Oyster Vs. Scribd | Which Is Better? [Full Review]

Oyster and Scribd were likely to be clear from the start that their business models couldn’t last. Oyster and Scribd allow you to read that many books you want for a monthly subscription. The article will help you decide on Oyster vs Scribd.

Still excellent subscription services, Scribd and Oyster have far superior user interfaces than Amazon’s and offer a good selection of books. Paid ebook membership services are a terrific way to get books you might not otherwise be able to afford, and they have the advantage of having no due dates.


However, if you’re a voracious reader, choose one of these unlimited ebook subscriptions. We’ve compared Oyster vs Scribd to help you choose which ebook subscription service is best for you.

What Is Oyster?

Oyster, sometimes referred to as the “Netflix for books,” announced the opening of an online bookstore. As a result, consumers can buy the books they read rather than just renting them as part of their monthly subscription to Oyster.

For $9.95 per month, Oyster provides unlimited access to more than 100,000 books, with more being added regularly. The release of invitations for the iPhone and iPod Touch is currently underway. 

oyster ebook

To change the way people read and to foster more of the unique experiences that books can provide, Oyster was created. It creates the best reading experience, both social and personal, anytime, anyplace, from anywhere.

What Is Scribd?

Beginning as a well-known document-sharing platform, Scribd later added an ebook subscription service in 2013. Users may access it on iOS, Android, and the desktop for $8.99. Scribd monthly reads for an unlimited subscription, providing tablet and smartphone owners another “Netflix for books” choice.

scribd ebook

The greatest digital library in the world is Scribd, where publishers and authors may find a rabid audience for their work, and users can discover books and written works of all kinds on the Web or any mobile device. Founded in March 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Scribd has received community contributions totaling more than 40 million books and papers. Each month, 80 million people worldwide access the information on Scribd.com.

Oyster Vs. Scribd

For a small monthly charge, you can access all of these ebook libraries without any restrictions. Using each service’s offline book download feature, you can read as many books as you choose for as long as possible. 

There are no due dates, unlike in a traditional library, so you can keep a book as long as you wish, much like a Netflix DVD. However, just like a library, you don’t own the books you read, and if your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to any of the books you have saved.


The two services have comparable prices, with Scribd being the least expensive. Scribd’s service has a free trial and an $8.99 monthly fee.

scribd subscription

The monthly service from Oyster costs $9.95 and comes with a 14-day trial.

Choice Of Books

Three of the five major book publishers have now signed up for the services of Oyster vs Scribd. Over 1,600 publishers, including some smaller independent ones like McSweeney’s and Rodale, have 1 million titles available on Oyster.

scribd ebook collection

With the addition of more than 10,000 new comic books and the addition of audiobooks, Scribd now has a total of 1 million books and audiobooks available.


Oyster is the most enjoyable game. Themes range from plainly adorned to ornately minimalist. Surfing is simple because the app and website resemble and watch Netflix’s layout.

oyster ebook interface

You can alter each book’s background, text accent color, and font style.

Compatibility With Devices

All devices running iOS 7 or Android 4+ can use Oyster or Scribd. The Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPads, Nook HD, and Samsung gadgets fall under this category.

scribd compatibility

Similar apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire are available from Scribd.

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Benefits Of Oyster

  • The app’s key selling points are the stunning appearance of Oyster and its numerous customization options. 
  • Searching through the more than 500,000 books in the catalog to find something to read is simple and pleasant. There are numerous modern and vintage options, such as “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” “Medium Raw” by Anthony Bourdain, and “The Great Gatsby.”

the great gatsby

  • One of five themes, ranging from a simple black-and-white theme to a striking and contemporary design, can store bookmarks and alter each book’s font style, text accent color, and background pattern as you read it.
  • Most books are formatted to be easily readable, but some cookbooks and books with numerous graphic components have formatting concerns.


  • Although there are few best-sellers or recent releases, there are still plenty of books to keep you occupied. Oyster is an exquisite ebook subscription service overall. It costs $10 per month and is accessible on iOS and Android.
  • Oyster book list is the best option if you want to access ebooks on your iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone. The book collection is broad and simple, and the app’s design is appealing.

Benefits Of Scribd

  • Scribd has some distinctive features but is similar to Oyster. The app has a straightforward layout with books categorized by genre and browsable collections. For Scribd’s monthly cost of just $9 per month, you may access its library of more than 500,000 books, which is one dollar less expensive than Kindle Unlimited and Oyster.

ebooks scribd

  • Although both sites have many of the same books and appear to add the same books simultaneously, the selection varies slightly from Oysters. 
  • Please be aware that the selection is more constrained on Scribd since it needs numerous titles that Oyster has. 
  • But recently, over 45,000 audiobooks—many from Penguin Random House—were posted to Scribd. 

penguin random house ebooks

  • One advantage of Scribd is that, in addition to ebooks, you can access thousands of documents using the Android and iOS apps, including legal documents, academic papers, and even self-published books.
  • If you want to save a dollar per month and skip a few titles, Scribd is great. It comes in second in the Oyster vs Scribd battle if you want to read books on your PC and an Android or iOS device.

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Is Scribd beneficial for self-published authors?

Scribd doesn't feature many independent authors, with Kindle Unlimited being the top option. You pay for access to the content when you sign up for subscription services like Scribd; you don't pay for rights to the content. Therefore, no, the books on Scribd are not your own.

Is Scribd a paid platform?

Although many users join Scribd for its audiobooks, the service also offers other features. Podcasts, sheet music, Kindle novels, papers, and various publications are accessible through Scribd's subscription service. As you can see, Scribd offers a lot for a low cost.

What are ebooks, and why are they essential?

To begin with, eBooks are documents that may be viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other digital devices. However, keeping in mind that other types of files can be viewed on digital devices, eBooks have unique qualities that set them apart. A distinctive feature of Oyster versus Scribd, an eBook, is that the text should be kept the same.

Do new releases exist on Scribd?

They have access to over 70,000 titles on Scribd, including recent additions. Although 70,000 books may seem like a lot, Scribd can't compete with the industry's heavyweights like Amazon.


Choosing between Oyster vs Scribd to what you’re looking for. Oyster is the best option if you’re primarily concerned with accessing as many books as possible. Scribd is the most attractive option if you want a balanced selection of audiobooks, graphic novels, self-published books, and other media.