What Does Karma Mean On Reddit? How To Earn It?

If you are thinking, what does Karma mean on Reddit, and how can one earn it? Then this post will show you everything you want to know about it. 

Reddit karma is a reputation score based on upvotes received for posts and comments. Higher karma signifies more engagement and credibility, unlocking privileges on the platform.

Your reputation on Reddit is known as “Reddit Karma,” and it is based on the contributions you make to Reddit videos. And to know exactly what Karma mean on Reddit, how it all works, and how to earn it read on to the article. 

Additionally, if you are curious about other aspects of Reddit, such as what karma means, this article provides a comprehensive explanation.

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What Is Karma Reddit?

When you create a fresh post or remark on Reddit, others can upvote or downvote the material to promote or bury it. Reddit threads and comments begin with one point, representing the total of it given to that post.

Reddit users can downvote content if they don’t like it, which lowers the points to negative numbers below zero. But other Reddit users can upvote a Karma post or remark if they enjoy it, increasing its visibility. The post may even be propelled to the Reddit top page if it becomes popular and gains enough of it.

karma redditWhat is Karma Reddit? Here is an instance of Reddit’s power in action. It is the total of points accumulated through posts and comments across all Reddit subReddits. It’s your name, letting other Reddit users know whether you’re a solid contributor, a brand-new member, or an outright fraudster. This is what Karma means on Reddit.

Reddit Karma measures how well-liked a contributor you are to Reddit. A few dangerous posts, though, might lower your Karma score. Although you can’t collect Karma by merely posting or commenting, other users will eventually thank you for your efforts if you write helpful, fascinating, or insightful articles in well-liked subReddits. 

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How To Earn Karma On Reddit?

Reddit Karma meaning to how much a user has contributed to the community of Reddit. Although the process for gaining on Reddit is generally understandable, many new Redditors are eager to discover the secret to collecting it more quickly.

get karma on reddit

Building a name on Reddit is mostly a matter of producing quality content, as with any community. Just participate, make a contribution, and let events unfold naturally unless you are in dire need of Karma. Here are a few recommendations to help you gain Reddit more quickly:

Join Well-Known SubReddits

Millions of people frequent popular subReddits such as r/funny or r/pics. Therefore, if you publish something that appeals to them, you may simply gain a lot of Karma from one upload.

join subredditLarge groups like this have the drawback of being extensively monitored, so even if you succeed in publishing as a beginner, you could find it challenging to stand out from the crowd.

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Post Hilarious Or Interesting Items

Although it may seem apparent, it must be noteworthy for your post to get seen. Your best chance is to use memes that can become viral, together with uncommon and intriguing images and videos.

post interestingAlso, sort the articles in your newsfeed by Top and look for patterns to better understand what works on Reddit. 

Discuss Current Events

On Reddit, there’s always a contentious debate going on. If you want to comment on the most recent hot news, there is usually an active thread where you may do so.

current newsHot issues may be quite divisive, which makes it difficult since you can get negative Reddit as positive Karma. This is one of the best ways how to earn Karma on Reddit

Comment First And Make A Thoughtful Comment

Monitoring new posts in well-known subReddits and responding to those with high upvote potential are additional effective strategies. By proximity, if the post becomes popular, your comment will rise along with it. But being the first doesn’t mean it will get more votes.

comment first and make a thoughtful comment

Usually, witty remarks and pertinent GIF replies are fantastic for upvotes. The same goes for intelligent, well-reasoned justifications and arguments. A remark with hundreds of upvotes frequently communicates an idea that enough people can identify with to give it some traction.

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Reddit’s Question & Answer Section

Almost 36 million users are r/AskReddit, one of the largest subReddits. The idea is straightforward and compelling: pose inquiries and respond.

questionsNearly everything is acceptable here. Your Karma will probably increase by hundreds of points if enough people believe your question is important enough to ask. By now, your doubt about what Karma means on Reddit must be clear. 

Reddit Karma Score Viewing

You may use a few methods to monitor your Karma score. Once you’ve signed in, you can quickly view your Karma score by scanning the top edge of the screen. One can also see the  Reddit rating in the Reddit profile of the user. You may quickly access it from the account URL. After signing in, you can view your profile by clicking on your Reddit name in the upper corner and then choosing the My Profile option.

karma scoreYour Karma score will be shown alongside the anniversary of the day you initially signed up for an account in the panel on the right (popularly known as Reddit cake day). Reddit Karma explained in the article, must have helped you with all the doubts regarding the same.

The previous Reddit UI divided the Karma score into post-Karma and comment Karma. But, under the new Reddit messages and UI, you will only see your cumulative post and comment Karma. You must return to the previous Reddit interface to see the divided scores. To achieve this, go to old.Reddit.com/user and enter the Reddit username in place of the username.

You can select your username at the top-right corner of the old Reddit UI. Your segregated Karma on Reddit ratings will be seen in the column on the right-hand side of the profile page when you click here, which will take you there.

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Is it possible to receive bad Karma on Reddit?

Of course, this is a negative indication. The caliber of your postings will improve if you behave respectfully, publish frequently, and generally put others before yourself. Others can vote down the post if you are impolite and they dislike what you're sharing, which might result in negative Karma.

When people comment on the post, do they get Karma?

When a post or remark you make gets upvoted, you gain Karma. Thus, the ideal strategy is to offer communities stuff they value. When you receive more upvotes, your Karma will increase.

Can one earn from the Reddit Karma?

No, you can't. Reddit Karma is only a reflection of your level of engagement with the community. Only other users may donate or receive Karma, and receiving Karma only makes your account feel good when someone else reciprocates. Reddit Karma is not redeemable for money and has no intrinsic value.

How can one fast earn Reddit Karma?

The fastest way to build Karma is to post meaningful, well-written material that connects with the community. By responding to questions on the website, you can also accumulate Karma.


Karma is a measure of a user’s performance that compares the sum of their upvotes to their downvotes. It includes a few advantageous features, such as creating your own subReddit and accessing some special communities. We hope your question on what Karma means on Reddit is solved by this article.
Karma isn’t required to use Reddit, but it surely helps. Don’t lose hope, and exercise patience at first. Karma building takes time, but it becomes simpler as you learn about Reddit’s workings.