  4. So Follow the above methods to clear How to reset anki deck?

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Rearrange The Anki Deck

We all know what reschedule means: when something scheduled for one date cannot be completed on that date, it is rescheduled for a later date or time.

Suppose you cannot complete your assignment by the previously stated deadline owing to a busy schedule. You can clear your pending cards by rescheduling them to a later date, and resetting your Anki deck.

Let’s take a look at how to reschedule an Anki deck.

  1. Go to the “Browse” window first.
  2. After that, select the cards you want to “reset” and press “Forget.”highlight in anti deck
  3. The new cards will no longer display a due date in the Browser window.
  4. The reset cards will also appear as “New for that deck’s page.”
  5. Now it’s you can rearrange according to you.

Pause Study

Unknowingly, a busy schedule will enter our lives, preventing us from completing our daily tasks. Pausing to study is preferable to stop the study. An option named Anki deck halt study is available in your Anki deck.

You can use this option to reset your Anki deck and continue studying effortlessly. However, keep in mind that consistency in the study is more important; therefore, choosing this option frequently is not a smart idea.

Let’s look at how to pause study in an Anki deck.

  1. Activate the Card Browser.
  2. Click the Deck’s name on the left-hand sidebar. This will display all of the cards in that Deck.changing in laptop
  3. Choose all of these cards. Use the mouse or press Ctrl-A.
  4. Make sure everything is in order.
  5. Suspend can be found in the toolbar above. The cards that are suspended will become yellow.

Simply click on a yellow suspended card in the Card Browser and then click Suspend in the toolbar above to unpause it. It will lose its yellow hue and revert to its previous state.

So Follow the above methods to clear How to reset anki deck?

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Lower The Daily Limit

Overburdening ourselves is not a good way to study efficiency. Because the Anki deck is a customizable tool, you can reduce the maximum study time per day if you have more pending cards.

Let’s look at how to reduce the daily limit in the Anki deck.

  1. The Deck is open.
  2. Select the choices icon (usually three vertical decks in the corner of the screen).
  3. Select “Deck choices” from the drop-down menu.settings
  4. “New cards” is the option to select.
  5. “New cards/day” should be selected.
  6. Tap “Ok” after entering the number of new cards you want per day.

Return to the study deck and begin studying.

Press The Hard Button

When you review cards in AnkiApp, you have four options for indicating how well you recognized what would be on the reverse side of the card after seeing the front side and pressing “Flip.”

examine the buttons

Here’s what those choices imply:


It wasn’t what you expected when you flip the card.


You knew it would be what you expect when you flip the card, but you weren’t sure.



When you flipped the card, it was what you expect, but it didn’t come to you quickly.


It was exactly what you expect when you turn the card, and it came to you quickly.

Pressing the hard Button on the pending cards. This will allow you to see those cards more frequently and help you recall them more quickly.

So Follow the above methods to clear How to reset anki deck?

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1. Is it possible to sync just a few of my decks? Is it possible to sync just a few of my decks?

Because Anki saves all of your decks in a single collection file, you can't sync only a portion of one. There are, however, a number of potential workarounds.

2. What is the best way to switch cards across decks? What's the best way to switch between decks?

You might wish to swap cards between decks for a variety of reasons, such as if you unintentionally put them in the wrong one or if you constructed a single enormous deck and want to split it up.


Last But not least, I hope this article helps you to reset your anki account. This will help you to continue your study smoothly. The methods described above can assist you in resolving your Anki deck. Leave your valuable comments in the comment section. Flashcard apps can be useful, so click here to find the best apps.

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