How To Schedule Twitter Threads | Detailed Guide

Do you want to schedule Twitter threads? The ideal location is then here. For your brand, scheduling Tweets may completely shift the game. This is so you can consistently provide your followers with interesting information by scheduling Tweets.

There are a few ways to schedule Twitter threads easily. The first is scheduling it through Twitter. The second is making posts scheduled using a social media management tool or scheduling tools. To know about these ways in detail, keep on reading. 

It is counterproductive to plan while posting Tweets on the platform. After all, many individuals use Twitter to stay updated on international events. By scheduling Twitter threads, you can prevent running out of tweets and maintain consistency in your feed. After all, you may write several Tweets with a common subject and schedule them to go out in a specific order at specific times. You can now also schedule your tweets and even embed YouTube videos on Twitter!

How to schedule Twitter threads in advance

One of the most challenging parts of using Twitter for novices is scheduling Tweets, but it doesn’t have to be. The procedure can be greatly expedited, depending on your thread scheduling strategy. If you want to know view private twitter account then you can check out this awesome website!

Additionally, different scheduling techniques have various restrictions. Once you examine these options for scheduling Tweets, you may utilize multiple approaches at various times. But not every technique is appropriate for every person.

Schedule Tweets on Twitter itself

If you don’t utilize a social media management or Twitter scheduling service, this is the simplest way to schedule Tweets. Since May 2020, Twitter has made it possible to schedule tweets on the website and later added support for the Twitter App.

In this manner, you may Twitter schedule tweets while on the go. For instance, Tweets can be planned for delivery while traveling across the country by plane or on train to work. This function is simple to use, just like most other aspects of Twitter.

Step 1: As you typically would, start by writing your tweet. Links, Twitter cards, and images may all be added in this manner. Ensure that it appears the way you want it to.

proper arrangement of tweetsStep 2: Select the calendar icon. Along with the emoji and GIF icons, this is located at the bottom of the composition box. You may choose dates and times with this.

calender iconStep 3: Schedule tweets in advance for publication at the chosen time and date. Using a drop-down menu, choose the date first, then the time. After that, click “schedule” to complete the process by clicking “confirm” in the upper right corner. You may find a list of them underneath the drop-down menu if you want to know what will happen later.

schedule tweetThere are a few benefits to using this schedule Twitter threads technique:

  1. Depending on your device, you can schedule a tweet without leaving the Twitter app or the page. Scheduling is a pretty simple process. Creativity is the only thing you need to provide.


2. Anybody can carry it out. The other strategies we’ll discuss call on third-party applications, many of which are expensive or available on only a few devices. This might be an issue if you are starting, haven’t decided on your equipment, or need to work away from your computer.

third-party applications

3. This strategy is unbeatable if you need to plan one or two Tweets. So this is how to schedule a Twitter thread on Twitter.

multiple tweets

Other Tool For Schedule Twitter Threads

Below are all the other tools you can use to schedule Twitter threads:

Making Posts Scheduled Using a Social Media Management Tool

You may schedule Twitter threads for free on Twitter, but you must do so one at a time. Maintaining a steady schedule might be a hassle, depending on how frequently you Tweet.

Every time you tweet, you must complete these additional stages, which add to the writing process. In other words, you lose a significant portion of the “batch scheduling” benefit we previously discussed.

social media management tool for twitterFortunately, your social media dashboard or management platform will allow you to schedule Tweets. Your preferred tool should support Twitter in particular. Scheduling Tweets may be easily managed with the help of the correct social media tools. This also answers your question, “Can you schedule a thread on Twitter?”

How does that operate? An RSS feed or.csv file may often add several tweets to a social network dashboard. Using this technique, you avoid manually entering each Tweet into the dashboard, and the program takes care of everything for you.

Write the Tweets you wish to send, then add the required dates and times to the appropriate columns in the spreadsheet or RSS feed. It can drag and drop depending on how your content production system is set up.

Social media dashboards come in a huge range of options these days. These tools include Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, Sendible, Agorapulse, and SocialPilot, to name a few.

Utilizing scheduling tools, schedule tweets in an evergreen queue

Other options for scheduling Tweets through a third party besides comprehensive social media dashboards exist. Several apps designed specifically for scheduling tweets let you build categories-based queues and repeat the tweet at a convenient frequency.

Although reposting someone else’s Tweet is legally against the rules, you should try to avoid doing so. A Tweet may be given fresh life by making little adjustments to it. Even better, some programs will alter the settings on their own.

schedule tweets in an evergreen queueAlthough there aren’t as many scheduling tools as there are for complete dashboards, a few are primarily used for scheduling. These tools include MeetEdgar, SocialBee, and SocialChamp as examples. Generally speaking, these technologies aid in managing evergreen material and doing content curation.

Adding new Tweets for scheduling is also an option depending on the tool to prevent schedule twitter threads. A scheduling tool can be used in addition to your standard dashboard as an alternative. This is especially helpful if you utilize the schedulers to create evergreen posts or curate content.

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How can I free-up time to plan tweets?

You may schedule tweets on Twitter for free using a variety of apps. One well-liked solution that enables users to prepare, schedule, and post tweets from a single platform is Hootsuite. Scheduling tweets in advance can help organizations and individuals wanting to increase their Twitter reach by ensuring their material is always accessible and interesting.

When ought one to start a Twitter thread?

Your audience will determine when is the optimum moment to tweet. However, people most frequently post on Twitter between 8 and 10 am and 6 to 9 pm. Either publish early in the day (between 7 and 9 am) or late at night (between 8 and 11 pm) if you want higher engagement.

Twitter threads: do they boost interaction?

A Twitter thread is an effective technique to grow an active following. Your followers may view all the tweets in a thread you start and interact with you about it. Making a Twitter thread is a fantastic method to engage your followers in conversation and with your content.

Why are Twitter threads advantageous?

Linked tweets from the same profile constitute a Twitter thread. These tweets are intended to expand upon earlier material, provide updates, or make a longer argument. By posting many connected tweets, Twitter threads let you create longer tweets beyond the character restriction of 280.


Even while there is a time and place for tweeting at the moment, smart marketers understand that having the ability to plan tweets is a time- and life-saver. Social media has traditionally been regarded as a real-time place to express your thoughts or actions.

However, just because you’ve written and scheduled your Tweets doesn’t imply you should disregard them. Be sure to monitor what you’ve planned. The world changes quickly, so a Tweet you planned weeks ago can suddenly be outdated, troublesome, or irrelevant. When it happens, stop or remove scheduled Tweets to prevent any hiccups. We hope this article on how to schedule Twitter threads has helped you. Also, if you wish to open Twitter Desktop on Mobile, here is our simple guide.

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