SportsDevil Not Working On Android | 5 Ways To Fix The ERROR

SportsDevil is the most well-known third-party Kodi add-on for streaming live sporting events and sports replays online. It provides multiple platforms and channel streams to watch your favorite sports. SportsDevil works great to stream live sports channels if appropriately used. We will guide you on how to fix the error if SportsDevil not working on Android.

If you encounter issues with SportsDevil, it is advisable to verify the version of your add-on. An outdated version may cause bugs so a quick fix would be reinstalling the add-on.

There is even software to record streaming videos to watch them later. If you are a sports lover, you might have faced an issue with SportsDevil not working on Android. Do not worry. We are here to assist you. 

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Fix SportsDevil Not Working On Android Error

We understand when you are a sports lover, and these obstacles come your way. You feel annoyed and frustrated. So, Keep calm. We came up with straightforward methods to fix your issues.

Update the Add-ons

First, we will update add-ons to fix why SportsDevil not working on Android fix see if it works.

To update add-ons, follow these steps.

  1. Open Kodi and click Add-ons on the left, and when you click on Add-ons there, you will see some options. Click on My add-ons.
    kodi addons button
  2. Then click on SportsDevil, then on the SportsDevil screen, you will get an option to update it. Click on it. You can see a list of versions next. Choose the latest one, and there you go!


This method will work for you. If not, don’t stress; we have more ways to make it work.

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Enable RTMP on Kodi

Just in case you don’t know what RTMP is? Let me tell you.

So, RTMP means Real-Time Messaging Protocol, a proprietary network protocol owned by Adobe Inc. to stream audio, video, and other data over the internet from a media server to a flash player.

Now, Let’s know how to enable RTMP on Kodi to fix SportsDevil Web Request failure.

  1.  Open Kodi to the home page.
    kodi homepage
  2.  Click on Add-ons on a menu tab. Then, click on the My Add-ons tab.
  3. Now, Scroll down the page until you look at an icon labeled video player InputStream. 
  4.  Click on VideoPlayer InputStream, then select RTMP input.
  5.  After choosing the RTMP input, you will see the Enable button at the bottom. Click on it.
  6.  After this, select InputStream Adaptive and enable it using the same method you used to allow RTMP to input.inputstream adaptive
  7. Now, Restart your Kodi and see if the issues are fixed.

restart kodi

And now you are done.

We hope this method works for you.

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Rollback to a Previous Version

First, We said to update it, and now I am saying to roll back to the previous version. It may not sound very good to you.

sportsdevil kodi

But trust me, fixing the issue of SportsDevil not working on Android is beneficial and essential. There is nothing wrong with rollback to the previous version.

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Get a VPN 

Still, suppose you face a failed SportsDevil Web Request issue while using SportsDevil on your Kodi and see the ‘No Stream available’ error. In that case, your Internet Service Provider may be blocking add-ons and Kodi videos.

To resolve this issue, try to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN will hide the video from your ISP. So, your ISP may not recognize it as a Kodi video and will not block it. It’s worth a try for Web requests to fail.


To get a VPN:

  1. Search for one on your browser and pick the best one.
  2. Download it on your device.
  3. Open and connect it to a server in a chosen location.

It will work for you as now you are streaming on another VPN. One tip for you is always to use an encrypted VPN to avoid legal action.

So, yes, now you can enjoy your SportsDevil without frustration. And yet, if you didn’t get the solution, We have one more way to fix the issue of SportsDevil not working on Android.

Reinstall the Add-On

Last but not least, you have already tried to update the add-on. Let’s reinstall the add-on and see whether the SportsDevil not working on Android persists.

To Reinstall the add-on, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Kodi to the home page.kodi homepage
  2. Click on Add-ons on a menu tab. Then, click on the My Add-ons tab.
  3. Now, Scroll down the page until you look at an icon labeled SportsDevil. Just click on it and hit Uninstall.uninstall sportsdevil
  4. To return, you must return to the Add-Ons tab. Search for SportsDevil and install it again.

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Is SportsDevil still working?

The Smash Repository has been the primary method for most users to access SportsDevil for a long time. But for a while, if you cannot download SportsDevil due to the closure of that famous repository. However, it still supports and returns after finding a new home in the Kodil Repository.

Does the Video Devil Add-On work?

It is currently accessible to users and working. VideoDevil has a lot of positive reviews and for good reason. The addon gathers a sizable amount of content from over 50 adult websites, and it's well-categorized and arranged. The add-on lets you stream its content in different resolutions.

How to install a free add-on?

Click the Add-ons tab in the left menu on the Kodi screen. Select Free from the list of Video add-ons. After starting the free Kodi addon, a welcome window will appear. To close the popup, click the Close button in the lower left corner.

Are extensions for Chrome secure?

Although most extensions are secure, you should thoroughly research before installing any unfamiliar software on your computer. Exercise caution to prevent unintentionally downloading dangerous software because any developer can create and upload Chrome extensions.

Does HDMI support 4K?

It is not unexpected that cable manufacturers produce 4K HDMI cables. It is because TV manufacturers improve their devices with Ultra HD quality. Your regular HDMI cables, however, should work just fine with 4K.


So, these are the various ways to fix the SportsDevil not working on your Android issue while using SportsDevil.

I am sure that your search to fix the issues ends here. If one method does not work for you, try another. Please don’t lose hope without trying every fix mentioned above. And still, if you face any issues, please let me know in the comment section. Let’s resolve it together. 

We hope the ways mentioned above will work for you.

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