Top 12 Anonymous Blog Sites For Passionate Bloggers [2024]

Are you looking for some of the best anonymous blog sites? Blog sites are very much easy and convenient to use. The systems that are easy to use often have limitations on how you can design your blog.

What Are the Best Anonymous Blogging Platforms?

  1. Telegram has a blogging platform to go along with its popular messaging app, called Telegraph.
  2. TXT.
  3. is a no-frills, distraction-free platform for writers who want to write and publish their content without any hassle.
  5. WordPress.
  6. Ghost.

Some of the above platforms are discussed in the following article.

Some of the best anonymous blog sites for passionate bloggers are WordPress, Weebly, ghost, Tumblr, Wix, Blogger, etc. These blogging platforms are designed for passionate bloggers; blogs or websites are created, managed, and hosted online on the servers of the blogging platform.

Blogging systems make it easier for users to connect with others who share their interests, broadcast their thoughts and ideas to the globe, and promote free discussion and idea exchange. However, it’s essential to consider WooCommerce advantages and disadvantages when choosing the right platform for your eCommerce needs.

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12 Anonymous Blog Sites

The top anonymous blog sites accessible right now are listed below.

Self Hosted WordPress

WordPress is widely used and powers the top anonymous blogging site online.

Because it is a self-hosted platform, you must obtain hosting through a WordPress hosting company. It would help if you also took care of your security and backups.


If you want complete control over every element of your website, this is one of the best blog platforms. WordPress offers tens of thousands of free themes that let you build a beautiful website quickly.

Visit: Self-Hosted WordPress

The most straightforward drag-and-drop anonymous writing blog for beginners is, where you can quickly launch a blog for a meager cost.

Drag and drop tools like video galleries, social media buttons, sliders for testimonials, contact forms, and more onto your landing page.

You may also instantly give your blog a professional appearance using the pre-made website templates from You can ensure your blog appears amazing on all devices because the templates are 100% mobile-friendly.

Do you want to add a store to your blog? The eCommerce solution from lets you manage your orders, add up to 50 products, securely accept credit card payments online, and more.


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HubSpot CMS Hub

There isn’t a better option for companies and marketers than HubSpot’s CMS Hub. This tool allows teams with low IT capabilities to enable quick, responsive web design.


With the help of HubSpot’s user-friendly anonymous writing platform, you can quickly create forms, pop-ups, and CTAs that feature your logo. The website analytics assist with tracking performance, and the integrated SEO tools will direct you toward changes that will increase organic traffic.

Visit: HubSpot’s CMS Hub


For small enterprises, Wix is a fantastic platform for hosted websites. Just add a blog to your website with the Wix Blog app.


With Wix, website creation is simple, thanks to its drag-and-drop features. Additionally, you may add dozens of designs and third-party apps to your site to make it more unique.

A free account with a Wix subdomain is available from Wix.

Visit: Wix

Gator by HostGator 

Gator’s site builder and blogging platform come from well-known anonymous blog sites like HostGator


The benefit of choosing Gator HostGator to create and host your website is that HostGator will take care of backups, performance, and security. Therefore, you needn’t worry about it.

Additionally, all options include a free domain and SSL certificate.

Visit: HostGator

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Automattic’s is a straightforward and user-friendly blog hosting service (the folks that created

WordPress allows you to create a simple blog and add a few plugins. You must pay separately for a unique domain name, more storage, or other services.


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Blogger is one of Google’s free anonymous blog websites, offering non-technical people a quick and simple way to start a blog. In addition, it has existed since 1999!


Although free, Blogger offers rudimentary blogging tools, few design possibilities, and poor third-party template quality. You can establish your blog on Google’s dependable and safe platform if you don’t mind that and need a specific blog site.

Visit: Blogger

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Tumblr is the best place to blog anonymously; social media and blogging collide. You can perform extraordinary tasks like sharing and reblogging.


Tumblr blogs can be accessed for free using the Tumblr subdomain, but you can also link a custom domain name that you’ve paid for.

This is what is referred to as a “microblogging tool” in general. It simplifies blogging with videos, photos, audio, and GIFs.

Visit: Tumblr

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Online writers, bloggers, and journalists come together on Medium. The platform provides many social networking capabilities and is simple to use.

medium logo

After signing up, you can use as your profile address, not your domain.

You won’t be hosting your blog on your website so Medium will be your audience’s owner

However, for some people, not having their website might be desirable because it would allow them to concentrate on writing rather than managing a website.

Visit: Medium

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One of the best anonymous blog sites available is Squarespace. Squarespace is fantastic for small businesses and newbies who could be more tech-savvy because it includes many expertly designed templates. Using its drag-and-drop tools, you can construct beautiful sites.


Because Squarespace is a proprietary platform, you can only use the already-included features. There are integrations, but they only apply to a few services and tools.

Visit: Squarespace

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Ghost has you covered if you enjoy that minimalist feel. It’s a simple blogging platform with tools to help you keep posting to your blog. As a result, it offers a simple, user-friendly interface.


Ghost is available as software you install and host yourself or as a hosted version.

Ghost is challenging to personalize using anonymous blog apps and has few themes to alter the design of your site. Additionally, a self-hosted setup is a little difficult.

Visit: Ghost

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The drag-and-drop website builder on Weebly makes it incredibly simple to create your desired website. Additionally, an SSL certificate is free with every package.


You may easily incorporate an eCommerce storefront and a blog on your Weebly website. Using Weebly, you can also set up a website for your startup or business.

Weebly is simple but has few built-in features and third-party platform connectivity. Furthermore, Weebly is difficult to export if you wish to switch platforms.

Visit: Weebly

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Which blogging platform is ideal for beginners?

Choose a platform like Wix or Squarespace if you're just starting. Both offer a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to build a website, and neither requires any prior coding knowledge.

How frequently should I update my website's blog?

The consistency of posting on a blog is more crucial than its frequency. As long as you are consistent about how frequently you write to your blog, it is acceptable to do so once a week or every few days. If you begin by posting frequently, then begin posting haphazardly.

What safety precautions should an online blog take?

Having a strong password that is only known by you and those you trust is the most crucial measure you can take to safeguard your blogging website. Additionally, you ought to alter your password periodically. Additionally, you want your website to be regularly backed up, something your web host should take care of.


You may advertise your creative writing work online and maintain complete freedom by registering with one of the top anonymous blog sites.

Unlike social media, where you constantly worry about shares, likes, and what the most recent algorithm thinks of your style, blog platforms allow you to write about whatever you want in the format you desire.

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