Air Command Keeps Stopping? Steps To Fix It Instantly

Hey reader, does your Air Command keeps stopping? This article can fix problems like these with the Air Command without any hassle. 

In this article, you’ll find elaborate ways to fix the stopping of your Air Command and other issues like black screens, app notifications not working correctly, audio and video errors, loading errors, and issues related to accounts and logins. Furthermore, you’ll also find the methods to solve the problems of Air Command in your Samsung Notebook device.

air command

Read this article until the end to learn about the various methods and solve your problems yourself. This premium guide on solving your Air Command problems will help you throughout the process. Also, remember to read the faq section that follows the article, so you can take advantage of any query and learn all possible with this article.

Steps To Fix Air Command Keeps Stopping

Here are some quick fixes for air command that keeps stopping issues. Follow any of the steps given below and fix the problem instantly.

Black Screen Issue

One of the most common problems with cell phones and tablets is this. An air command app will often open with a brief period of black screen time followed by a crash, either with or without an error message. However, there are several remedies for this problem.

black screen

  1. Most of the time, a temporary loading issue can be the cause. To open the recent applications menu, press the first left button on your phone. The troublesome app is subsequently terminated. Now launch the app again. It could function normally. recent applications menu
  2. Now, your iPhone or iPad may benefit from a restart. Press the power off button briefly, then choose restart from the menu to restart your device. You can now attempt to launch the app; it could work as intended.power off
  3.  If none of the alternatives mentioned above work, you can wait until your phone’s battery turns out and it turns off by itself. Charge the gadget after that, and then turn it on. dead battery
  4.  If none of your other attempts to repair the issue succeed, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the application. iOS frequently lets you restore settings and content from an iCloud backup if you’ve previously enabled it.
    restore all settings
  5.  In rare cases, the re-install process also fails. If it applies to you, try installing previous versions of the application. Also, click here best free Samsung Unlock Code Generator Tools.

App Notifications Are Not Working

These are the following steps if app notifications are not working, due to which air command keeps stopping.

  1. Firstly, check if notifications are enabled or disabled by going to Settings->Notifications->Air Command. If it’s not already available, kindly make it so.air command on
  2.  If you don’t hear any notification alert noises, double-check to ensure you have correctly turned off the app notification sounds. 

Audio And Video Error

  1. If you’re having audio problems, try the volume on your phone. Try utilizing headphones to see whether the issue is with your speakers or the app. try the volume on your samsung phone
  2. Please verify your internet connection speed and wifi range if you have trouble loading videos. Can’t find Hulu App on Samsung TV? Read this article to learn.

Loading Error 

The load problem in mobile apps might be due to several circumstances.

  1. The Air Command app server being down might cause the loading issue. Please give it another go soon.
  2. Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection isn’t functioning correctly. Please check your data connection. your mobile data or wi-fi connection
  3. There are too many people using the software at once. Please try it again shortly. Also, read this article how to hide Samsung One Connect Box.

Login Or Account-Related Issues

Please examine the below instructions if you have a login or account-related difficulties due to which the air command keeps stopping.

  1. The Air Command server being down might cause login/account problems. After a brief delay, kindly attempt again.log in error
  2. Your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection isn’t working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. It’s possible that you’re logging in with the wrong credentials. Please be careful to input accurate details.
  4. If you’re signing in through a social network you don’t own, like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, confirm that the service is live by visiting their official website.error messages
  5. Your account may be deleted or banned due to activities. Carefully read error messages.

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Fix Air Command Keeps Stopping With A Samsung Notebook

If you are experiencing trouble utilizing or launching Air Command on your Samsung Notebook, it’s most likely because an application necessary for running it is missing from your PC. Another possibility is that an application on your computer is blocking Samsung’s software service from functioning.

Get The Air Command App Installed 

Search for Air Command after opening the Microsoft Store on your computer. To install it, click Get.

Install The Pen Driver And Service

  1. Once you install Air Command, click the Start button on the taskbar
  2. Then, locate and launch Samsung Updatesamsung update
  3. Find and choose Pen Service & Driver under Samsung Apps in the left menu. To download, click.

Uninstall Any Apps That Are Interfering With Samsung’s Software Service

Uninstall any programs that could interfere if Air Command keeps stopping. For instance, programs like Go clean and Classic Shell cause Samsung’s software service to terminate, due to which note 9 apps keep stopping. Is HBO Max not working on your LG Smart TV? Read this.

Download Here: Air Command


Why won't my air command work?

Place the S Pen in a straight line within 30 feet of your phone or tablet for Air actions to function. There will be a delay between the button press and the command if you try to utilize Air activities while you are far away from the phone or tablet (for example, accessing the Camera with the S Pen).

Why did my S Pen quit functioning?

Various external variables may hamper the S Pen's operation. Third-party cases or covers, app compatibility problems, out-of-date software, and the location of your interaction on the phone's screen are a few reasons that might prevent your screen from detecting your S Pen.

Why does the S Pen disconnect message constantly appear on my phone?

You need to link the S Pen with your phone again if it stops functioning or displays a Disconnected notification. To accomplish this, remove the S Pen from your phone and re-insert it. At least twice, repeat this. Hopefully, the S Pen will connect with your phone and function.

How can I check the S Pen's battery?

The S Pen's battery level can be seen by opening the Air command menu and pressing the Settings icon. Select Air activities next. The battery level will always show at the top of the page as long as the S Pen and smartphone are wirelessly connected.

Is the S Pen affected by magnets?

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 might not detect the S Pen activities. The S Pen might not function correctly if you use a magnetic case or cover on the device. Additionally, the S Pen could not function owing to magnetic force if you use it at sharp angles in some regions susceptible to it, such as the area surrounding the front camera.


In conclusion, this article has helped you solve problems like Air Command keeps stopping along with the numerous issues that may have crept in unknowingly. All the solutions have been tried, tested, and reviewed; therefore, you can follow the instructions and solve your problem. These are the best solutions that can solve this problem in 2024. Above all, follow every little detail to help yourself escape misery and run the Air Command again. Concise research is put forward, which can fix your problems easily. Also, click here how to Install Spectrum App on LG Smart TV.

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