Resource Management Games You Have to Try in 2023

Are you someone who loves playing games but also wants to be productive at the same time? Well, fear not, you are not the only one. Quarantine is making us think weird stuff too. Therefore, we are here to help you out with that. Below are some games that will keep you entertained while honing your management skills. These resource management games help you train your mind, increasing your thinking ability while engaging you in an interesting theme or story. Regardless of whether you need to be a maturing city organizer, wannabe farm herd, or restaurant manager, there’s a game for you. And guess what? They are absolutely free. 

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6 Best Resource Management Games in 2023


Township is a great blend of both farm and city building game apps. Playtrix develops it. Here you can build your dream town, anything you want, from harvesting crops to building restaurants and cinemas. It even lets you collect exotic animals from around the world and breed them in your zoo.


You can add your family and friends from different social media accounts and create your own community. The game is free to install, but you might have to pay for certain items in the game, which are totally optional.

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the award-winning resource management games that lets you be in charge of a state-of-the-art underground vault. Basically, there was a huge nuclear blast, and now everyone has to live 2000 ft underground. So, being in charge, you have to create a brighter future for the dwellers and lead them to happiness.

fallout shelter

You have to assign them their ideal work, provide them outfits and weapons, and improve their abilities with proper training. Here, you also have to protect your vault from the dangers of post-nuclear effects. You can customize the look of the dwellers also. The game is simple but addictive.

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Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is another one of the greatest resource management games, where you play the role of the mayor of your city. You can build your amazing city the way you want while dealing with real-life problems such as traffic, fire, and pollution. Your job is to keep the people happy and your skyline growing. The developers have added some amazing features that are fairly unique to this game.

simcity resource management game

Here you get to provide services such as power plants and police. You have to plan very strategically to keep the traffic moving. This is one of the resource management games which you can play with other players and even compete with them. You can even make and add friends and chat about different strategies and help each other out.

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Cooking fever

Cooking fever is another of the interesting resource management games developed by Nordcurrent. Here you play the role of an aspiring chef who finally gets a restaurant. It is quite predictable; you keep your customers happy by serving them with delicious food and provide them with good ambiance. As you progress, the meals get more and more complicated, and the customers come more frequently. You have to keep up with speed as well as keep updating your restaurant.

cooking fever

The game has more than 1000 levels with a huge variety of food items from desserts and fast foods to Indian and Chinese cuisines also. As you keep progressing, you’ll unlock more exquisite dishes from around the world. You can decorate your restaurant to attract more customers. Even though the game seems simple, it can be quite compulsive.

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Hay Day

Hay Day is an amazing resource management game made by Supercell. Both android and IOS users can play this game on their phones and tablet. The graphics are visually pleasing. The best part about this resource management game is that you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

hay day resource management game

You can customize your farm and can even make it a two-player game, so you grow and trade with your friends. You can invite them to your farm (but of course, it’s always best to avoid guests). Even though the game is free to download and install, you may have to purchase some game items for real money, which is optional.

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City Island 5

Sparkling Society develops the game series of City Island. The whole series looks similar, but, according to me, City Island 5 is the best among them all. In this resource management game, you are the mayor of this small town on an island. But as you keep building and progress further, you can send your airship to explore new beautiful islands.

city island resource management game

The best part of this game is that it can be played offline also, no internet connection required. So if you don’t have the internet, we have got you covered, buddy. You can design and build your small town as you want and even invite your friends and help each other. You get to collect rewards and earn treasure chests.

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We hope you like the games and spend your time with pleasure. Stay Home, Stay Safe. And play these amazing resource management games!

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