What Is Reddit Gold? Why People Give It Away? [Explained]

If you have been thing what Reddit Gold is and how one can give it away. Then do not worry, as you have come to the right place. 

A gold award gives the author a week of Reddit Premium, 100 Coins to do with as they please, and shows a Gold Award on the post. A platinum award gives the author a month of Reddit Premium, which includes 700 Coins for that month, and shows a Platinum Award on the post.

A vast online community of forums may be found on Reddit Account. It’s where you may find a ton of knowledge and expertise related to your interests. It’s free to use Reddit. To write and read anything, join up for a free account. In contrast, the Reddit Gold award is a different kind of membership. How does one use Reddit Gold? We will see everything about it in this article. Let’s read it.

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What Is Reddit Gold? 

Reddit Gold is a paid extra function that is available for one month. It offers you several options, including viewing the comments you read and learning how your avatar’s karma is created. You won’t see any adverts on the website and will have subreddits hidden from you. Reddit Gold is a way for you to support the Reddit mobile app.

reddit goldYou may donate Gold as a gift by clicking “Give Gold” after clicking on a user’s remark. Users on Reddit can award Gold, silver, or platinum for posts or comments made by other users. Via the website, you may purchase these bonuses with cash. Reddit Coins is the name given to this. So what are your thoughts on “Is Reddit gold worth it“? It is the best.

Reddit Premium’s Benefits

The benefits of Reddit gold are great, as we will see now. Reddit Premium is a function that is exclusive to Reddit members. And the monthly fee is $5.99. Annual membership is an additional option. Then what are the benefits of a premium membership? First, it enables you to access Reddit history without being interrupted by adverts, just like any premium membership for a website.

benefitsBut this is not Reddit Premium’s sole feature. A few features unlock with Reddit Premium. Every month, Reddit coins are sent to you. When you sign up, you will earn 1000 coins, and if you want to purchase Premium, you will keep getting 700 coins each month. So this was what is Reddit Gold and its benefits. 

Features Of Reddit Gold

Let’s examine a few Reddit Gold features in further depth. You may tailor your Reddit profile to your requirements with these options. These features enhance users’ Reddit experiences.

Ads Free

Reddit is ad-free, as we’ve already established. Ads occasionally are a pain when you’re having fun with your Reddit experience.

ads freeWith the help of this special function, you can explore without advertising. There is no risk of unintentionally clicking on a bothersome advertisement.


On Reddit, you’ll be able to alter the theme. With your interface design, you may personalize the website’s appearance and delight in using Reddit.

reddit themes

While it’s not a standout feature, it might be useful if you don’t like how the website looks.

Custom Snoo

You may design your own Snoo—mascot—by Reddit’s purchasing Reddit Premium.

custom snooYour Snoo creates, is given a name, and shared. As a result, you may customize your profile.

New Comment Highlighting

The New Comment Highlighting function of Premium is one of its greatest aspects. This feature lets you see which comments are brand-new as you scroll through the list of comments.

new comment highlighterWhenever you check the comments, you are not required to search for the most recent comment you are aware of.

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Keeping Track Of Visiting Links

The ability to remember the links you’ve viewed on Reddit history is another useful tool.

track of linksThis is helpful when you go to a different device to access Reddit. Reddit gold perks are the best. 


You may create premium subreddits with Subreddits Premium as well.

subredditOnly these subreddits are accessible to other premium users. Buy Reddit upvotes and promote yourself for more people to see your posts!

Comments Section

The Premium has several features for the comments area. A premium member has 1500 comments loaded once compared to 500 for ordinary members.

comments section

Moreover, Premium members may access their saved favorites on the subreddits where they are posted.


notesReddit premium users may also leave comments on their connections on Reddit.

Monitor Friends

monitor friendsUsers of Reddit Gold may leave brief notes for their connections on the website, assisting them in remembering their personality quirks. 

Beta Testing

Reddit Gold subscribers get the opportunity to test out new Reddit upgrades before the general public.

beta testing

We are sure now that this article on Reddit Gold explained everything.

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How Can One Obtain Reddit Gold Quickest?

As we’ve already said, Reddit Gold is a perk for utilizing Reddit Premium. It offers incentives at three levels: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The most typical is Gold. While it is a prize, use Reddit coins to obtain it.

For 100 coins, you may purchase Reddit Silver, which places a silver achievement badge beside your comments and postings. Reddit Gold has a 500-cent price. A Gold achievement badge adds to your postings and comments, along with a week’s worth of access to Premium and 100 coins. Reddit Platinium puts a platinum achievement badge beside the comments and postings and prices 1800 coins. It also grants users a month of Premium membership and 700 Reddit coins.

get reddit gold

By receiving these incentives from another Redditor, you may obtain them in the simplest method possible. Users of Reddit can give each other awards. You may earn the Reddit Gold award in the simplest possible manner by doing that. If you’ve got enough money, you may also offer other people these prizes and Reddit Premium for a month.

You can buy Reddit coins. The price on Reddit is $5.99 for 1.800 coins. Being able to bestow a Platinum, three Gold, or eighteen Silver awards makes it the preferred choice. With this, we hope everything is clear on what is Reddit Gold.

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What may Reddit Gold Coins be used for?

Coins are our fictitious currency; you may use them to give commendable posts or comments on Silver, Gold, or Platinum awards.

Is Reddit Gold private or public?

Redditors have the option to reward someone anonymously. You can thank your donor via private messaging if you get an achievement from an alias. You can learn the person's username if they reply to your letter.

What is a Reddit premium's advantage?

Reddit Premium is a monthly or annual membership that automatically renews. Reddit Premium users may visit the r/lounge and use Reddit without being interrupted by ads. They also receive 700 Reddit Coins each month (plus an additional 1,000 Reddit Coins simply for joining up).

Is browsing on Reddit anonymous?

If you don't want your Reddit activity—such as searches or communities you visit—to be connected to your Reddit account, you may utilize Anonymous Browsing to use the Reddit mobile app. Reddit won't: when you're browsing anonymously, Sync your Reddit account with your browser or search history.

Reddit Gold was introduced when?

In July 2010, Reddit introduced its Gold membership perks program, which gave editors access to additional features and provided a new source of income for the company independent of banner advertisements.

What purpose does Reddit serve primarily?

Users may produce and share articles on Reddit, a social news website. This material has some NSFW markings and is only appropriate for those 18 and older (NSFW: not safe for work).


This article, what is Reddit Gold, has addressed and emphasized that these are the Reddit rewards for just using Reddit Premium. Also, we described Reddit Premium and its benefits. There are two methods to obtain the Reddit Gold award: using your coins to purchase it or receiving it as a gift. Be sure to read the other Reddit-related articles if you enjoyed this one.