How To Watch Netflix On Apple CarPlay [Complete Guide]

This article will discuss how to watch Netflix on Apple CarPlay. Netflix has a substantial selection of shows and movies, including a steadily expanding number of original productions. Netflix is not available on Apple CarPlay. This results from Apple excluding some visual apps, including Netflix, in the standard CarPlay configuration, most likely to combat distracted driving.

You might have to get through the security network because Apple CarPlay does not support Netflix. There are two ways to do that:

  1. Use third-party apps on your phone to support Netflix on CarPlay
  2. Use jailbreak Apple security.

However, because jailbreaking is a difficult process, it is not recommended. Hazardous viruses could attack your phone as a result. Additionally, it may jeopardize the security of your device. Therefore, breaking out of jail is never advised.

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Exploring Apple CarPlay and its Compatibility with iOS Devices for Enhanced In-Car Entertainment

Let’s say you are hesitant to download a third-party app. Purchasing a multimedia box or MMB to stream content on American Netflix from anywhere on the car audio is preferable in that scenario. Choose an e-commerce platform that supports iOS devices from several available boxes.

netflix on apple carplayThe Apple CarPlay product line has a long history. The original version of Apple CarPlay was launched on March 10, 2014, approximately seven years earlier, while a more stable version was released earlier in 2021.

While an iPhone starting from the iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1) up to the most recent versions can access the model, it can be controlled by an iOS device. While some iPads support cellular networks, the system does not work with iPods or iPads because it needs a cellular network connection.

CarPlay heavily relies on Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, as it is intended to be hands-free. This enables you to direct the apps with simply your voice. Furthermore, you can call up Siri by touching the dashboard’s buttons or sensors before you start driving.

Some apps are barred from use, while others can be used with CarPlay. Only third-party software used to set up non-standard apps like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Videos, etc., can be accessed on CarPlay. These programs are known as non-default apps. You can also Check Out Ways to Connect Apple TV to a Projector.

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Methods To Fix ” How To Watch Netflix On Apple CarPlay” Issue

Let’s discuss step-by-step methods on how to watch Netflix on Apple CarPlay.

Use Apple CarPlay To View Netflix Without Jailbreaking

Without jailbreaking the device, Apple CarPlay enables Netflix viewing in vehicles. Use third-party applications like Cambridge for this.

apple carplay display without jailbreakThis is a detailed guide for that:

Prior To Downloading The Carbridge App

The Cambridge software transmits entertainment from your iPhone to your car’s TV and audio player. It’s a hassle-free app that’s simple to install and keep up with.

However, there are a few settings you need to make on your smartphone before installing it:

First, open your iPhone’s “Settings” by tapping on the corresponding app icon. Once in the settings menu, navigate to the “General” tab and tap on it. From there, locate and open the “Background App Refresh” option. Ensuring that this setting is turned on is essential as it allows apps to refresh and update their content in the background.


Additionally, if your vehicle has Bluetooth connectivity, make sure to turn it on when you get in your car. This will enable your iPhone to automatically connect to the car’s music system and maintain a seamless audio experience. However, if your car does not support Bluetooth, you can connect your iPhone to the car music system using a USB cable.

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Download The Carbridge App

The CarBridge app installation instructions are provided below.

Firstly, launch the Safari browser on your iPhone. Next, enter “” in the search box to access the CarBridge website. Once the website loads, locate and select the “Download now” button. You will see several options to choose from. Choose the iOS option and proceed with the download.

install carbridgeOnce you complete the download, your phone will immediately install it. After the installation process is complete, you will see a pop-up notice instructing you to install a few additional apps for CarBridge to function properly. You can download these whenever you want. You can also uninstall them if they are not necessary.

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Use The Carbridge App

  1. Start by launching the app on your device. Follow the steps to install a few apps by entering your Apple ID and passcode next.
    aaple id password
  2. Launch the Carbridge app right now to see if it functions. Activate the in-application switch if the program functions properly. Having downloaded CarBridge, you can remove any unnecessary apps.
    carbridge appYou can stream the contents by using CarBridge to connect an iPhone to your car sound.

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Add Netflix Using An MMB Device With Apple CarPlay

How to watch Netflix on Apple CarPlay? Here is another method. To play Netflix content in your car without downloading third-party apps, you can alternatively use MMB or multimedia box devices. Connect the MMB gadget to the car audio for this. After doing this, you can now use the MMB device as a CarPlay component.

Steps Follow To Watch Netflix Using An MMB Device:

  1. First, connect the appropriate MMB box to the car audio using a Type A or Type C cable, depending on which one is supported.
    type a type c
  2. Launch Apple CarPlay next.
    apple car play
  3. Scroll down to the “Apps” portion of the screen and tap “More Apps.
  4. You’ll need to search Netflix here and play the stuff you want. 

Apple-Compatible Applications CarPlay

You can use Apple-supported apps with CarPlay.

apple car play applicationAll of them give you the freedom to be in charge while traveling. These consist of the following:

  • Phone
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Maps
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Settings
  • News

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Is jailbreaking my device the only way to use Apple CarPlay to stream Netflix?

No, there are alternatives to jailbreaking that let you use Apple CarPlay to stream Netflix. Despite being an option, it advises because of the hazards and complicated process.

Do utilizing third-party apps or devices for Netflix on Apple CarPlay come with any risks?

Using caution when utilizing third-party programs or hardware is crucial. Only use software or hardware from trusted sources to lessen the risk of malware or security issues. Always prioritize the integrity and security of your device.

Is Apple CarPlay compatible with other streaming video services except Netflix?

Several programs, including several video streaming services, are supported by Apple CarPlay. Netflix could not be accessible through CarPlay, but other compatible applications like YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video might be, depending on their compatibility.

How can I ensure Apple CarPlay's Netflix streaming audio works smoothly?

Make sure to switch on Bluetooth when you get in your car if your vehicle is Bluetooth-compatible. As a result, while streaming Netflix or other content through Apple CarPlay, your iPhone will instantly connect to the vehicle's audio system and give a seamless audio experience.

What is CarBridge, and how does it relate to using Apple CarPlay to watch Netflix?

Using the third-party app CarBridge, you can send media from your iPhone to your vehicle's TV and audio system. You can get around Apple CarPlay's restrictions and watch Netflix on your CarPlay screen by utilizing CarBridge.

Wrap Up

To sum up, This article covered on how to watch Netflix on apple CarPlay. As you can see, there are alternatives to streaming Netflix material on your vehicle audio screen, even though Apple CarPlay does not support Netflix owing to internal regulations. You are free to select whichever approach suits you best.

However, safety is a key issue here. Ensure the videos don’t keep you from driving since you will be doing it.