How To Download Parler? Complete Guide For 2024

Parler is a rapidly expanding and wildly popular software that prides itself on being an objective network focusing on free expression. It is one of the more well-known social media platforms. Parler is reachable online, thanks to their mobile website. The article discusses how to download Parler.

You can download Parler by using the official website, Apkpure, and Aptoid Store. To quickly and easily install the Parler app for Android, all you need is an APK file from a reliable source or an alternative to the Play Store.

Although the Parler app is safe to use, and you can use it normally without any issues, the ban has made more people want to download it. Following the prohibition, you can still download the Parler software for your Android smartphone without going through the Google Play Store. Read below to learn how to download Parler.

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How To Download Parler?

An exception will appear if you use the Play Store link on your smartphone or search for “Parler” there. Here are the methods to install Parler without google play

Using Official Website

Most importantly, this is among the simplest strategies for obtaining Parler. How to download Parler? You can download the Parler apk file from the app’s official website. To access the Parler website, use your preferred browser to navigate there.

  1. Open the Parler Android page now to see the apk download page.  This webpage will take you directly to download the Android apk of the installed app. Through a website, download Parler.parler download
  2. Once you click download Parler app android apk, you may choose whatever Android version you wish. Pick one from the list.  Select Download to begin downloading the apk to your version
  3. You can install the APK by downloading it to your device. If you choose the correct Android version, the app will function. An error displays during installation if you use the incorrect one. The downloaded apk file can be found on the downloaded page or within the device’s browser.
  4. Android processes the file and initiates the installation when you click the link. Choose to install to begin the installation, just as with any other software. install app
  5. Although it can take a few seconds, the device will successfully download the app on your device.parler downloaded
  6. You can now log in or make a new account in Parler and begin using it as you normally would. sign in parler

How to get the parler app? You can get apps from the apk websites without visiting Google’s app stores. These platforms are risk-free and free of errors. You can risk-free download Parler. Even if this approach is effective, you may consider other outside platforms.

Using Apkpure

How to get the Parler app without Google? Parler can also be downloaded from without using Google Play. Because Apkpure is one of the reliable websites, you don’t need to worry about security. The download of apk files from this website is completely secure. Additionally, they only offer the most recent versions of the programs, so you do not need to update them after installation.

  1. To get started, go to Apkpure and type in “Parler.” You will then be directed to Parler’s page.


  2. The button to download Parler is located here. On this page, links to every program version will be available. Just click it.
    download parler
  3. You will be able to see every version and format on the website. Pick the app that only supports the apk format, not the xapk.parlor app install
  4. You will be directed to a page where you can download the Parler app. You have the option to install or cancel by the browser. Select “Download,” and Parler starts to download.

The file is accessible in both your device’s downloads folder and browser. Complete the installation procedure just as it was with the first approach. You now know how to use a third-party website to install Parler on Android.

Using Aptoide Store

How to download Parler? Another third-party platform for installing apks is the Aptoide store. Similarly, you have options in the Aptoide store to select the features and app versions.

  1. Start by launching your preferred browser and visiting the Aptoide website. aptoid
  2. Get parler from the aptoide app store. Look up Parler in the search box. search box in aptoidWhen the list of apps is presented to you, Parler will be one of them.
  3. Select the Parler-branded app. parler app in aptoide
  4. You can download the apk file from another page after being directed there by Aptoide. When you click “install,” a pop-up window asking whether you want to install or download will be shown to you. Install the Parlo app in the aptoid app.install parler
  5. The file begins downloading to your device as soon as you choose to install it.

How to install Parler without the play store? You now know how to use the Aptoide store to download Parler without using Google Play. Your ability to use the Parler app is now unrestricted after inputting your login details. Follow the installation instructions after downloading.

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Is Parler still available?

The social media app Parler is back and accessible to iOS users on the App Store after being de-platformed by Amazon Web Services. Parler, the leading free-speech social networking platform, gives users privacy, security, and freedom of expression.

Why did Apple forbid Parler?

Following claims that the social media app was inciting violence before and during the attack on the US Capitol, Apple has removed Parler from the App Store.

How can I install Parler without Google Play?

You can download and set up the Parler app for Android without accessing the Play Store. Launch the browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome. Choose the Android version compatible with your phone. Click Download Parler for Android at this point. Allow the download to finish.

How can I get the Android version of the Parler app?

You can download or sideload the parler app for Android via the Google Play Store. You may easily access your favorite programs outside the app store by sideloading.

Why is Parler not accessible on Google Play?

That policy was specifically highlighted as the cause for the Google Play Store team delisting Parler's Android app at the time of removal. Parler's users have had to download the Android app 18 months after that removal manually, but Apple has fully reinstated the social network's iOS app.

Is the Parler app still functioning?

Despite the option to sideload an Android app, Google still prohibits the Parler app from being available on the Google Play Store. There is a timeline of the site's development over the last few years in case you need clarification about how the app ban or its history of outages.

Why was Parler taken from the internet?

The website essentially went dark after Inc. suspended its web hosting provider. It will remain in that state until a substitute is found. Google and Apple Inc. had already prevented potential new users from downloading the software due to suspensions. App Store.

Did Google suspend Parler?

Google removed Parler, a free speech social network, from its Play Store because Parler failed to eliminate egregious content. People banned from Twitter have found Parler popular since it bills itself as unbiased social networking.


In conclusion, only a few simple actions are required to download Parler. It is all about how to download parler. Parler is a fantastic way to keep connected and informed, whether you use it to connect with friends on the app or stay current on the newest news. You can use the app right away after downloading it.

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