Collecting Chronicles – On The Best History Channels On YouTube

The chronicles of past events and the epical ventures bring the thrust to know more about it. The beauty of hidden historical places is still alive now and even radiates the efforts of carving done by people during the ancient periods. To grasp History in an intriguing way rather than boring written things in books, explore the best history channels on youtube. Keep reading this article and open the books of old ages. best channels of history on youtube

The history youtube channel lists Epic History TV, Tasting History With Max Miller, Timeline- World History Documentaries, Oversimplified, and Liberty’s Kids. Here we will uniquely portray each channel, so stay tuned and read this article to collect chronicles. 

Open the old-aged pages of the past and try to learn from their missteps, and make your journey more exquisite. These channels will also take you on a tour of the eerily phases of the world. Let’s explore their content and collect the archives. 

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Best history channels On YouTube

History is like hidden chapters of this world which need to be disclosed so that younger generations can learn new things with a flavor of curiosity to know the buried details. To know the tales of prehistory, explore the popular youtube names which bring you the narrative of historical sufferings. Glimpse the History affiliated facts with these channels;

Epic History TV

This channel, among the best history channels on Youtube, opens the black pages of History like wars, some undercover secrets of defeats, and much more talk on these topics. The journey of people in the ancient era was an amalgamation of laughter and shattered blood; the reason behind this is depicted on this channel glimpse the channel to know more;epic history tv

  • To gain more money and power, humans vanquished humans; this is a harsh reality of History that you can witness in the playlist of Napoleonic Wars. The actual truth of World War and various blaze facts associated with it are covered here. 
  • A leader leads a team in the right direction rather than in greed of materialistic things destroying the world; here is one uncovered History of Alexender the great. Explore various campaigns led by him on this channel. 
  • There is something hidden behind the Russland, which is the power of different realms. Uncover the 3000 years of Russia by giving a few hours to this channel. Cover the epic words from Ragnar’s death song, which is laughing shall I Die, and uncover the secret behind it. 

Tasting History With Max Miller

There is some ingredient out of sight in the recipes nowadays. Let’s add the flavor of unique, authentic, and old-home elements into our dishes. To make your path more leisurely, we have brought you the taste of old ages; come with us and taste it through this channel;tasting history

  • A cookbook of the Ancient medieval period of Roman and Mesopotamian is revealed here, and you can see it and experience its aroma with such mesmerizing videos. Here you will find even the thousands of year-old recipes with a palatable flavor. So cook this and enjoy the tidbit of soil with these dishes. 
  • Despite mundane dishes, he also makes some relishing drinks and cocktails. In this series, this channel showcases some historical truths about some dishes and some great tactics to make them unique. This channel also portrays some sugarcoated but with the flavor of medieval age some dessert from all over the world
  • Have you ever been binge-watching any series now? After trying a few recipes from this channel, you will be binge-watching this series, so try some relishing recipes from every episode. These things make this channel one of the best history channels on youtube.

Visit: Tasting History With Max Miller

Timeline- World History Documentaries

Some mysteries, actualities, and facts about ancient Egypt are still novel; they explore this channel to unlatch History’s key. This one of the best history channels on Youtube. There are some dark secrets of world wars uncovered through this channel. Let’s dive into historical events and some unbelievable realities which will blow your mind;timeline

  • This channel has discovered some facts related to the British; this opened up the ming dynasty map, like some talk of Hitler’s secret and many such videos related to the early British era. 
  • Run to the grounds of the monarchy with the special series of this channel, which shows that this pioneered kingly talks in the best way. Here they show some facts which are deprived behind royal walls, like some blueprints of queens and many such regal talks. 
  • Some cloudy fallacies resulting from the cold War, hatred, and many more facts led to aerial conflicts between countries. 

Visit: Timeline- World History Documentaries

Comical Opera; Some More history Channel Name List For Youtube

In the previous section, we bring to light the best history channels on youtube, and now we will drive through the History in the best and most comical way as laughter is a pathway to learning the facts in the most pertinent and thrillingness. Here we will examine the best youtube channel name oversimplified, Liberty’s Kids. The reason behind the giggle with History is;


This channel shows History in the animated format; watching the funny cartoonish characters will spontaneously bring a smile. To enjoy the serious circumstances of that time most funnily then must visit this channel. oversimplified

  • This channel shows some comical operas from Roman History, and the content is so superficial and fascinating that even a juvenile can understand. Between the child’s play, they cover important days and events. 
  • From big World Wars to some MiniWars, they cover everything, and you can easily reminisce and learn about History with giggles. 
  • As the name suggests, they illustrate everything most merely, so they have something in their playlist called Oversimplified History. In this playlist, you can take a sneak peek of the secrets of Hitler to the working and some unknown facts about the revolutions like the french. Due to such perfect comical timings, this channel is regarded as one of the best history channels on youtube.

Visit: Oversimplified

 Liberty’s Kids

During childhood, learning was full of multicolor and joyous plays, so to learn like the good old days, then take a glimpse of this channel;liberty kids

  • On this channel, you can gain multiple views points on a particular topic like American Revolution and many such matters. 
  • To grab the recital of several fatherlands like New York, Boston, and many such great places beginning, then overlook Liberty’s Kids. 
  • Before watching the whole episode of this channel, if you want to examine it, you can also prefer to glimpse the trailer of episodes in their series called Special Promos.

Visit: Liberty’s Kids 

If you are interested in history, the best history channels on youtube are the best choice.


Which is the best youtube channel?

The best youtube channels that have gained popularity in the world are; Kurzgesagt, AlternateHistoryHub, Veritasium, FitnessBlender

Which is the best youtube channel from where one can learn History?

Some of the best history channels on youtube from where you can easily learn History are; World History and other Stuff. Computer History Museum. Cinema History. History.

Which teacher makes the history videos funnily?

Terry History is one of the best history teachers who portrays History most amazingly. You can view his passion for learning about History in his videos. You can glance at his videos to witness the best history videos.

From which youtube channels can I prepare for UPSC?

You can prepare for UPSC from the following listed youtube channels; RSTV. The Hindu. BBC News. BYJU'S IAS.


In a quest to hunt the best history channels on youtube, we have found the golden gems that depict each historical event uniquely. By depicting History, these channels also convey that War is the destroyer and not the only solution. You can also collect the rousing remanence of each youtube channel from this write-up. Horror is a genre that has been around for a while. It is a genre that has evolved over the years to include more and more subgenres.  

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