How to Screen Share Netflix on Zoom | 2024

We always love to watch movies and tv shows with friends. Especially binge-watching Netflix together, our favorite sitcom, is the best feeling ever. You’re having a good time with popcorn and ice cream on your sheets covered with crumbs from the sandwich, listening to Chandler’s jokes. Likewise, you’re cuddling with your fluffy pillows, the half-body disappeared under the covers, and you’re having the time of your life. But not all friends are around.

Here are quick steps for How to Screen Share Netflix on Zoom Using Browser:

  1. Launch the Zoom application on your computer and sign in to your account.
  2. Start or join a Zoom meeting with your friend or group of friends whom you want to watch Netflix with.
  3. Open a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) on the same computer, go to, sign in to your Netflix account, and start playing the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Want to watch Netflix with your friend from abroad? We got you covered. By the rear end of this article, you will find a way to watch Netflix on Zoom with your friends. Stay till the future, and learn how to screen Share Netflix on Zoom. On the other hand, if you need to stream Netflix on Discord, there is a way to do that too.

Netflix & Zoom

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service based in the US.

It allows you to watch films and shows from all around the world. Netflix changed the way we watch movies inside our homes without the need for a big screen. To sum up, you can watch films anywhere, anyplace, with the device.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform available for all operating systems. Whether personal or business, Zoom offers high-quality video calls to fulfill your needs. With the internet connection and a camera device, you can start a meeting anywhere. The best feature of zoom is sharing screen. Zoom allows sharing your device’s screen and will enable participants to see whatever they can see on your screen. Therefore, It is a valuable feature.


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How to Screen Share Netflix on Zoom using Browser?

We can see that you’ve been wondering how to watch Netflix together on Zoom with your friends and family. Here’s how to screen Share Netflix on Zoom.

  1. Firstly, be sure you are signed in to your Netflix in your browser and keep it open in the background. If you have your application downloaded on your device, you can use your app. (Windows computers have a dedicated Netflix app, but Apple computers do not.)

    netflix login

  2. Secondly, minimize the Netflix window and open the Zoom app on the other side.join meeting
  3. And create a meeting, or join the meeting your friend has created. To create a meeting, you can select a scheduled meeting and choose the timing or start the meeting immediately.
  4. Now you can invite other people to your Zoom Netflix party. Click on the caret beside the participants button and proceed to add participants.screen share
  5. At this point, check if everyone is connected to the meeting and click the share screen. In front of you, the screen will show you all the windows you have open on your computer. There is an option to share the whole screen if you want. In your case, choose the window you have Netflix open.
    And check the boxes that say Share sound and Optimise for Video Clip. This will ensure the participants hear the sound and the video played in the meeting appropriately.

    share button

  6. Finally, click on Share. As a result, participants will see your screen now.

The meeting is ready to Netflix screen share through your screen in Zoom. Now you know how to screen Share Netflix on Zoom using your device.

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Screen Share Netflix on Zoom on Your Smartphone

What if you and your friends have only mobile devices and not a computer? There is a way to organize a Zoom Netflix party with your smartphone. Here’s how to share Netflix on Zoom using your smartphone.

  1. Firstly, open Zoom on your phone and schedule a meeting.
  2. Secondly, invite the participants to your meeting. Make sure all are connected without any network issues.
    zoom app on phone
  3. Now click on the share screen and select screen.
    share option on phone
  4. Then click on Start Broadcastwatch netflix on zoom
  5. Zoom will ask permission to display over other apps. (You won’t see this popup if you already have permission.) Select Allow and begin your screen sharing. Finally, launch your Netflix app and start streaming your favorite movie with your friends.

To sum up, permitting Zoom to display over other apps makes sure it streams the content without lag. And it ensures you can see the Zoom controls even when using other apps. You won’t need to reopen the Zoom app to end the meeting or stop sharing screens. Before beginning to share your screen, make sure you have issueless internet to get the maximum quality. It is normal to see videos turning low rate when streaming through Zoom. 

Now you know how to screen Share Netflix on Zoom through your smartphone. Participants from anywhere can now watch the screen on the internet.

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Is Your Netflix Screen Blank?

Sometimes, you can only see a blank screen when streaming through a platform like Netflix. This is because Netflix does not allow its service to flow on any other platform. It blocks Netflix from streaming on-screen sharing platforms like Zoom, slack, and Discord. It does not work even on platforms like AnyDesk and TeamViewer. You cannot Netflix screen share in Zoom.

blank screen on netflix

Despite this, there is a way to fix it. You can terminate the black screen issue by doing the remedy below. Make sure you do this before starting the meeting for Netflix screen share, or else you might have to end the session.

  1. Open the Zoom app and go to Settings.
    zoom app
  2. Under the Video menu, there is another option called Advanced Settings. This displays additional video settings.
    zoom advance setting
  3. Under hardware acceleration, toggle off the checkboxes that say video processing, sending video, and receiving the video.hardware acceleration

Now continue screening your film on Netflix. This remedy will fix the black screen issue when streaming Netflix and allows seamless viewing of content on screen.

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Important note on Screen Sharing Netflix on Zoom

You cannot record the Netflix screen from Zoom and share it on any other platform. You can be prosecuted for copyright infringement. So, we are making sure you know this before trying anything malicious. Even if you do this by mistake, it cannot be used as an argument in court, and you still will be charged.

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Can you watch Netflix on Zoom?

Since Zoom does not recognize the media you are sharing, it is possible to watch Netflix on Zoom. It transmits audio along with video without any trouble. This works on Netflix and for prime video, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc. This feature also works for downloaded Netflix media.

Why can Netflix not mirror your screen?

If you cannot mirror Netflix, it is probably a network problem. Check if the parent device and the device you are screening to are connected to the same network. Check that your mobile or tablet uses the same Wifi network that your TV is paired to. Now you can mirror Netflix to your tv.

Can you watch Netflix on Discord?

No, you cannot watch Netflix in Discord. Discord has no feature to share screens or stream services from other platforms. It allows only voice and video calls, not screen sharing. So you have to consider other platforms for watching Netflix.

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So, you know how to screen Share Netflix on Zoom using your browser and smartphone. Start sharing your screen and binge tv shows along with your friends. Network issues may reduce the quality of your video, but that is entirely normal and cannot be fixed. Read this article if you want to record Netflix on your iPhone.

If you still have problems with these steps, you can comment below, and we will meet your query.

Thank you for reading!

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