Gone are the days when you had to rely on the printing press to design and print your business cards, brochures, templates, etc. With the rise in the use of computer and the different desktop publishing software, everyone has been designing and printing their cards and brochures according to their choice.

Desktop publishing software is handy. Designing cards and brochures have never been this easy. With the help of such software, you can create your design thus adding a personal touch. You do not have to rely on a third party to design according to your wish. At times, making a third person understand your choice and needs is very difficult. That’s where Desktop publishing software comes into play.

Tables, letterheads, visiting cards, menus, templates, brochures, posters, banners, etc. can be made with the help of desktop publishing software. There are a lot of such software out there. Some are good and some are just the opposite. The best desktop publishing software has the best graphics, layouts, and design tools.

Finding good desktop publishing software is not an easy task especially if you are a first-timer. We have tried and tested many desktop publishing software to find out the best ones. Following are some of the best free desktop publishing software for windows according to our research.

Top 6 Desktop Publishing Software


Scribus is an excellent desktop publishing software. The layout is straightforward to understand. The interface of this software is very user-friendly. It has some pretty cool graphics ans also has all the required tools for creating attractive designs and layouts.

It has the essential drawing tools required for publishing. This is one of the most used desktop publishing software in the world. Since it is professional software, you might take some time to explore and understand all the features of this software. If you are looking for a professional and desktop publishing software for windows, Scribus is the software for you.

Serif Page Plus Starter Edition

This is another best free desktop publishing software for windows which is used by thousands across the world. It has plenty of new templates to choose from. What makes it one of the best desktop publishing software is that it has different typesetting and layouts.

This software is made in such a way that even people with no prior experience in this can use Serif page plus starter edition efficiently. It is for professional as well as home users. If you do not like complicated settings and are looking for an easy to use desktop publishing software, Serif page plus starter edition is the software for you.

Apache Open Office

Apache open office is the only set software which can be considered to be a worthy rival of MS office. Some people even claim Apache open office to be better than MS office. Apache open office is the perfect software for your publishing needs.

Especially if your computer is a tad bit slow an old. The system requirements for running this software is not much. It has options for exporting and importing PDFs, different layouts, fonts, templates, etc. This is one of the best desktop publishing software for Windows. It is pretty easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly. Even users with no prior designing experience can use this software with relative ease.


Inkscape is a desktop publishing software with a professional touch. If you are looking for a desktop publishing to be used for professional or business needs, this software is for you. It has beautiful graphics, layouts, templates, font, etc. to choose from.

Inkscape is very similar to Corel Draw. You can design a book cover, brochures, business cards, etc. using this software. The layout of this software is beautiful. Inkscape is not as easy to use as compared to the other software mentioned in this list.


GIMP is a desktop publishing software that focuses more on image publications as compared to text publications. If you want to design and print attractive brochures, templates which includes a lot of pictures, this software is for you.

GIMP is similar to photoshop wherein you can make handsome changes to an already existing photo or create your own. It is a free open source software. Professionals and home users can use this. If your line of work includes a lot of photo editing and printing, this software is for you.

Adobe Project Rome

This software was a huge hit when it was first introduced. Since it is a product of ADOBE, you can be sure of the quality that this software possesses. Unfortunately, this software was shut down by ADOBE in 2010. By Shut down I mean they stopped developing it further.

You can still download this software and use it on your computer for all your publishing needs. It is effortless to use. The layout is kinda attractive. The interface of this software is very user-friendly. This software can be in use for creating flyers, brochures, book covers, animations, etc. This can be in use by both professional and novice users.



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