16 Reddit Acronyms You Should Know About [Detailed List]

Are you looking for Reddit acronyms and their meanings? Then you have arrived at the right place. Here you can find all the commonly used acronyms on Reddit along with your Reddit usernames

The most common acronyms are

  • OP
  • TLDR
  • DAE
  • CMV
  • LPT
  • ELI5
  • IMO
  • YMMV
  • SO
  • YSK
  • PSA
  • TIL,”
  • /s

To know these in detail, keep on reading the article.

On the social news site and forum Reddit, users may vote on and socially regulate content. Reddit users need to register first, which is free, in order to utilize the site’s core features. Let’s examine some of the most frequently used Reddit acronyms, their definitions, and the context in which everyone has used them. 

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Reddit Acronyms You Should Know About

Let’s look at some Reddit acronyms that are commonly used on Reddit.


On Reddit, OP stands for “Original Poster” or “Original Post.” The phrase might relate to the person who posted something or the message.

opThe term is used in comments like “Read the OP” and “Refer to OP’s update.”


Too Long; Didn’t Read” is abbreviated as TL; DR. It summarizes the information in a post. One can use a TL;DR to condense the key ideas from a long article if you’re venting and need to write many words.

tldrThis helps other Redditors understand your message more clearly. This is one of the most commonly used in the Reddit abbreviations list


The following Reddit acronym on the list is DAE. Does Anybody Else, or DAE is an acronym. “DAE investigates your phone’s settings to pretend you’re occupied messaging someone,” for instance.

daeMany use Reddit’s anonymity to wonder whether they are the only ones with such a peculiar habit, an inappropriate or unconventional manner of carrying out a particular chore, or a certain viewpoint.


It stands for “If I Recall/Remember Correctly.” When someone is unsure that their assertion is true to the letter, they utilize this expression. “IIRC Azula was featured in the Second season of Avatar, not Season 1,” as an example.

iircAs Far As I Know, or AFAIK, is another abbreviation that Redditors employ in similar situations.


Due to a certain letter’s double occurrence, the Reddit acronym misconstrues as a swear term, although FTFY stands for “Fixed That For You.” You can respond to an unintentional language error with it in a sincere manner.

ftfyYet it’s also a lighthearted statement to support someone else’s viewpoint.


Ask Me Anything is AMA. It is a particular kind of Reddit Q&A thread and one of the explanations for why Reddit is the finest social media site. You may find filmmakers, actors, and other well-known people on the site who have participated in AMAs.

amaAMAA means “Ask Me Almost Anything,” which denotes that certain queries will be off-limits during the Q&A session. The IAmA (“I am a…”) subreddit is specifically for AMAs.


“Change My View” is CMV. Similar to AMAs, there is a subreddit for this. The CMV forum is intended for discussing subjects on which there are primarily two opposing points of view.

cmvA post with the heading “CMV: Social media has more benefits than drawbacks” is one example. The poster would express their thoughts and the reasons for their point of view in the description as Reddit acronyms. The CMV acronym demonstrates that they are receptive to having their viewpoint contradicting and eager to learn what others say.


The Reddit abbreviationLife Pro Tip” is LPT. It refers to a practical tip or hack intended to help you live a better life or, to a certain extent, Reddit acronyms make it more convenient to go about your everyday activities.

lptFor instance, you could give a student life advice: “Can’t mention Wikipedia in LPT? Determine if the sources cited in a Wikipedia article are worthy of citation.”

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Explain Like I’m Five is referred to as ELI5. Redditors use this abbreviation before discussing a difficult or technical subject.

eli5ELI5 informs readers that the asker is looking for a simple explanation of their question. Anybody responding should try to use Reddit acronyms that a child of five years old can understand.


It stands for “In My Opinion.” My Humble Opinion or My Honest Opinion, abbreviated as IMHO, which is identical to embedded images. These two, despite using the same Reddit acronyms, obviously communicate distinct meanings.

imoYou might need to utilize punctuation or other terms depending on whether you want to convey a “humble” or “honest” viewpoint.


It stands for “Your Mileage May Vary.” This phrase is most common in skincare subreddits. YMMV, but Product ABC is my holy grail, for instance.

ymmvThere are efficient ways to search Reddit accounts, but a direct request for product suggestions is still the best option. The majority of Redditors will be glad to share their own experiences. Still, because everyone is unique, some will include a YMMV to indicate that this is what works for them might not work particularly for others.

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A gender-neutral alternative to the word “partner,” SO stands for “Significant Other.” It is one of the most commonly used Reddit acronyms. This phrase is more affectionate for referring to one’s love partner.

soHence some users prefer it. You may alternatively write the letters SO as S/O.


This is next in the Reddit acronyms list. “You Should Know” is the acronym for this. Redditors use it for various reasons, from healthy to merely casual, such as when they wish to share a fact or piece of advice that may not be well-known to those not actively interested in the subject at hand.

yskFor instance, “Make sure your cloth is pressed and ironed before stitching. It enhances your finished item.” But, YSK is also occasionally used in the context of a tirade by someone who has seen and seen something absurd or out of the ordinary.


PSA is one of the Reddit acronyms meaning “Public Service Announcement” and is a typical abbreviation for post titles on Reddit. Although the name implies that the material will be useful to everyone, it is typically a rant post with personal viewpoints.

psaThus, we want to caution you not to regard any PSA as gospel truth.


TIL, meaning Reddit, or “Today I Learned,” is an acronym. Redditors utilize it to discuss knowledge that they have just learned.

tilThe TIL acronym can convey shock, amazement, or disbelief but can also be reserved for sarcastic comedy. For instance, “Maybe I’ve been making rice incorrectly the entire time.” 


Using Sarcasm Quickly, The symbol “/s” denotes Sarcasm on Reddit. Sarcasm is a common way for individuals to express themselves, and when you are not close to someone, it can be difficult to tell when he is being ironic—especially on social networking sites.

/sThis is what is /s on Reddit means.

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On Reddit, what does DH mean?

DH stands for dear husband and is a frequent shorthand women use on several forums to refer to their spouses. Similarly, DD stands for beloved daughter and DS for dear son.

What does MHM on Reddit mean?

Mhm is a shortened variant of mm-hmm, an exclamation that can be used to, among other things, show agreement or acknowledge something. Mhm is very popular in text messaging and informal online writing.

What does CMV on Reddit mean?

Change My View (CMV), sometimes called r/changemyview, is a forum where people converse about various subjects to comprehend opposing points of view better topics

NSFW stands for what?

Not suited for work; unsafe for work. Used to alert someone that, in most workplaces, visiting certain websites or email attachments is not permitted. It is acceptable to use work computers for personal web surfing.


Despite sharing the material often across social media platforms, each has its vocabulary and culture. This collection of Reddit acronyms should have helped you understand some jargon you may have encountered when reading on Reddit. You’ll feel immediately at home in the Reddit community now that you know these acronyms’ meanings. We hope this Reddit abbreviations guide has helped you know some terms.

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