Best Podcast Downloader Tools | 8 Latest Free & Paid Apps

Looking for the best Podcast Downloader Tools on the internet? Want some of the best songs to download from the internet? Want the best podcasts to download? Here is a list of some of the best Podcast Downloader Tools available. Podcasts are the source where a large number of audio files are available for download on your PC or smartphone or tablets. Thus, you must know about the best Podcast Downloader of 2023.

Now the apps that allow users to podcasts the audio files are called as podcasters, which helps you to download, sort, manage your subscriptions. Podcasts allow you to listen to the news, radio so you can say that it is a newspaper for the media lovers.

They can be audio or video files, but mostly they are in audio format so it will be like listening to a radio show. Podcasts have all the latest news about the songs or from the websites.

Some of the best podcasters for Windows, iOS, Android are listed here.

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Top 8 Free Podcast Downloader Tools

Here, we have sorted the list of top 8 free Podcast Downloader tools.


It doesn’t have a built-in audio player, but it adapts your audio or video player to play the audio or video of your choice. You can sync to your iPods, it also has MTP compatible players and also directory based players. It seems to be a simple podcaster from outside, but it has some tricks involved once you enter the software. You need to study about the software before handling the advanced and toggle options included in the software.

gpodder podcast downloader

Podcast Downloader Tools can also manage the podcasts by using iTunes but before using and knowing about the whole software you need to know entirely about the software so that you don’t face any problem while using the software.

Visit: gPodder


Apple was the first to introduce podcasts on the internet. Apple has one of the best and the top podcasts for the users using it. Even at the present iTunes has the most number of podcasts than any other podcasts available in the market.


This Podcast Downloader has nearly 250,000 podcasts available. You can get the iTunes store online and subscribe to the podcasts via URL or directories. iTunes also helps you to share your music and podcasts on social networking sites, i.e., with your friends, family, etc.

Visit: iTunes

Pocket Casts

It is the best podcasts available on the Google Play store. This Podcast Downloader allows you to sync your playlists, playback controls, chromecast, and Android wear support and also sleep timer so that you can play your songs even after your phone is asleep.

pocket cast podcast downloader

This automatically downloads podcasts over WiFi. This app is available for 3.99$ without ads.

Visit: Pocket Casts

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Using iTunes without iPod is same as using Zune without Zune player. You can also subscribe to your favourite podcasts with this Podcast Downloader Tools, and also browse among the thousands of podcasts present in the app.


You can also bookmark your podcasts, stream online, sync your podcasts from the Zune account, update your playlist and also share among your friends and refer the app to them so they can enjoy their favourite podcasts.

Visit: Zune

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Dogcatch Podcast Player

The best and the oldest podcast player in your play store. You have to update your player frequently so that you are updated with the latest music in the town. This one of the Podcast Downloader tools also supports Android wear, chrome cast and Android Auto so that you can have an access whenever and wherever you want.

Dogcatch Podcast Player

You need to pay 2.99$ for the app so that you can stream and download the podcasts you want. There will be no in-app purchases after you get the professional app and then you are ready to rock!!!

Visit: Dogcatch Podcast Player

Podcast Lounge

One of the best podcast download managers for Windows. It has been rolling since the time of the launch. This app contains mostly 90,000 podcasts so that you can enjoy all your favourite tracks on the go. The Windows 10 app has been priced at 1.99$. You have got audio and video podcasts, auto downloads, directory searches, customized playlists.

podcast lounge 2 podcast

Now the main thing of this one of the Podcast Downloader Tools is your feed gest automatically refreshed when your battery is more than 90%. So besides that, you can have a great podcaster in your hand to listen to your favourite podcasts.

Visit: Podcast Lounge

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Grover Podcast

So the last in the list comes the Podcast Downloader Tools that would be entirely suitable for you if you font like the above ones. The software is compatible with all the platforms. You can create your playlists, downloads pods, switch-on and off automatic downloads, delete pods. It also helps you to import and export the files in ODML format. Grover Podcast also helps you to sync in OneDrive. It also has played back controls for the users.

grover podcast

So this is one of the best all-in-one podcasts.

Visit: Grover Podcast


What is the best way to download podcasts?

The most straightforward way to download an episode of a podcast is simply to download it from the source. Most podcast apps allow users to download or stream episodes directly from a site. If you desire to hear podcasts on a computer, this is one method to go about it.

Can I download podcasts to listen offline?

When you save an episode, it's automatically downloaded so you can listen to it offline. Go to Settings> Podcasts to turn off this option, go to Settings > Podcasts, then turn off Download When Saving.

Is Google podcast any good?

The interface of Google Podcasts is excellent, distant from the finest I've used so far. The home screen shows a carousel of your shows, with the latest episodes in the feed below.


These were some of the best Podcast Downloader Tools so that you can listen to all your favourite podcasts and also download them using the best podcast downloaders mentioned above. Some of the software’s missed the list as they weren’t compatible with all the platforms and even they didn’t have some great specs needed for the perfect podcast downloader. So get these pods downloaders and have a great time playing your favourite pods.