Best Woodworking Channels On YouTube | Top 5

Learning everything, including how to construct things, is quite easy, thanks to the internet. You may find excellent DIY woodworking lessons on YouTube that provide step-by-step visual instructions for completing woodworking tasks. The Best Woodworking channels on YouTube will teach you about woodworking. 

YouTube is a wonderful useful resource if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to work with wood or learn more about it as a material. Some best Woodworking Channels on YouTube are listed here-

  • Essential Craftsman
  • The Wood Whisperer
  •  The Samurai Carpenter 
  • Jay Bates
  • WoodWorkers Guide Of America


With these top Woodworking YouTube channels below devoted to providing fresh ideas, you will always have projects to consider. So it’s time to get your spare wood out of the cupboard and start working on a new project

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The Best Woodworking Youtube Channels

Let us step down on the Best woodworking channels on YouTube, one by one. 

Essential Craftsman

You’ll learn that this YouTube channel isn’t mostly about woodworking if you visit it, but as you explore and watch the films, you’ll understand why I included it here.

In his Essential Craftsman YouTube channel, Scott Wadsworth discusses many subjects. He discusses equipment, blacksmithing, woodworking, productivity, and safety.

essential craftsman

He is a true craftsman with solid foundations who is extremely knowledgeable. You can determine that for yourself by watching his videos and observing how he discusses and demonstrates his work.

The useful material on the vital craftsman YouTube channel will be very helpful to you if you want to learn about woodworking. Visit his educational YouTube videos here. Enjoy!

VISIT: Essential Craftsman – YouTube

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The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer’s (TWW) Marc Spagnuolo creates excellent videos for folks at various levels of woodworking. He offers numerous video instructions for making magazine racks, wooden iPhone cases, and many other things. For free and commercial content, this woodworker’s videos on YouTube have been available for many years. 

woodwork whisperer 1

Marc J. Spagnuolo, often known as The Wood Whisperer, is a very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. With a background in technology, his videos are skillfully produced and of the highest caliber. 

While only some of the information is free, plenty is still there to get you started on becoming a better woodworker. 

woodwork whisperer

This woodworking YouTube channel is hospitable and educational because of TWW’s clear language and depth of knowledge. If you’re starting, his “Don’t Make These Lumber Mistakes!” video is helpful and even discusses the significance of wood acclimation. Without a doubt, check out his channel!

VISIT: The Wood Whisperer – YouTube

Jay Bates

For those new to woodworking and want to learn more about the trade, Jay Bates is the go-to YouTube channel. His work is very approachable, whether you have resources or skills. His technique, tool selection, and presentation style are all engaging. The hardest part of woodworking for beginners is not the actual job but the planning phase. When you initially begin, you have questions regarding the procedure. 

jay bates

For instance, if you want to construct a wooden iPhone cover, you must determine the process to follow, the tools and materials required, as well as the cost of the supplies. Jay thus has an extensive collection of tutorials on using SketchUp to plan projects for woodworking. It falls into the category of the Best woodworking channels on YouTube

VISIT: Jay Bates – YouTube

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The Samurai Carpenter 

The attention, loyalty, and dedication of samurais to the talent they seek to master are well recognized. They emphasize commitment to their craft, accuracy, and restraint as they practice their trade.

samurai carpenter

As the creator of the channel genuinely devotes himself to ensuring the tasks he undertakes come out with samurai perfection, The Samurai Carpenter is one YouTube Channel you’ll find incredibly educational.

samurai carpenter 1

Many people value his work because of his over 600 000 subscribers at the time of writing this post. You’ll undoubtedly learn a lot as you peruse and watch the films he’s made on his YouTube page since he is a samurai in woodworking.

Here is a video from the Samurai Carpenter. Enjoy!

VISIT: The Samurai Carpenter – YouTube

WoodWorkers Guild Of America

The WoodWorkers Guide Of America (WWGOA) YouTube channel is similar to the FineWoodworking YouTube channel in that it has instructional videos from various woodworking specialists who share their knowledge with the public.

The channel had over 120 thousand subscribers who trusted and used the information provided by knowledgeable instructors.

guild of america

Browse through the various instructional videos on the Woodworker’s Guide Of America YouTube channel if you want to improve your woodworking abilities or if you want to open your shop and need suggestions on where to begin.

It is one of the amazing YouTube woodworking channels.

VISIT: WoodWorkers Guild Of America – YouTube


Is woodworking a viable source of income?

Woodworking may be financially successful. It is a common form of employment for people and corporations. Making money from it takes a lot of work to get into. Therefore, your chances are greater if you start doing it as a pastime.

What is the cardinal principle of woodworking?

The SIMPLEST FORMULATION OF THE GOLDEN RATIO Any given line can be divided using phi, and the longer half will always be larger than the shorter one. It's interesting to note that the entire line is 1.618 times longer than its longest bisection.

In woodworking, what is the profit margin?

The most typical markup we've heard when it comes to pricing woodworking things is to take the cost of the project's materials and double it. Therefore, if a project requires $20 in materials, you would bill the client $40.

The product with the largest profit margin?

Some products with the highest profit margins are those related to beauty, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, manicure supplies, and wellness products. With so many suppliers and producers, you may be sure to obtain fantastic wholesale pricing, and the products themselves are frequently simple to promote to buyers and display.


That’s all. You can obtain inspiration, ideas, moisture meter reviews, advice, and guidance for your upcoming woodworking project from these above Best woodworking channels on YouTube

We had to narrow down our five favorite artists from among the countless DIY videos and woodworking tutorials on YouTube, some of which are also amazing. These YouTube channels are a great place to start if you want to learn how to construct something, whether a wooden iPhone cover, a canoe, new furniture for your house, or to watch artists at work.

The greatest way to properly understand the variety of potential that wood presents are through carpentry, and woodworking shows on YouTube can help. Craftsmanship and woodworking were formerly dying arts, but thanks to social media and YouTube, people can now record and share their incredible accomplishments.

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