6 Best Cybersecurity Youtube Channels – Complete List                                                     

Data is an important aspect of life; whether it is a multinational company or a commoner’s bank account, data plays a driving agent in life. But nowadays, hackers are trying new gambits to steal your data and earn profit from it. In this hacking world, it is important to take steps toward Cybersecurity by knowing about new technologies and tricks to save your data from hackers. To help you in this journey of data protection, we will take you to the world of protection of data with the best cybersecurity youtube channels.

The Cybersecurity youtube channels are LiveOverflow, The Cyber Mentor, John Hammond, Hackersploit, Computerphile, The PC Security Channel, and some amazing playlists that will assist you in learning Cybersecurity in a better way.  

We will glimpse each Youtube channel and its best content; these channels will introduce the best tools to work with so that your data remain secure. Take a deep dive into the world of protection with the security channel with the help of the best cybersecurity cahnnels. 

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List Of Best Cybersecurity Youtube Channels

Here are some of the well-renowned and the best cybersecurity youtube channels which will give you tons of knowledge regarding data security with the simplest approach. Let’s bring light to each of the cybersecurity channels;

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From the knowledge of hacking competitions and a better understanding of professional hacking, a guy called  Fabian Faessler portrays all these things in a video. On this channel, you will feel like you are hacking. Glance at this channel through our eyes of research; 

best cybersecurity youtube channel

  • Minecraft is a game; some hackers tried to hack this game, but what happened and which tactics they used to know about it explore the channel’s playlist named Minecraft. 
  • bug bounty is a professional hacking field through which you can earn money by reporting the bug of a particular website. Several companies hire such people who can help them with the security of their websites by reporting any hacking issues of the website. Learn Cybersecurity; Bug Bounty plays an important role, so take the help of his playlist Bug Bounty and take a pearl of wisdom from it. 
  • He also gives some tricks to develop hackable games.  
  • Catch sight of the channel and learn about various security aspects of essentials. 

Visit: LiveOverflow

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The Cyber Mentor

As the name suggests, this channel will mentor you in the journey of learning Cybersecurity in a better way. Heath Maverick Adams will help you to discover ethical hacking. The interface of his videos is so fascinating that anyone can enjoy this learning path. That’s why his channel is one of the best cybersecurity youtube channels. 

best cybersecurity youtube channel

Gaze at this channel;

  • Ethical hacking is a profession that adds value to a company; they attempt hard to keep the data of a company secured. This hacking type doesn’t steal anyone’s important assets. In this hacking, Linux plays a vital position. To learn about youtube security or ethical hacking, follow his playlist of full-length hacking courses. This channel also contributes to teaching this, making it one of the best cybersecurity youtube channels
  • Despite hacking, you can also learn several entrepreneur lessons on his channel.

Visit: The Cyber Mentor

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John Hammond

This man has an amazing implement to tell you about hacking, and his confident voice adds value to it. Let’s explore this channel; 

john hammond

  • Malware is a key to destroying computers and computer systems. This channel will give you ploys to analyze Malware
  • John Hammond sets up a stage for various interviews to help you learn about recruitment in Cybersecurity. 
  • He also introduces several cybersecurity certifications that will help you in your career. 
  •  This channel also contains various programming tutorials on their bucket list, through which you can easily enhance your logical concept of syntax writing. 
  • Explore this one of the best cybersecurity youtube channels out there.

Visit: John Hammond

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For cyber security for beginners to professionals, every lesson you will get at one location is Hackersploit. They have several training sessions for Web application penetration testing and different series of cybersecurity training. Here you will get the perfect maneuver to defend your data from attackers.hackerspoilt

  • Explore this channel and learn lots of hacking-related and many more new concepts. 
  • Here you can also learn about Android Hacking and Hacker simulator. 

Visit: Hackersploit

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If you want to gain anything related to computers, then visit this channel which contains everything from bits and bytes to different programming languages. This channel also contains innumerable hacking videos and a glimpse of the channel’s content; computerphile

  • This channel will give tips to save your network from harmful Malware. Catch sight of it in the playlist of Networking and Security. 
  • Which password choice to make, and how will this choice rescue you from danger? All these key aspects which will save you from the major hacking lessons are comprised in the playlist of Cybersecurity and Cryptography. Learn various amazing things related to hacking in detail from this channel.
  • On one channel, you will get every facet of the computer. 

Visit: Computerphile

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The PC Security Channel

As the name depicts, everything about this channel the channel will give you all the required detail to save your computer. From helping you to learn about the flaws like the antivirus in your computer to the Cybersecurity tutorials. This channel should come on the list of best cybersecurity youtube channels now.the pc security channel

Take a tour of this channel;

  • What are essential things in Cybersecurity? Know from this channel’s playlist called Cybersecurity now. 
  • Here you can also learn about windows security; this playlist plots various screencasts which contain various comparisons between windows and Malware. This playlist will assist you in clearing your concepts. 
  • You can uncover numerous cybersecurity myths on this channel and dive deeper into the Malware. Every side of Cybersecurity is covered here. 
  • Look at this channel and see the complex things most straightforwardly. 

Visit: The PC Security Channel

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Which C's play a vital role in Cybersecurity?

The C's play a crucial role in Cybersecurity: Change, Compliance, Cost, Continuity, and Coverage. The meaning of Cybersecurity is bounded in these words.

What do you mean by cybersecurity plan?

A national cybersecurity strategy (NCSS) is a collection of actions to enhance the cybersecurity of national services and systems.

How do hackers hack the data?

Hackers utilize phishing, Malware, and other attack types to steal data or break into networks. Their motivations can range from financial to political, or they might just be doing it to demonstrate their abilities.

Who is the most wanted cyberpunk?

Kevin Mitnick is the hacker who had stolen and earned lots of money in the name of cybercrime. It is believed that he has defrauded 40 giant firms, this includes IBM and Motorola, and also the US National Defense warning system.

What is the best package offered to ethical hackers?

The trained ethical hacker can earn INR 1.77 lakh per annum and up to INR 40 lakh per annum if the person is professionally qualified.

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Summarising the write-up, we had seen the best cybersecurity youtube channels and analyzed the best content they showcase. Through these youTube channels, you can professionally learn hacking and get lessons from basics to advanced. Through these best cybersecurity youtube channels, hacking will become child’s play for you. But always recollect one thing if you like hacking, then become an ethical hacker and act as a helping hand to firms’ data.