How To View Private Twitter Account Without Following Them

Want to know how to view private Twitter accounts without following them but don’t know how? Want to sneak out of someone’s private Twitter profile? We can surely provide you with the correct guidance in viewing a private profile on Twitter without following them.

There is only one method to avoid following them and viewing their profile, though: to conduct Google searches in “Cached” mode. To access a private Twitter account without following it, take these steps: Do a Google search for that person’s Twitter username, the Cached version of their Twitter profile.

The article that comes after has more beneficial details about the technique. Stay tuned with us to know more.

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Look up that person’s Twitter Username on Google

Enter username. This will look up Twitter accounts across the web. Don’t forget to add the term “Twitter” after the username. Google will then understand what you require.

search twitter account on googleSearch for a three-dot icon to the right of the link once you have located the desired outcome (their profile page). Click on it to proceed!

Select “Cached”

You may access their Twitter profile by clicking on the three dots next to the link in a pop-up window. This pop-up window will discuss Twitter’s business operations and other topics. This pop-up window’s bottom contains the information you require.

select cachedThe bottom-right corner contains the “Cached” button. A cached version of that person’s private Twitter profile will appear when you click on it.

Visit their Twitter page.

When you click “Cached,” you will be taken to their Twitter profile. Yet, even if it doesn’t materialize this time, you should be able to view some of their stuff.

Also, you’ll see that the Twitter page isn’t display-friendly. This is due to how unattractive the cached version of a Twitter profile looks. You can still rationally view all of the tweets and media content, though. You might need to zoom out to see the photographs, but that’ll do.

visit their twitter pageBut if you visit the cached version on Twitter, can you access the content of a private account? The response would be “maybe,” as the cached copy might not include the person’s current content.

Other ways of viewing Twitter private accounts without following

There are many other ways to view private Twitter accounts without following them.

view twitterThey are as follows:

Use VPN services

The simplest approach is to use a proxy service like Facebook Proxy Site. To view another user’s profile without following them, utilize a proxy service. You can go directly to a Twitter user’s account by typing their name in the area.

proxy server

  • Yet, utilizing proxies for private data might be dangerous. A third-party application like Tweets can be helpful when this happens. Enter username.
  • The only drawback of using this software is that it needs to be updated to get the most recent data on the user’s protected profile; if it is not updated, it will not work.
  • Applications like Tweets have a variety of uses. You can go to their protected profile if you want to follow a celebrity without following them. Establish a Fake Twitter Account
  • You can create a fake Twitter account and set it up to not display any tweets in your feed.
  • After letting this profile grow, delete it. Since this account is just being used momentarily to gather the required data, nothing about it should be saved.

Create a Fake Twitter ID

You can use an alternative method if you want to view a private Twitter account but don’t want to follow them. It is possible to set up a false Twitter ID so that none of the tweets appear in your feed.

fake twitter generatorAnother choice is to just wait for this new profile to become established before deleting it. As it’s only a temporary solution to access the information you require, nothing about that account should be retained, and also you would able to know how to see a private Twitter account

Using Online Tools

Look into tools like Twitonomy, which may help you search through their last few hundred followers if you’re looking for a specific person. It will display their most recent followers.

If this doesn’t work, try logging in with a different account or using a service like TweetDeck or HootSuite to access their Twitter account without issuing a request.

twitonomyThere are other ways to find this information, such as utilizing web crawlers to search through the list of Twitter users. Still, there are undoubtedly more effective alternatives, such as contacting them directly via email or even phone if it is more convenient for both of you.

If all other attempts are unsuccessful, they may post something on their own Twitter page, which is accessible even if you are not following them.

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Visit Your Profile to See Your Follower List

By looking at the list of their followers, you can also see their password-protected tweets. Given that they only have 50 friends, there should be some you can rule out, but if not, look at each person following them. If the person is new or hasn’t followed you back, you might have access to them as a contact.

check followersFinding their official website and going to the “press” or “media” page is the simplest procedure. Some pages will provide a list of bloggers, journalists, etc., who are allowed to post news about them on their website without divulging too much personal information. They may tweet if they are members.

The visitor of a private Twitter profile

You could test out these tools to view private Twitter accounts:

Using the Twitter Profile Viewer

The following are the ways to use the Twitter profile viewer:

  1. Visit the Twitter profile viewer page first.visit their twitter page
  2.  Enter the private Twitter account’s username now.enter user name
  3. If you click “Search,” the private content where data is collected will be on twitter


Crowdfire can be used to monitor private Twitter profiles. Unless you follow the account regularly, you cannot read the posts of the private profiles. But you can track and watch a private Twitter account using Crowdfire.

crowdfire logoThe features that Crowdfire offers you are as follows:

  • You can affordably maintain your social media profiles with its assistance.
  • For your profile, content can be scheduled.
  • You can see the profile metrics of your social media profiles with its assistance.
  • The program exports the report to your email address and publishes them.
  • You can better manage your Twitter profile by tracking who unfollows or bans you.

How To Use:

  1. Go to Crowdfire’s official website.official website
  2. After that, click the Get Started icon in red. Select the Sign-in on get started
  3. Next, sign in to Crowdfire using your Twitter account by properly inputting the login information.sign in to crowdfire You must now input the account username whose activity you want to monitor and then click the account from the search results to do so.

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Is it Possible to Browse Twitter Without an Account?

No, you cannot read Twitter without a login. Thus, you must create an account and sign in to use this site effectively. Yet, there are some items you can view private Twitter handle without having an account, such as publicly accessible tweets, articles, or media when using a direct link only.

Can I See Private Twitter, account Followers?

On Twitter, you can only see how many people a user is following and how many people they are following. But, you are unable to see the full names of followers.

How to see private tweets?

No, even if an account is locked, you cannot view its tweets or media. On a private Twitter profile, friends who also follow the account can only see all the protected tweets and material. If the individual following the protected account sends you tweets, there is only one possible scenario. So, you can only see a protected post or piece of media if you know its URL.

On Twitter, is it possible for someone to view a private list?

Choose a name for your List and a succinct summary for the List. List names cannot contain more than 25 characters or start with a number. Choose whether you want the List to be accessible to the public or private (to you only) (anyone can follow the List).


Now that you know how to view private Twitter account without following them. We believe you have benefited from our instructions on viewing private Twitter profiles without following them. We have tried our level best to help you.