8 Essential Networking Books In 2022

Do you feel dreaded with the idea of networking? Are you worried that you are not able to connect with people? Don’t worry; we got you covered. In this blog, we will recommend you some of the best-selling networking books. The networking books will teach you how to connect with people emotionally. 

Networking is often thought to be a very cliche subject. But this is the skill that can make you a hero in real life. All leaders around the world use networking to spread their influence among us. And yet it is the most underrated subject. Strange!!!

 In this blog, Techyhost tries to answer all your questions pertaining to networking. After having this little tour, you will have no confusion about what networking is and how it can help you.

Tighten your seatbelts and get ready to decipher networking with the era’s best networking books.    

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What Is Networking?

Networking is the technique of connecting with more and more people. Hence creating your network. Using this network, you can build your business empire and your professional career.

Networking means building a chain. The better you connect or motivate others, the more significant is your network.


Why should you learn networking?

We are going to give you five reasons why you should learn networking 

Personal Development

Networking teaches you the art of dealing with people. Using these skills, you can excel in your business.


The more you connect and influence people, the more you learn about opportunities.


Getting to know about opportunities is not enough. You must also learn how to acquire these hot skills to use the opportunities. So networking with proper people can lead you to develop these skills as well.


No one knows you now. But with better networking strategies and skills, you can build an identity of your own. Get recognition like never before with our recommended networking books.


Every day we hear millions of people getting laid by companies. During downsizing, no one is spared. But if you have a good connection, you can probably save yourself from getting axed. 

The perks of networking are immense. Networking is a skill that everyone should learn regardless of their profession. 

Best Networking Books In 2022

We handpicked the most professional networking books for you. All these books are tried, tested, and researched. There are tons of case studies that will help you better understand the whole networking game.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the five best professional networking books.

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How to Win Friends & Influence People

by Dale Carnegie

The book is considered a pioneer in networking that teaches how to deal with people. With more than 15 million copies sold to date, the book has inspired people for more than 80 years. An excellent rating of 4.2 on GoogleReads speaks for its popularity.

‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ teaches how to build enthusiasm in others. It tells the readers how they can be liked by everyone. 

how to win friends & influence people

The detailed concept of ‘How to Sell’ in this book makes it worthy of topping this list of the best network books. 

Visit: How to Win Friends & Influence People

The 20 Minute Network Meeting

by Marcia Ballinger and Nathan A. Perez

‘The 20 Minute Network Meeting’ is another excellent networking book. The book teaches you systematically about networking is and its powers. It’s not a free time book. You need to be very sincere while reading this book. It deals with the scientific approach of dealing with people and building a network. It is one of the most straightforward networking books.

the 20 minute network meeting

The excellent rating of 4.2 on Goodreads tells why it should be on every aspiring network marketers list.

Buy this book The 20 Minute Network Meeting.

Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

by Adam Grant

With more than 2million sales and an excellent rating of 4 on Goodreads, it is a must-read. It teaches the readers the concept of taker, giver, and matcher through tonnes of case studies.

give and take

‘Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success’ also tells the pros and cons of networking. This book deserves to get your attention with recommendations from leaders like Tony Hsieh.

Visit: Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Never Eat Alone

by Keith Ferrazzi

Never it alone is a fantastic book that teaches people how to influence people. The book was published in 2015 and gas an excellent rating of 9 on getAbstract.

never eat alone

This book teaches how to build a networking pastime. It also shows how a network can be invaluable for any person. It helps to form a win-win mindset. 

Visit: Never Eat Alone

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How to Be a Power Connector

by Judy Robinett

This is the most underrated book on this list which tells how to influence people through catchy phrases. ‘How to Be a Power Connector’ can be considered as one of the best social networking books.

how to be a power connector

An impressive rating of 4 speaks for its enriching content. You can buy this book from Amazon.

We hope these best-selling networking books will be of immense help to build a connection.

Best Mythbusting: The Charisma Myth

By Olivia Fox Cabane

The book bursts all myths regarding people’s views of character and charisma. In the book, the author tells us various ways of building a stellar character.

Best Mythbusting: The Charisma Myth

With thousands of case studies and scientific theories, Best Mythbusting: The Charisma Myth justifies why network building is required. So, enlighten yourself by buying this book for just $15.

Buy Best Mythbusting: The Charisma Myth

Best for Building Relationships: Superconnector

By Scott Gerber

The book shows us how network building is important. How building a network helps you in your professional life.

The author goes on to explain to us that connection building is required by every individual. He further tells that the trick is so simple yet unachievable.  You don’t need an MBA degree to build a connection.

Best for Building Relationships: Superconnector

With each chapter, you understand new concepts of communicating efficiently. So, to learn the awesome art of network building definitely try this book.

Buy Best for Building Relationships: Superconnector

Best Research-Backed: Give And Take

by Adam M. Grant

The book Best Research-Backed: Give and Take is a simply incredible book as to why giving back is equally important.

Moreover, you get to learn how giving and taking back helps you build your own identity. The book contains proof from various researches. So, you can definitely buy this incredible book to learn to give back to others.

Best Research-Backed: Give and Take

The book is available only for $14.

Buy Best Research-Backed: Give and Take


We tried to answer some of the most asked questions about networking.

How do I start networking?

Linkedin can be your first step towards your networking.

Is network marketing easy?

Network marketing is easy if you can influence people.

What kind of work is network marketing?

It is a business model which grows by letting their customers sell their products instead of stores.

Should I start network marketing?

Yes, it is a perfect time to start network marketing and explore new horizons.

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The most effective yet cliche networking skill can change the game for you. It can keep you ahead of your peers in the game. Learn to connect with people with our handpicked collection of networking books and make a name for yourself. We hope we can make you understand how invaluable this skill is. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. For more awesome content, follow Techyhost.

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