5 Best Book Review Youtube Channels | 3 Top Book Reviewers

Reading and understanding a book from a perspective may be easy, but looking at it from various sides is quite challenging. Reading book reviews can allow learners to make decisions according to their passions. Some of the best book review youtube channels you may go through.

Richard and Judy, Publishers Weekly, Oprah Winfrey, and Adri are some top and well-renowned book reviewers. Indian book tuber, Rincey reads, Bookworm Babe, Abookutopia, and StoryTime at Awnie’s house are some of the best book youtube channels. 

Knowing about the best book review youtube channels will help you to get a thorough evaluation. Read these to get to know about such youtube channels. Don’t forget to check out these Business youtube channels!

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Writing Book Reviews On YouTube And Its Uses

A book review on YouTube is literary criticism when a book is only briefly discussed or evaluated according to its worth, material, and aesthetic. A book review could represent the top source, an editorial piece, a shortened assessment, or a scholarly assessment.

book reviewAuthors may greatly enhance your understanding of what your readers are seeking by perusing critiques that have been published about your books. Describe what parts of your manuscript the readers find appealing. Reviews can also point out areas where the author and the reader haven’t been communicating well, for instance if a subtle or perplexing feature of the book keeps readers from understanding it. Finding your manuscript is made simpler by reviews as well. On websites like Amazon or Goodreads, feedback may assist the book’s rise in search engine results and improve your SEO.

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3 Top Book Reviewers

There are so many reviewers to deal with, but some only become favorites of almost everyone. Out of these are a few renowned persons known for being the best book reviewers you should look upon. 

Richard And Judy

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan are the same wedded hosts of the British television talk display Richard & Judy. The t.v hosts Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan established the well-known Richard and Judy Reading Group in 2004.

richard and judyFrom 26 November 2001 until 22 August 2008, the program was first broadcast on Channel 4; however, from 7 October 2008 to 1 July 2009, it relocated to the cable platform Watch.

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Publishers Weekly

The authoritative webpage for news about traditional publishing and sales worldwide, Publishers Weekly showcases articles on companies or organizations, evaluations, sales charts, and more. American commercial publication Publishers Weekly (PW) caters to publishers, academics, bookstores, and creative agencies.

publishers weeklyIt has been published continually since 1872, featuring the slogan, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling.” Publishers Weekly is the go-to resource for information on what’s occurring in our rapidly evolving sector.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Gail Winfrey is one of the top book reviewers, frequently alluded to anonymously by her initial surname, is an American talk-show personality, film director, actor, writer, and entrepreneur who also has the best Film YouTube Channels.

oprah winfreyAs the book club approaches its third decade, Oprah Winfrey has accomplished a landmark this quarter: she chose “Hello Gorgeous” by Ann Napolitano as her 100th book. Winfrey averaged one choice almost monthly during the initial few years, a rate she eventually found taxing.

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5 Best Book Review Youtube Channels

A book review is essential to learn thoroughly about some books and choose which is better. There are a lot of book review channels that try to satisfy the reader’s interest. Some of them explain more thoroughly and clearly. Here are some of the best book review youtube channels to look upon.

Indian Booktuber

In addition to their treasured published books, manuscript cultures have utilized the web over the years; Indian book tubers initially gained attention in 2014. A particular segment of the Internet community specializing in books is called BookTube. Video content from this queer and multicultural book tuber includes manga unpacking, sci-fi and fiction, and classic novel TBR films.

indian booktuberThey developed along with YouTube’s progression, keeping up with its numerous automated systems and new policies, and along with the conduit, they also did.

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Rincey Reads

Rincey has 1211 books on her to-read shelf, including Queen of the Tiles by Hanna Alkaf and These Truths: A History of the United States by Jill Lepore. Maximum Goodreads score for 2021: 3.7 Median Rincey rating: 4.61.

rincey readsRincey gave it 3.5 stars in his initial evaluation of the year. She narrates well-known fictional books while presenting the author’s illustrations and content on the monitor in each clip. She offers book reviews and talks about issues that concern the publishing world on book Youtube channels.

StoryTime At Awnie’s House

An American YouTuber named StoryTime at Awnie’s House delivers fictional books on the platform is one of the best types of network. Awnie, the storyteller, has numerous clips in her collection. It inculcates an intrinsic appreciation for literature in youngsters and adds to literacy development and subsequent academic achievement.

storytime at awnie's houseSince it began six years ago, 195 videos have been uploaded. Until February 27, 2024, StoryTime at Awnie’s House will have earned $1,087,316 in revenue. The show’s clips divide into the categories of amusement, movies, and living.

Bookworm Babe

The Bookworm Babes book club gathers monthly, either in real life or via the internet. During the year 2020, author & literature blogger Bookworm Babe Tiara began developing a Youtube account.

bookworm babeShe produces clips every month that include Youtube book reviews. A variety of promotional movies are indeed available, many of them highlighting works by Black and Indo-Caribbean artists.

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One of the best book Youtubers channel with over 93K followers, 43.3M views, and 653 footage released, “Abookutopia” has become a Youtube star. The co-author of ZENITH: The Androma Saga, Sasha Alsberg of Massachusetts, is the #1 NYTimes Bestseller author.

abookutopiaShe reviews in addition to composing. She enjoys studying and doesn’t mind going out for her favorite novels! According to her, this list includes books that would amaze the mind.


Can I give any book a bad rating on YouTube?

Yes. You can only share a negative review after thoroughly analyzing the book and specifying why it is negative. It will be commendable if your review is popular with viewers.

How can I tell book reviews on YouTube and be impactful?

By employing these strategies, you can succeed as a YouTuber. Choose a few of the most read or in-demand books. Ensure that the description of the book effectively evokes wonder and enables the reader by providing appropriate reasoned critical justifications.

Is it acceptable to make money off of book review videos?

Yes. Readers are allowed by regulation to evaluate whatsoever book they desire. But it shouldn't cover any civil disputes.

Who are the best book review youtube channels?

Better than food, Abookutopia, Rincey reads, and more are some renowned YouTubers known for their book reviews.


These were some of the best book review youtube channels. You may get more such channels like this. After reading the book, you have a judgment which one you like, or any better option is there for your understanding and as per your perspective. Additionally, if you’re interested in expanding your skills beyond books, you might also find value in discovering woodworking channels on YouTube. These channels offer valuable insights and tutorials for woodworking enthusiasts of all levels. Check out this list of the best woodworking channels on YouTube to get started on your next DIY project: Best Woodworking Channels on YouTube. Subscribe to this website to get more details on the digital world.